Make Your Kitchen Festive: 9 Easy Steps to Christmas Decor Perfection!

When that time of the year comes and we are getting our home ready for the Christmas holidays, we tend to put all our effort into decorating places like the front door, the windows, the living room or the dining room.

Why not give the heart of your home that same holiday spirit and charm?

Infuse festive cheer into your kitchen with these 9 easy steps to Christmas decor perfection. Elevate your culinary space with holiday spirit using simple yet effective decoration tips that add warmth and joy to your cooking haven.

Since it’s a place for gathering, prep and cooking you have to consider how you’re going about decorating it because you don’t want to lose the functionality of your space. You need to be able to move around with ease.

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, there are various ideas for every type of space, style and budget that will add a festive charm and delight for your family and guests.

Here are a few designer choices to make your kitchen echo Christmas!

1. Kitchen Island Festivity


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Make a charming Christmas display on your kitchen island or any suitable countertop. Make a beautiful arrangement with pinecones, greenery, favorite ornaments and candles. To start off make sure that you pick a surface that is not often used.

Now that the evenings are darker and longer, there are many ways to use candles to create a golden, magical glow in your home! Simply scattering candles adds a warm and cozy glow to your holiday home.

Layering the lighting in several places is easier on the eye than one harsh overhead light and helps to create a cozy and relaxed ambiance. Instead of using real candles, for child safety, you can use battery-powered ones and still create the same effect.

Be budget-friendly and make your arrangement centerpiece with any leftover Christmas decorations or see what greenery you can find in your garden. Just be creative and festive!

2. Be Festive With Wreaths


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Wreaths are no longer just to be placed on the front door. They are a perfect element to give any space that Christmas feel, so why not your kitchen?

Wreaths are perfect for hanging anywhere you desire, so you don’t have to worry about taking up any floor space. They can be hung on cabinets, chairs, above the stove and simply be enough to add that Christmas touch to your kitchen.

Christmas wreaths are also suitable for a centerpiece on your table or kitchen island.

3. Carry Out Your Color Scheme For Christmas


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Echo the elements of green and red! You might already have that color scheme in your kitchen, so why not give it a Christmas touch? This kitchen is an example of how the checkered pattern is visible in all places and combined with the natural pinecone branches and wreaths makes a perfect combination.

Even if your color scheme is not green and red you can always use your current one and just combine with suitable patterns and textures. Drifting away from the traditional Christmas colors it is in to use even pink.

Decorate and add sparkle and glamour anywhere you find will not be a place of constant use. Fill up and scatter any areas you find suitable for decorating.

4. Go Evergreen


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Since just a few Christmas wreaths can go a long way, give your kitchen a cozy, woodsy feel by introducing other natural elements. Get inspired by nature and set out into your garden for evergreens! This is a budget-friendly way to decorate your kitchen and still be festive in style.

Use lots of seasonal evergreen branches, pinecones, holly berries, rosemary and olive branches to bring the outdoors in for Christmas. Olive branches and rosemary are suitable for making Christmas wreaths. Make evergreen garlands and hang them over your kitchen window or drape them from the ceiling for that rustic cozy look.

You can use greenery for beautiful centerpiece arrangements. Create a green runner by placing in the middle of your table branches of choice, even use tree off cuts and arrange them with different elements. Use many candles, vases, ornaments, fruits, decorative bowls and serving platters.

5. Accessories For Christmas

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You can create a holiday-themed kitchen by focusing on the detail. Make it more Christmassy by changing your kitchen towels and oven mitts, swap out your coffee mug with a nice Santa one. You can simply make it more festive by changing things of use with ones with Christmas motifs.

Over the years we tend to buy Christmas-themed items so why not make it a new family tradition and buy or DIY a new kitchen item every year? Before you know it you’ll have your own Christmas décor set to go.

Red bows, linens, and other kitchen accessories make a simple holiday statement. Using ribbons is a wonderful and easy way to add a festive touch going from cabinet doors to jars and vases. Its really a simple way of adding a Christmas element to your kitchen without having extra things in the way.

6. Embellish And Make Festive All-Around


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Open shelves are a great opportunity to show off your dinnerware, cookbooks, and, once the holidays roll around, festive décor. Pull out all the vintage collectibles to cheer up an otherwise neutral kitchen space.

Create a magical ambiance by adding Christmas lighting to your windows and lots of candles for a shimmering light. You can make countertop lights by placing battery-operated fairy lights in a glass canister.

7. Decorate Your Kitchen Lighting


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If you don’t want to be over the top or opt for a quick and easy way to decorate your kitchen, add ribbons and greenery to any pendant lighting and chandeliers. Your Christmas ornaments are not only for your tree, you can add some to hang from your lighting fixtures.

Use seasonal fruits like oranges, berries, and pomegranates to arrange in a fruit bowl, scatter some string light, and have that festive feel without too much.

8. Serene And Subtle


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If subtle is what you’re going for and you don’t want to be glitzy and bold with your Christmas kitchen décor. You can go for a more natural look with items you might even have in your garden.

This natural look is perfect for neutral clean-cut designs. Like in this kitchen, you can use plain wreaths on your upper cabinet doors which you can make yourself.

There are dozens of great conifers with unique foliage and cones, you could even use the offcuts from your Christmas tree.

Without having too much in the way on your countertop you can add a Christmas touch with a nice arrangement of branches and cones. Fresh greenery pops nicely against the all-white space.

9. Use Seasonal Greenery


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Pinecones and berries, why not a potted tree too! Bring the Christmas forest inside your house with this rustic, homey arrangement and create that extra festive feel to your kitchen.

Make natural arrangements on your kitchen island with a really small tree and you can even decorate it like this one. Using dried fruits and ribbons is a favorite. The advantage of using a real tree is that you can always plant it in your garden.

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