20 Yummy Christmas Platters You Can Do This Year

1. Watermelon Snowman

Christmas Platter Ideas 1
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This is one of the most appropriate Christmas platter ideas for summer Christmas.

It’s extremely easy to bring together too as you just need a round seedless watermelon and two personal sized watermelons.

via What About Watermelon

2. Cheese and Crackers Christmas Tree

Cheese And Crackers Christmas Tree
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How pretty and detailed are these cheese and crackers Christmas trees?

You need to form a thick cone around the pretzel rod, using the cheese ball mixture of your choice. To give your tree the green color, use fresh parsley.

via Food Network UK

3. Citrus Star

Citrus Star
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They say that citrus fruits are at their best during winter. So how about making use of them for making Christmas platter.

Food Network shows how to prepare a pretty star-shaped citrus platter using tangerines, blood oranges, white and red grapefruit, kumquats and pomelos.

To add extra sparkle and make the platter more vibrant, add tomatoes and pomegranate seeds.

4. Crispy Rice Cereal Snowman

Crispy Rice Cereal Snowman
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This crispy rice cereal snowman is so adorable that people will feel bad eating it.

When the cereal treats are warm, shape them into two medium-sized balls for the snowman’s body.

Remember, one ball should be slightly bigger than the other one. Coat the balls in coconut flakes and make eyes, arms, nose, and buttons using a chopstick. You can use the melted marshmallow to stick the props.

5. Holiday Wreath Cheese Platter

Holiday Wreath Cheese Platter
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If you’re planning to serve mulled wine to your guests, this Christmas wreath cheese would make a perfect accompaniment.

The cheese platter in this image is composed of delicious seasonal ingredients, such as pomegranates, mandarin oranges, persimmons, nuts, chocolates, and of course, different types of cheeses.

via Yummy Yummy Kitchen

6. Easy Poinsettia Platter

Easy Poinsettia Platter
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This Christmas-themed platter is beyond beautiful and is sure to please every onlooker.

And if may look intimidating, but you’ll need minimal effort and time you can create this gorgeous platter for a supremely elegant Christmas dessert table.

Display these poinsettias on a blue or silver platter to make them stand out.

via Sweet Sugarbelle

7. Spiced Lamb With Sticky Date And Onion Chutney

Spiced Lamb With Sticky Date And Onion Chutney
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This is one of the most delicious-looking main course Christmas platters in our opinion. In this recipe, juicy lamb chops are marinated in cinnamon, toasted coriander, cumin seeds and served with onion chutney.

Dates and pomegranates add a perfect touch of sweetness to this savory dish.

via Tesco Real Food

8. Olives Wreath

Christmas Olive Platter
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I’ll finish my collection of Christmas party platters with this antipasto festive wreath. Make sure to use loads of thyme so your wreath looks real.  😉

Combine the antipasti by color so your platter will look fun and creative.

9. Christmas Cheddar Star

Star Christmas Platter
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This unusual and artistic Christmas cheddar star idea can be made smaller or larger, depending on the size of your gathering, and will liven up any food table.

Feel free to personalize your platter any way you like.  🙂

10. Tasty Cheese Appetizers

Best Christmas Tree Platter
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If you plan to serve mulled wine to your guests this year, here is another great appetizer for a Christmas party that won’t take more than 20 minutes to make.

Make sure you won’t make too much of it so it will leave space for the main dish.

11. Italian Christmas Wreath Platter

Mozzarella Christmas Wreath
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If you’re planning to serve something unusual but delicious this Christmas, I’d recommend re-creating this Italian-style Christmas wreath made of cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella balls.

Your guest will love it, believe me.

12. Chocolate & Strawberries Christmas Tree

Strawberry Christmas Tree Appetizer
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Compared to the Christmas food platters I showed you so far, this one will take a bit more time to prepare.

However, I promise you it will be the show-stopper at your Christmas dessert table! Plus, it is deadly delicious!  😉

13. Cool Party Cheeseboard

Christmas Platter With Sausages
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This idea is excellent for cheese lovers. Different types of cheese, combined with smoked meat and salami, cherry tomatoes, and some thyme for a finished look of the toothsome Christmas tree platter.

It’s just too beautiful to eat!

14. Sweet Wreath In a Jar

Christmas Wreath Made Of Cookies
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This festive platter shaped like a wreath will be the focal point of your dinner table.

Afterward, you can keep the rest of the cookies in a jar and continue enjoying them after Christmas dinner.

