16 Classic White Bedroom Color Schemes That Redefine Timeless Elegance and Comfort

White is well-known for giving a space a classic look and feel, and incorporating this hue into your bedroom will make it the perfect place to relax after a long, tiring day.

White bedrooms create an atmosphere that helps you to immediately relax, unlike other more vibrant color palettes that may be too stimulating. That’s why most hotels and spas have white walls and linens; they provide a luxe, cozy experience.

Step into a world where elegance meets tranquility with our curated collection of 16 classic white bedroom designs. Each idea embodies a timeless charm, offering a serene retreat that blends sophistication with a calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating.

Whether you’re remodeling your bedroom or looking for some ideas to spark your creative juices, the following 16 white color schemes will transform your bedroom into a stylish, intentionally designed, cozy retreat.

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1. Pair White with Gray


via Heritage Homes of Jacksonville

When thinking of a white bedroom, bright white walls are often the first thing that comes to mind, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

This bedroom showcases how gray on the walls pairs perfectly with white on other architectural features, such as the trim. The ash gray is echoed throughout the room on the bedding and pillows, while a beige-patterned rug lends a unique texture.

2. Use White Curtains


via Holt Design House

Whether you want to create an artful backdrop for your space or block out some morning sun, white curtains in your bedroom are a strategy that’ll always pay off.

A pair of artwork above the headboard adds texture and dimension to this bedroom’s light gray walls. Other warm neutral hues on the bed, nightstands, table lamps, and the rug add to the room’s coziness.

3. Make Your Room Look Spacious


via Alisha Taylor Interiors

One way to visually expand the look of a small bedroom is using white. Bright white walls and accents in this bedroom reflect natural light streaming through the glass door, making the room feel airy and open.

Shades of beige on the accent wall, curtains, and bedding combine with gray hues on the bed and dark brown wooden floor to tone down the look. The cream rug adds personality and texture to this white bedroom.

4. Go for a Bright Look


via Kim Woods

This sunny, white bedroom features bright white walls, curtains, and other accents that reflect light around the room, emphasizing the unique architecture of the small space.

The patterned cream duvet and gray and beige pillows add personality, while the light wood nightstands pair with the large area rug to bring some texture. Funky fur stools give the design a playful feel.

5. Add Exciting Colors


via Susie Ralls Designs

Just because you’re going for a white bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t add pattern or color. This bedroom uses shades of one color to create a two-toned accent wall that adds layers of interest.

Gold on the wall mirrors’ frames, drawer handles, footboard bench, and on the bed combine to create a cohesive look. Pink on the table lamps, pillows, and wall art contrast the bright white bedding.

6. Upgrade Your Farmhouse Look


via Pineapples, Palms, Etc.

Natural wood tones on the bedframe and floor of this bedroom contrast with the white shiplap wall treatment to prevent this cottage-inspired space from looking washed out and dull.

The wallpaper accent wall elegantly wraps this bedroom, while the patterned rug adds a layer of texture and a subtle pop of color. The glass table lamps finish the look with a stylish, contemporary feel.

7. Utilize Bold Hues


via Glas Associates

Ground your all-white bedroom with bold colors for a chic, contemporary look. White covers this elegant bedroom’s walls, ceiling, bedding, and footboard bench, but black on the bed and artwork and British racing green on the nightstands help ground the decor.

Olive green throw pillows break up the white bedding, while subtle gold accents on the nightstands add some energy to this modern white bedroom.

8. Focus on the Headboard


via Studio McGee

A neutral headboard is an excellent way to make your bedroom feel peaceful.

Bright splashes of contrasting colors on the pillows, wall sconces, and cabinetry liven up the neutral color scheme, while the Roman shades add some texture and bring a cozy feel with their warm hues.

9. Stick to the Classic Black-and-White Palette


via JDP Interiors

A black-and-white color scheme in your bedroom will give you a classic, refined look and feel.

This simple, luxe bedroom pairs black hues on the wall art, sconces, bedside tables, and accessories with the stripped gray-and-white bed, white bedding, and white rug to convey a bold style. The patterned throw blanket adds even more interest to the white bedroom.

10. Use Curtains as a Backdrop


via Unknown

Soften a contemporary white bedroom design with muted purple curtains and sheer white drapes.

The curtains’ fabric adds elegance to this bedroom without disrupting its simple color palette while matching perfectly with the bed. A sunburst light fixture adds personality to this luxe bedroom design.

11. Add Interest with an Accent Wall


via Moniomi Design

The textured accent wall in this design provides a modern-traditional look to this white bedroom, which would’ve looked dull and uninviting without it.

Wood wall treatments pop against the subdued accent wall color and complement other natural and neutral tones on the nightstands, stump table, and chevron-patterned rug to reinforce the farmhouse charm.

12. Introduce Bright Accents


via Texas Construction Company

All-white white bedroom ideas aren’t the only ones that will work. You can begin with a base of white walls and bedding before adding color through a couple of accent pieces throughout the space.

The vibrant wall art in this design adds color to the white walls, while a patterned rug matches perfectly with the wood floor to help break up the white palette without overpowering the room.

13. Try a Monochromatic Look


via KES Studio

Implementing a monochromatic white bedroom design can be challenging, but it’s definitely not impossible; with a few clever design tricks, you can make it work.

First, use the same shade on dominant portions of your rooms, such as the walls, furniture, and bedding, to create continuous planes of white. Then, other neutral hues like gray and beige accents can be utilized to help break the stark look of the white color palette, as seen in the above example.

14. Prioritize on Warm Hues


via Spaces Design

You’d be surprised at the various shades of white available on the market. Various shades of white create different looks depending on the undertone.

In this example, warm off-white walls mix with crisp white furniture and bedding for a subtle contrast. The gray patterned rug, burnt orange chair, wooden floor, and deep purple accents on the bed add depth and texture to this neutral-inspired bedroom.

15. Don’t Forget to Add Seating


via Dale Blumberg Interiors

A seating area is always a nice touch when trying to design the ultimate cozy bedroom. If your bedroom’s square footage and layout allow, consider placing a couch at the end of the bed.

A couch offers an excellent spot to rest when you’re tempted to take a nap. It will also be a great place to read, enjoy coffee, and get ready in the morning. The all-white bedding, bedside tables, and curtains create a clean, casual look in this neutral-themed space.

16. Add Vintage Elements


via Stuart Nordin Design

When decorating with white, it’s essential to include various patterns or textures to prevent the color scheme from looking uninviting and cold.

This farmhouse-inspired bedroom benefits from various antique furniture inside the space that possesses natural textures. The beige bed, throw blanket, pillows, and window treatments also add subtle textures. 

The dark stained wood floor contrasts the layers of white while enhancing the vintage style.

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