25 Luxurious Black and Gold Christmas Decor Ideas

The gold and black color combo is one of the timeless and most elegant ones used in interior decor. This year it is also trendy for the Christmas decor.

Gold and black look stunning offering the perfect balance between bold and sparkling. Do you wonder how to use this color combination for your Christmas decor?

Looking to shine this holiday season? Explore 25 luxurious black and gold Christmas decor ideas. Wondering how these opulent accents can transform your space? Discover the magic of elegance.

You may use black and gold ornaments for the tree.

You can use them separately in different decor places. We have prepared a collection of amazing ideas featuring 25 Luxurious Black and Gold Christmas Decor Ideas that are sure to inspire you!

1. A Classy Black, White And Gold Christmas Tree

black and gold christmas decor 1


The way this Christmas tree is decorated spreads elegance in the room. The snowy texture of the tree is complemented by black and white baubles and accentuated with gold bows.

The stockings hung on the chest next to the tree complete the black and white color theme.

2. Earth Tones With Black Accents

black and gold christmas decor 2


Your rustic Christmas decor can also be accentuated by the black color.

The trendy earth colors are complemented by the monochrome black and white colors to give this tree an elegant look.

3. Striped Garlands

black and gold christmas decor 33


The color pattern of this Christmas tree is black, gold and rose pink gold. The textures of the baubles are different to create interest.

The black and white color pattern is implemented also on the gorgeous striped garland crossing the tree.

4. Spiral Shaped Decoration

black and gold christmas decor 4


A great idea to give the Christmas tree a character is to hang the baubles in a spiral pattern. In this idea, the alignment pattern is fulfilled with silver, gold, black and white baubles.

The black ones are used on their own to ensure contrast for the rest ornaments.

5. Black And Gold Trees

black and gold christmas decor 5 2


The black and gold color combination is implied on a table centerpiece consisting of tree ornaments.

The gold ones are LED candles that add a warm touch to the interior and complement the fairy lights on the Christmas tree.

6. Black And Gold In The Christmas Interior

black and gold christmas decor 6


In this design idea, black and gold colors are used for the interior decor. The black color is anchored with the furniture while the gold color is resembled by the light elements.

Together they give the space a warm modern look.

7. Black And Gold Tablescape

black and gold christmas decor 7


Black and gold are not related only to modern or luxury styles. The textures of the elements can define them as belonging to another style.

For example, in this festive decor idea, the gold color is resembled by the rattan texture of the table mat and the napkin holder. The black color is anchored through a secondary table mat and a glass mat from felt.

8. Black And Gold Centerpiece

black and gold christmas decor 8


This is a creative idea for a table centerpiece for modern interior decor. The piece consists of a dark grey tray filled with pinecones and twigs.

A black glass vase and black candle holders unite with the accents in the room while the candles add a warm touch to the monochromatic atmosphere.

9. Black And Gold Entryway

black and gold christmas decor 9


Create a cozy and inviting entryway with black and gold accents! The farmhouse atmosphere set by the wooden bench with rattan storage baskets and coat rack is complemented by a vintage chest of drawers in black and antique gold pieces.

The Christmas flair can be sensed thanks to the small Christmas trees, a pillowcase spelling “Merry” and the faux gifts on the bench.

10. Black And Gold Dinner Set

black and gold christmas decor 10


In this idea, the black and gold colors define the theme of the festive table. This color combination is used on the plate set and also on the centerpiece.

When you take a look upward, you can see a nature-inspired decor piece with gold and black accents.

11. Centerpiece Idea In Black And Gold

black and gold christmas decor 11


Looking for an elegant black centerpiece? How about this easy DIY idea? Prepare black and gold metallic spray paints to start with. Repaint the wooden tray in gold and the reindeer figures in black.

Once they are dry, put the reindeer in the tray and fill the gaps with pine tree twigs. The string of fairy lights gives the centerpiece a finished look and also makes it more festive.

