19 Fantastic Tabletop Christmas Trees That Are So Gorgeous

Are you one of those people who love displaying showy, extensive Christmas decoration, however, you can’t really do it because your home is not spacious enough, or you are afraid that the dog will knock down the festive tree?

If the answer is YES, I’ve got something that could be the right fit for you – tabletop Christmas trees!

Best Table Top Christmas Trees. Have you considered a tabletop Christmas tree instead of a standard one? There are a lot of benefits like size, decoration and price. #decorhomeideas

They are petite, but they are able to add big style wherever you place them.

Whether you go with DIY tabletop Christmas trees or live ones, we have 19 great ideas for tabletop Christmas trees to fit every holiday style.

1. Tabletop Tree in Gold & Silver

Tabletop Christmas Tree With Gold Decorations #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

The gold tabletop Christmas trees are very classy and timeless. Plus, they make the room look more luxurious and ritzy.

The live tree is adorned with silver ornaments and the dimensional tree topper is just the perfect finish for this whimsical project!

2. DIY Decor for Tabletop Christmas Trees

Farmhouse Tabletop Christmas Tree


Instead of decorating the tabletop festive tree with shiny ball ornaments, you can make some hand-written tags with Xmas wishes. 

In this way, your decoration will be unique and, moreover, it gives the tree a rustically chic vibe.

3. Vintage Decor for Christmas Trees

Gorgeous Tabletop Christmas Tree #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Here is another idea for those of you who prefer the tabletop live Christmas trees. 

This tree looks vintage and chic. The enormous green & silver ball ornaments create a stylish imbalance without destroying the entire decor. 

The ideal centerpiece for the living room space!

4. Elegant Decor for Compact Xmas Tree

Silver Table Top Christmas Tree

This gorgeous, fairy faux tabletop holiday tree is nicely decorated with bows made from high-quality wired ribbon in crystal chiffon with silver glitter and darling rose pink feathered birds.

There are lots of silver and crystal ornaments, along with a beautiful pink double-faced rhinestone topper. 

It looks fairy, isn’t it?

Learn More: Here

5. Colorful Mini-Tree 

Rainbow Tabletop Christmas Tree #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

I was thrilled to share this project with you because it is surely one of my most favorite decorated tabletop Christmas trees ideas!

However, it is not decorated in the most traditional colors, it looks very cheery and fun. 

Plus, the over-sized golden stars give additional texture to the tree. 

6. Winter Wonderland

White Silver Tabletop Christmas Tree


This tabletop Christmas trees, such as this one above, feel like they are straight out of a snow globe with its glacial decor.

Cover the evergreens with shimmering gold & silver elements and faux snow to re-create this mini snowy, sparkling forest.

7. Traditional Tabletop Christmas Tree

Tabletop Christmas Tree Red Poinsettias #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

If you consider yourself as a crafter-traditionalist, why don’t you decorate the tabletop Xmas tree in a classic manner? 

I like the pure statement of glittery snowflakes, red ornaments, white dove figurines, and s simple, unpretentious tree topper.

8. Gold & Green Christmas Tree Decor

Light Green Tabletop Christmas Tree


The tabletop Christmas trees shouldn’t necessarily be small. 

If you have small kids or a spoiled dog, I suggest displaying the regular holiday tree higher to keep the delicate ornaments and alluring packages out of reach.

A wide burlap ribbon festoons this tree, cascading down the branches with casual sophistication.

9. Candy Wonderland Theme

White Tabletop Christmas Tree With Candies #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Mixing candies with colorful glass ball ornaments on a faux white tree is a tasty and cute idea for small tabletop Christmas trees decoration.

The white color of the tree gives the pastel palette some additional shine. 

10. Barn Tabletop Xmas Tree

Farmhouse Tabletop Christmas Tree


Create a rustically chic look for a side table with a 3-foot-tall tabletop Christmas tree in a small galvanized pot.

Adorn the tree with simple DIY paper garland and display the Xmas family gifts, wrapped in a rustic style, next to it.

11. Southern Style Tabletop Christmas Tree

Traditional Tabletop Christmas Tree #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


The wintry colors like red, blue, and gray let this tree surely bring lots of warmth to your table long after the Christmas holiday.

Great decoration idea for live tabletop Christmas trees! Arrange some wooden rustic elements around the tree to enhance the oh-so-cozy feel.

12. Santa Mini-Holiday Tree

Mini Tabletop Christmas Tree

This is such a lovable decoration idea for your bedroom’s tabletop Christmas trees!

A mini live pine tree is placed on the side table. The Santa themed decoration creates a cozy, cheerful vibe. 

Plus, you don’t cheat on the traditional red-green combo! 

13. All-White Petite Tree Decor

Scandinavian Tabletop Christmas Tree #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

If you also like the fresh tabletop Christmas trees with simple decoration, take a look at this idea that is radiating pretty raw vibes.

It’s delicately decorated with light colored ornaments, in a chic, rustic manner. 

The best part – this tree can easily fit the rest of the Xmas decoration.

14. Embrace the Simplicity

Natural Tabletop Christmas Tree


Despite being minimalist, this live tabletop tree idea exudes a festive, joyful vibe thanks to the colorful strings lights. 

It is also strategically placed next to the window so the lights could reflect and create an elegant, warm atmosphere. 

15. DIY Farmhouse Tabletop Tree Decor Idea

Rose Gold Tabletop Christmas Tree #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Let’s have a look at this fun, fairy way to display a mini Christmas tree.

It looks very vintage, bringing a strong farmhouse vibe, however, some of the elements displayed are giving the tree a timeless look. 

16. Purple Decorated Tabletop Festive Tree

Purple Table Top Christmas Tree

Instead of restricting yourself to a traditionally decorated tabletop tree, why don’t you go for an all-purple decor?

You can even display a purple star-topper instead of the boring golden one. And voila – all your guests will be envious!

17. Tiny Tree with an Enormous Ribbon

Mini Classic Table Top Christmas Tree #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

Here is something more for the fans of live tabletop Christmas trees!

There is a galvanized metal basket that is overflowing with evergreens, holly, cypress, and boxwood.

It is well accented with pine cones, 3-colored ornaments, and a classic joyful ribbon. 

Learn More: Here

18. Faux Pine Christmas Tree in Burlap Base

Rustic Tabletop Christmas Tree

Here is another proof that the tabletop Christmas trees with lights only is just enough!

What do you think about the farmhouse vibe and the simplicity in the decoration? Also, take a look at the industrial elements, they are lovely as well!

19. Tabletop Tree Decorated With Red Birds

Tabletop Christmas Tree Idea #Christmas #tabletop #Christmastree #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Some small tabletop Christmas trees, such as this one above, can make the best centerpieces for any table!

The traditional colors – red, green and white, contrast well with the polished silver vase. 

Love the fact the classic golden star topper is being replaced with a green version. 

As you see, the tabletop Christmas trees do not just look as stylish as the classical large festive trees but are also very practical, easy to set up, chic as well as time- and space saving. 

Hope you really enjoyed my collection of decorated tabletop Christmas trees!

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