46 Stylish Christmas Decor Ideas For The Most Festive Holiday

Let your home sparkle with bright light and refined style for the Christmas holidays!

The decoration that will highlight the sophisticated taste and creativity doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

It can be made of simple materials or supplies already on hand but placed at a spot where it will pop out and make a festive influence on the entire ambiance.

Best Stylish Christmas Decor Ideas. To help kick-start your inspiration, feast your eyes on these divine Christmas decorating ideas here. From pared-down wrapping paper to glitzy accessories to an innovative alternative to your favorite holiday staples, you’ll find something to make your spirits merry and bright. #decorhomeideas
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We have done what you will be needing most when your mood is set for Christmas decorating- ideas and inspirations of stylish accents that will enhance the magical Christmas feeling and will highlight the tasteful interior of your home.

1. Add Rustic Charm

Add Rustic Charm #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Dreaming for a more welcoming and homely ambiance at Christmas? Then prepare your collection of crates, old-school sleighs and wreaths.

Fill the crate with bottle brush trees to make a cute and eye-catching centerpiece.

via Brian Woodcock

2. Add Vintage Accents

Add Vintage Accents #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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If your interior incorporates many colors and combinations, then the Christmas decor should be neutral to achieve a balanced holiday ambiance.

The vintage or farmhouse accents will do that- bottle brush trees placed at either side of the centerpiece will mark Christmas on the table. Add a simple banner on the mantel instead of a rich and colorful garland.

via Bless’er House

3. Assemble a Peppermint-Inspired Table

Assemble a Peppermint-Inspired Table #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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The candy cane motif transferred onto a tablecloth and napkins on the holiday table will surely make the celebration of Christmas more sweet and charming.

Add tags with greenery like pine twigs or a herb sprig on the plates for a personalized gesture towards each person attending the dinner.

To match the arrangement of the plates with the center of the table, use vases with fresh flowers.

via Brian Woodcock

4. Berries Galore

Berries Galore #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Garlands are an easy way to add more texture and festive touch to any place. This one made of berry twigs forms a green and red braid that symbolizes winter and Christmas in particular.

Fill the center of the arrangement with a wreath focusing on the red or green color only for a more elegant look.

via Good Housekeeping

5. Bold Palette

Bold Palette #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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When the holiday decoration is of a simpler concept, accents in a contrasting color will give the arrangement a personal touch.

Plaid in black and white and light green color makes a bold statement that instantly attracts attention.

via A Fresh Squeezed Life

6. Bring Fresh Flowers to the Table

Bring Fresh Flowers to the Table #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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The sparkling gold color is smoothened by fresh sprigs of blooming flowers and greenery. The presence of berries gently accentuates Christmas.

via Justin Coit

7. Build a Makeshift Fireplace

Build a Makeshift Fireplace #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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When we imagine a Christmas scene at home, we instantly picture the family gathered around the fireplace. Yes, the fireplace makes the home more welcoming and cozier.

If you are living in a tiny apartment and there isn’t a fireplace, you can use this motif to recreate the imaginary picture.

Use an empty wall to paint a square with a chalkboard and draw the fireplace. Another quick, easy and mobile idea is to hang a canvas painted with a chalkboard.

via Mike Garten

8. Build a Makeshift Mantel

Build a Makeshift Mantel #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Use the top surface of a cabinet as a temporary mantel to arrange cute Christmas accents.

Place a garland on the wall above to finish the faux mantel decor.

via Melissa Coleman

9. Celebrate Advent Season

Celebrate Advent Season #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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This advent calendar idea is perfect for small spaces. Using an old ladder as a background for the handmade bags with dates, it can be leaned against a wall, taking no space from the floor.

The linen bags are decorated with painted Christmas motifs and filled with cotton to imitate a bag full of gifts.

via Danielle Occhiogrosso

10. Choose a Charlie Brown Tree

Choose a Charlie Brown Tree #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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If you have extra Christmas ornaments, place them along the mantel. Decorate both ends of it with identical glass vases with pine twigs that will act as a nostalgic and fun motif from the past, taken from the Peanuts comic strip, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

via Sian Richards

11. Count Down to Christmas

Count Down to Christmas #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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The LED counting days boxes are very attractive and a worthy investment that can be used to increase the expectation level of every special holiday.

via Melissa Coleman

12. Craft an Unconventional Tree

Craft an Unconventional Tree #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Are you looking for an alternative Christmas tree? This pegboard tree will add abstract charm and will ensure a fun time for your kids spent decorating it with all kinds of things.