12. Black Fireplace And A Light Christmas Tree

black and gold christmas decor 12


This is another elegant idea featuring the black and gold color combination. The design is simple introducing a Christmas tree with built-in lights standing next to a black marble fireplace.

Leaving the tree undecorated lets its natural look stand out and complement the antique pieces on the adjacent shelves.

13. Simplicity Is Cozy

black and gold christmas decor 13


This is another simple Christmas decor idea, inspired by the natural beauty of the pine tree.

It stands on a rattan pedestal and is only decorated with fairy lights in yellow which give it festivity for the coming holidays.

14. Crystal Ornaments With Black Fairy Lights

black and gold christmas decor 14


If you want to give the pine tree an elegant touch without affecting its natural beauty, go for ornaments from transparent plastic.

You can find ornaments that mimic snowflakes, ice pendants and water drops and make the overall of the tree whimsy.

15. Christmas Tree With Siver And Gold Bows

black and gold christmas decor 15


Another simple-to-make but gorgeously looking Christmas tree idea where the natural beauty of the pine tree is on a pedestal.

The decoration consists of yellow fairy lights and ribbons in gold and silver colors.

16. Black And Gold Farmhouse Decor

black and gold christmas decor 16


Add the black and gold color to your rustic holiday decor to give it character. Start by adding black baubles to the earth-toned ones on the real pine tree.

Complement the tree with an oversized pine tree garland on the mantel and a farmhouse milk jug with a gold finish decorated with a black bow.

17. Black And Gold Balloon Decoration

black and gold christmas decor 17


If you are hosting a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, here is a wonderful idea that will make your home ready for the party!

The decoration is intended for the front door, hence its semi-arched shape. It features balloons in black and gold but with different sizes.

18. Black And Gold Christmas Decoration With Cabin Loft Accents

black and gold christmas decor 18


The tall buffet opposite the nature-inspired Christmas tree is another place where you can put some decorations to make the room more festive.

In this decor idea, the buffet is black with glass doors that reflect the warm lights from the tree. It is topped with a natural garland and two gold-colored tree figures that complement the focal point of the room.

19. Christmas Tree With Gold Ornaments

black and gold christmas decor 19


The curtains of LED lights draping down this Christmas tree make the atmosphere so enchanting! If you are going for such decoration, do not add a wide variety of baubles to the Christmas tree.

Let them all be in one color, gold is the best option, so that the lush lights stand out.

20. Christmas Tree In Gold

black and gold christmas decor 20


Choosing one color for all the ornaments on the Christmas tree gives the tree an elegant look.

The color doesn’t limit the size, shapes and textures of the ornaments.

21. Gold Baubles And Black Garlands

black and gold christmas decor 21


In this Christmas tree decor idea, the gold and black color pattern gives the tree a lush look. Many gold, white and black baubles are spread symmetrically on the tree branches.

Black velvet ribbon curves its way across the tree to give it a finished elegant look.

22. Modern Christmas Tree Idea

black and gold christmas decor 22


The best colors for a Christmas decoration in a modern home are gold or a combination of gold and black.

The metallic finish gives a feeling of lux and elegance which matches the contemporary modern decor.

23. Black And Metallic Gold Shelf Decoration

black and gold christmas decor 23


The Christmas decoration on this mantel follows the color concept of the existing decor pieces.

For the holiday, the mantel is decorated with a berry garland made from beads and ornaments dangling down the garland. The shelf displays metal reindeer statues in gold complemented by gold candles.

24. Chic Christmas Tree Decor

black and gold christmas decor 24


This flocked Christmas tree is decorated with gold, silver and striped black and white ornaments, and snowy pinecones.

The black, gold and white color combination is the accent in this lush Christmas decor seen also on the Nutcracker and drums.

25. Make Your Christmas Decor Bright

black and gold christmas decor 25


Isn’t this the most inviting place? The fireplace is surely attractive with the warmth of the burning logs.

The light motif is the focus of this Christmas decor continued by candles spread on the table and the mantel and dense fairy lights on the Christmas tree.

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