54 Amazing Bench Around Tree Ideas To Create a Relaxing Corner In The Garden

Benches built around a tree date from the 18th century. They were invented by the French who used them to make extra seating areas in gardens located in groves.

Nowadays, the wrap-around-tree benches can be seen in most public areas, school yards, parks and also in private backyards.

The original shape is round but nowadays, we can enjoy various shapes and sizes.

Today you are going to see 54 of the Best Bench Around Tree Ideas And Designs that offer an extra seating area, natural shade during the hot summer days, and a unique way to spruce up your outdoors.

Best Bench Around Tree. If you would like to have a relaxing corner in the garden consider these creative bench around tree ideas and designs. #decorhomeideas

1. All-In-One Table And Bench

All-In-One Table And Bench

This amazing wrap-around-tree bench idea is upgraded to offer also a table so you can sit comfortably and enjoy a drink under the natural shade of the tree.

2. Hexagon-Shaped Bench

Hexagon-Shaped Bench

The design of this bench around a tree is inspired by the shape of a folding chair. In fact, you can use 5 or six existing chairs to create it and make a little modification.

The seats of the chairs should be replaced with new ones which enable mounting them together in a hexagonal shape covering the periphery of a tree trunk.

3. Contemporary Hexagonal Bench Around Tree

Contemporary Hexagonal Bench Around Tree

The geometric shape of the hexagon bench fits perfectly in a modern backyard with an edge garden and a deck.

The boards of the bench should match the decking to achieve a united and minimal look.

4. Pallet Slats Hexagon Bench

Pallet Slats Hexagon Bench

If you like the modern look of the hexagonal wrap-around-the-tree bench, you can make it yourself from pallet slats.

The slats need to be in a good condition and well-sanded, especially those that will be used for creating the seating area.

Protect the wood with suitable mediums that will let it withstand the outdoor environment for a long time.

5. Shell-Shaped Bench

Shell-Shaped Bench

The size of this backyard allows the addition of this whimsy and modern bench around the tree.

The tree trunk is large and the branches are very long which turns the tree into a gigantic natural shader.

The bench mimics a shell shape which has beautiful curves starting at a low level and finishing with a circle at a higher level.

6. Gabion Bench

Gabion Bench

If you like the modern industrial look of the gabion benches, you can create one around a tree.
Gabions are very sustainable for outdoor conditions and also a good way to limit the bad environmental footprint by reusing natural materials.

The seat boards can be any lumber that is treated for outdoor exposure.

7. A Bench Around Tree From Chairs

A Bench Around Tree From Chairs

Building a bench around tree in this design provides two advantages.

The back of the seat will ensure comfort as the regular chair does. Secondly, there is no risk of harming the trunk of the tree.

8. A Customized Bench

A Customized Bench

If you make the bench yourself, then you can customize it to the size, shape and seat height that suits best your tree, backyard and family.

9. Wicker And Solid Wood Bench Design

Wicker And Solid Wood Bench Design

This idea features a wide round table wrapped around the trunk of a tree and a bench divided into identical sections. The benches are with an arched shape to follow the curve of the table.

The bench sections are interrupted by ottomans made from solid wood which perfectly match the natural look of the sitting set.

10. Reclaimed Wood Bench

Reclaimed Wood Bench

If you want to blend the sitting nook with the natural landscape, leave the wood boards untreated.

That will give the set a unique weathered look that mimics the natural texture of the bark of a birch tree.

11. A Bench On A Tree Platform

A Bench On A Tree Platform

The bench can be part of a platform built around a tree.

This design will separate the sitting area from the ground and will elevate the landscape décor.

12. Easy DIY Table Around A Tree

Easy DIY Table Around A Tree

This is a simple and practical idea for an outdoor sitting nook. The table is made from existing leg assemblies that support a top made from wooden boards.

The boards are assembled in a circle leaving a hole in the center for the tree to grow.

Add chairs around the table and enjoy the good weather under the shade of the tree crown.

13. Indoor Inspiration

Indoor Inspiration

Welcome nature inside your home with this inspiring bench idea. The focal point is a beautiful tall tree that is suitable for indoor care.

Its pot is placed in the center of an island with bar stools. The generous light coming from the wide windows will keep the tree in good condition and will make you feel that you are outside in fresh air.

14. Curved Bench Around Tree

Curved Bench Around Tree

This beautiful set of a table and a bench is surely made by a woodworker. The solid wood for the tabletop and the seats is of the best quality.

The efforts and craftsmanship are visible in the polished and smooth surface and curves of the sections.

Such a beautiful and unique piece needs to be maintained regularly to be kept in a good condition. Varnishing is recommended every year.