via Hello Lidy

13. Crafty Leaf Garland

Crafty Leaf Garland #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Use one Christmas motif for your dinner accessories. Holy leaves look fantastic for that purpose with their green curved lines and red fruits.

via Brian Woodcock

14. Create a Hot Cocoa Bar

Create a Hot Cocoa Bar #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Bring a fairytale motif into the contemporary world! Not only the kids will be pleased to take advantage of a cocoa station serving hot drinks the old-school way.

via Southbound Bride

15. Deck the Walls

Deck the Walls #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Another part of the home that will add a lot of festiveness when repurposed is the wall. Use the shelves for the display of handmade gifts with Christmas sparkling ornaments.

via Mike Garten

16. Decorate a Tabletop Tree

Decorate a Tabletop Tree #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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You don’t need a big tall pine tree. The same impact can be achieved if a smaller one is placed higher, on a table for example.

Use the remaining surface to add surprises and ornaments.

via Brian Woodcock

17. DIY an Advent Calendar

DIY an Advent Calendar #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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This hand-crafted advent calendar is very special. A unique ornament is dedicated to each date.

The background of the canvas is green to let the ornaments pop out easily.

via Erika Lapresto

18. DIY Citrus Garland

DIY Citrus Garland #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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The Christmas tree can be decorated with ornaments that are eco-friendly and very aromatic.

Replace part of the sparkling stars and balls with dried orange slices and pinecones. The tree will take another look which is very welcoming and warm.

via Brian Woodcock

19. DIY the Doormat

DIY the Doormat #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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If you are one of those people for whom the small details have a greater impact, then this interesting idea will intrigue you.

Have you ever had a special Christmas doormat? Well, you don’t have to buy one, you can stencil the one you already have. A stencil with pine trees, stars, an inscription will turn the doormat into an irreplaceable part of the porch decor for Christmas.

via Mike Garten

20. Draw on Snowflakes

Draw on Snowflakes #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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IF you have a mirror above the mantel, you can turn it into a relevant part of the Christmas decoration.

Simply draw snowflakes on it and see how it instantly blends with the rest of the decor.

via Mike Garten

21. Dress Up a Twig Tree

Dress Up a Twig Tree #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Decorating a twig with a Christmas ornament is an easy way to bring Christmas in any room.

The twig doesn’t have to be leafy, a bald one will be just as good to take up the small cute ornaments.

via Brent Darby

22. Felt Tree Hurricanes

Felt Tree Hurricanes #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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A cute and affordable idea for decoration of the dining table is this setting. The colors of the stacked plates follow the color combination on the glass candle holders.

This is a very easy idea that can be performed in any color- just get felt sheets in the color you need and cut the tiny trees from them.

via Michael Partenio

23. Festive Pillow

Festive Pillow #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Another small accent that will increase the holiday spirit at home is the decorated pillow. Especially being red, the white ribbon will make it look like a real gift.

Top the tied bow with a tiny pine twig.

via Good Housekeeping

24. Get Playful With Balloons

Get Playful With Balloons #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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As the author says, “This banner will take your holiday party decor to the next level!” and we totally agree with her!

Made of balloons, the banner is very affordable, easy and totally customizable in colors.

via Best Friends For Frosting

25. Go for the Candy Effect

Go for the Candy Effect #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Lift the candy usage to another level- not in dishes, not in the gift bags but on the Christmas tree.

The lollipop ornaments can be real or crafted from felt strips.

via Brian Woodcock

26. Hang a Starry Sky

Hang a Starry Sky #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Use the curtain rod to hang beautiful ornaments. These large paper stars of different colors and designs create a starry sky during daylight that grabs the attention and makes the atmosphere more homely and festive.

via Mike Garten

27. Hang Mini Wreaths

Hang Mini Wreaths #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Looking for kitchen Christmas decor ideas? The doors of the cupboards are the perfect place for that. They are up high so whatever you hang on them won’t be an obstacle for the kitchen activities, neither will be damaged.

via It All Started With Paint

28. Have Fun With Santa

Have Fun With Santa #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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These cute tiny figures of Santa deserve a special place on the mantel. The red and white colors will pop out against any background and the wild emotions will make all the people smile.

via Marcus Nilsson

29. Ice Skates Wreath

Ice Skates Wreath #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Looking for a more attractive wreath this year? Forget the pine twigs and red ribbons.

Repurposing a pair of ice skates and dangling pompoms will surprise and inspire with the untraditional application.