DIY Project Details: Here

15. Christmas Cookie Platter

Christmas Cookies
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This platter is beyond incredible and will definitely please every onlooker.

And if might look intimidating, but you will need minimal effort and time to create this dazzling platter for an exquisitely chic Christmas dessert table.

16. No-Vegetarian Christmas Tree Platter

Christmas Platter Ideas
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This cure Christmas tree platter is one of those Christmas party appetizers that are not suitable for vegetarians!

However, it looks delicious and presents a tasteful combination of cheese, salami, and cherry tomatoes. Yammi!

DIY Project Details: Here

17. Cheese Snowman

Snowman Christmas Platter
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This friendly snowman made of cream cheese and shredded mozzarella is pretty cute to bring to a party and very easy to make, too.

Serve it with some crackers for better taste.  🙄

DIY Project Details: Here

18. Cheese, Cheese…and Cheese

Cheese Christmas Platter
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Photo: Credit

I am a huge fan of the Christmas eve appetizers that combine various food. They are smart, easy to make, eye-catching, and have something for everyone.

This platter, for instance, has cheese and veggies but I would add some grapes as well as the cheese pairs well with the sweet taste.

19. Healthy Merry Christmas Platters

Healthy Christmas Platter
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This festive platter is proof that you don’t need to spend a whole day making Christmas party platters.

These raw, finely sliced veggies will be very refreshing during the yearly food marathon around Christmas.

DIY Project Details: Here

20. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Dwarf Hats Christmas Platter
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Are you a fan of Jim Carrey and Grinch? If so, I dare you to make these cute and tasty Christmas party appetizers!  😉

It would be great to involve your kids in the making process so you will all have family fun and enjoy the upcoming Christmas together!

DIY Project Details: Here

21. Veggie Tree

Christmas Veggie Centerpiece
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If you decide to make a fruity Christmas tree platter, it would be good to make a veggie one as well. Let’s face it – some people prefer healthy appetizers for Christmas!

Use some leafy green vegetables for a base and then arrange with cherry tomatoes and mini carrots to add a volume and a color. And voila!

DIY Project Details: Here

22. Another Christmas Tree Made of Fruits

Big Fruit Christmas Tree
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In case you will host a big Christmas party this year, you need to think of making some large Christmas platters.

This fruity Christmas tree, for instance, looks too cute to eat! I just love the pineapple tree topper!

While making a festive tree platter, it is important to play with the colors so it will look fun and joyful.

DIY Project Details: Here

23. Fruit Christmas Tree Platter

Christmas Tree Made Of Fruits
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Speaking of the best Christmas appetizers here is something that will surely inspire you – a fruit Christmas tree platter!

You can use coriander as a fundament and arrange “the tree” with the favorite fruits of your family! The best thing about it is that the coriander is not just a base but also provides a unique taste to each piece. Mmm!  😆

24. Kiwi Christmas Platter

Kiwi and Strawberry Christmas Platter
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To be honest, this is one of the easiest Christmas platters you’ll find on the Internet.

All you need to do is to finely slice one kilo of kiwis and chop some strawberries as ornaments. For the top, you can use a whole strawberry.

DIY Project Details: Here

25. Festive Veggie Platter

Christmas platter broccoli
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This Christmas tree dressed with a pretty ornament made out of vegetables is really eye-catching!

Yes, it has pretzels for the bark, but a little bit of cheating won’t hurt anyone, right? And trust me, even your kids who do not like veggies will eat them with pleasure.

Tip: Why don’t you serve these Christmas appetizers with a range of delicious dips?

DIY Project Details: Here

26. French Style Platter

Christmas platter with cheese and berries
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Here is a great idea of how to serve easy Christmas appetizers as the French people do. They usually eat grapes and various kinds of cheeses with wine.

An ideal option for a healthy Christmas dinner!

27. Christmas Tree Platter

Christmas Platter
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I decided to start my collection of wonderful Christmas platters with this Christmas tree platter which is incredibly cute.

All you need to do is to get a variety of cheese, green olives, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, and thyme.

Make sure to serve the toothpicks so your guests can enjoy their hearts out.  😀

I hope you liked these 31 Christmas platters ideas. Trust me, each one of them will be the centerpiece of your festive dinner table! So bring your creativity, gather the kids, make some hot chocolate and spend some quality family time while preparing the appetizers before the joyful dinner.  😉 

Yummy Christmas Platters
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