Fill the skates with twigs to give the skates a more decorative function.

via Good Housekeeping

30. Lean on Evergreens

Lean on Evergreens #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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If you don’t have a fireplace to attach your stockings on, use the banister. Decorate it with green garlands and enjoy the fun and festive look of the staircase.

via Kim Cornelison

31. Let It Glow

Let It Glow #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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One of the oldest symbols of Christmas is the light in different shapes and from different sources- candles, lights inside the house, lanterns, etc.

Use this symbol as a focus of your decoration this Christmas. Bring all the candles, lanterns, twinkling lights in the living room and enjoy the warmth and coziness created.

via Bless’er House

32. Line a Staircase

Line a Staircase #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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The light motif can be used for the decoration of the staircase. Set white flameless pillar candles along with your steps for a festive and welcoming look.

via Julie Blanner

33. Make the Bedroom Festive

Make the Bedroom Festive #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Decorating the bedroom with Christmas ornaments can be too overwhelming.

If you still want to make every room more festive, there is a way to do that.

Simple and natural, the evergreen wreaths will make the room look more festive without impacting its calming level.

via Bless’er House

34. Mix and Match Gift Wrap

Mix and Match Gift Wrap #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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The farmhouse design of the gift wrapping makes them more special and personalized.

You can do this wrap idea yourself by cutting old clothes in a plaid pattern in strips. Use doilies, candy canes, tree ornaments, candies to top on the plaid wraps.

via Kim Cornelison

35. Mix In Fresh Fruit

Mix In Fresh Fruit #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Decorate the garland made of pine twigs with natural ornaments. To add more color, use fruits like suggested above.

The red apples are attached to the garland with a string wire put through a hole in the fruit.

via Kim Cornelison

36. Play Up Pom Poms

Play Up Pom Poms #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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This is another great idea for an alternative Christmas tree. Made of yarn, the bright colors of the pom poms make them look like candies.

This untraditional pom pom tree can be the perfect addition to a mantel or a kids’ room shelf. For instructions, check below.

via Aww Sam

37. Pops of Plaid

Pops of Plaid #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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The traditional decor accents are complemented by traditional textures to form an extraordinary farmhouse Christmas mantel setting.

The plaid pattern of the stockings let them pop out against the green background of fresh twigs.

via Annie Schlechter

38. Reorganize the Bookshelf

Reorganize the Bookshelf #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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The Christmas accents can exist in the most unexpected places, the bookshelf for example. Just wrap the books in thematic paper and stack them to make them look like piles of gifts.

Fill the gaps on the shelves with standard ornaments like bottle brush trees and jingle bells.

via Mike Garten

39. Set a Casual Table

Set a Casual Table #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Making the ambiance for Christmas more casual will ease the tension and will make the guests feel more welcomed.

To achieve that, don’t overcrowd the table with sparkling ornaments and sophisticated accents and accessories.

Instead, fill each dish with a linen napkin. Insert a small twig into the napkin ring to remind of the festive occasion.

via Mike Garten

40. Sprinkle In Silver and Red

Sprinkle In Silver and Red #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Do you already notice yourself singing this song all day long? Well, don’t be shy and just include a citation of the chorus in your Christmas decor.

The banner is suitable for hanging on the mantel or across a window.

The full tutorial can be found below.

via The Sunny Side Up Blog

41. Spruce Up Boughs

Spruce Up Boughs #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Make your entryway more festive with these bouquets of fresh pine twigs.

Decorate them with the ornaments you have left from the tree.

via Seth Smoot

42. String an Assortment of Mittens

String an Assortment of Mittens #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Turn the kid’s room into a winter scene by stringing mittens onto cord. Place the so-formed garland onto the windows or to the bedframes.

via Kim Cornelison

43. Use Garlands Everywhere

Use Garlands Everywhere #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Fresh garlands are a gorgeous way to decorate and to bring nature inside. To give them a more personal look, use ribbons, ornaments, pinecones, etc.

via Mike Garten

44. Winterize Your Porch

Winterize Your Porch #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Let Christmas trees beautify your front porch by planting them into olive buckets.

You don’t have to decorate them with many ornaments, strings of fairy light on each will give a generous amount of magic to every tree.

via On Sutton Place

45. Wrap Garland Around Bedposts

Wrap Garland Around Bedposts #Christmas #stylish #decorhomeideas
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Change the traditional garland with a handmade holly leaf string. Made of felt, it is kids-friendly and very attractive.

It can be hung anywhere but placed right on the bedposts will bring Christmas closer to kids.

via Brian Woodcock

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