15. Outdoor Furniture Around Tree

Outdoor Furniture Around Tree

The opening for the tree of the furniture around the tree can be made in part of the table but in those cases, the shade won’t be equally spread on the entire table surface.

Such an idea is great for creating a sitting outdoor nook that blends with the rest of the natural landscape.

16. Space For Everyone

Space For Everyone

If you have a big family or you love throwing parties in your backyard, take a look at this outdoor furniture idea.

It consists of a long table with two benches coming as one piece because of the shared steel structure.
There is a place for at least 10 people to comfortably sit and eat in the fresh air.

17. Unique Outdoor Set

Unique Outdoor Set

Only a carpenter can make this amazing wooden set. It consists of two solid wood benches cut from wood trunks. The original curves of the trunk are kept to make the pieces unique.

The table features a hollow wooden circle that wraps an existing tree. A round glass is placed over the wooden support to form a chic rustic coffee table.

18. Outdoor Sitting Place With A Natural Umbrella

Outdoor Sitting Place With A Natural Umbrella

This wrap-around-the-tree furniture is very suitable for small outdoor spaces.

It features a table in a honeycomb shape and three bench sections that form a bigger hexagon.

19. A Bench From Barrel Boards

A Bench From Barrel Boards

If you are inspired to make yourself a bench around tree, you can take advantage of the easy installation of the barrel boards. They are perfect for the back support of the bench.

You can surround the tree trunk creating a perfectly round shape thanks to the tongue and groove design of the boards. These boards are treated to withstand the outdoor environment.

20. Hexagon Bench To Enjoy Your Garden Landscape

Hexagon Bench To Enjoy Your Garden Landscape

If you want to enjoy closely the beautiful landscape of your garden, make a bench around tree.

It won’t take much from the ground and will provide a comfortable seating area in nature.

21. Enjoy the Sky

Enjoy the Sky

Benches around trees are not useful only in gardens. They can offer a quiet seating area outside on an elevated platform.

The bench around the tree doesn’t cover much from the ground which makes it the preferred outdoor furniture for small backyards or for non-standard spaces like this platform.

22. A Bench To Have A Nap

A Bench To Have A Nap

The platform around a tree is an upgraded bench design that lets you also comfortably lie under the tree shade.

Building this kind of platform is similar to making a deck. Choose the best seating height which will let you use it functionally.

23. Deck Type Bench

Deck Type Bench

If there are a few tall trees in the backyard, you can build a special platform to enjoy the landscape under their thick shade.

Add cushions or throw pillows to make sitting on the platform more comfortable.

24. A Raised Wooden Platform

A Raised Wooden Platform

This raised platform is created around one massive tree to ensure shaded outdoor space for the entire family.

Match the lumber color with the existing outdoor features to spruce up the look of the backyard.

25. Cedar Wood Bench

Cedar Wood Bench

This bench around the tree is made from cedar wood which is famous for its resistance to outer conditions.

Its detailed production and stylish look make it a great outdoor feature to use all year long.

26. Tall Artistic Bench

Tall Artistic Bench

The bench around the tree can be given an artistic look with the curves of the wooden details.

Adding it to the backyard will spruce up the outdoors with the elegance of the craftsmanship experience. The idea here showcases chairs on a large scale arranged in a hexagonal figure with beautiful back ornaments.

27. Modern Meets Retro

Modern Meets Retro

The design of this bench around the tree mixes the modern hexagonal shape of the seating and the retro look of chair backs.

The backs surround the tree in a hexagonal pattern made from wood logs. The texture of the wood is left in its blonde original look to enhance the rustic effect.

28. Elegant Bench

Elegant Bench

This bench idea features a sophisticated design that will match traditional architectures.

The lines are clean and straight to ensure more sitting places. The color is neutral to match any outdoor décor.

29. Spiral Bench Design

Spiral Bench Design

If you want to make a unique bench around a tree, you can do it by giving the back an interesting shape. That can be a spiral circle made from pallet slats.

30. Bench Inspired By Adirondack Chair

Bench Inspired By Adirondack Chair

The inclined back of the Adirondack chairs is what makes them so popular for outdoor nooks for relaxing.
This outdoor bench idea incorporates the shape of the back and mixes it with wide hexagonal seats.

The support posts of the bench repeat the honeycomb pattern and add a touch of modern to the retro basis.

31. Bench From Old Chairs

Bench From Old Chairs

You can use a set of old chairs and reclaimed slats and posts to make this rustic beauty.

Measure the circumference of the trunk first to define how big the hole of the hexagonal bench should be. The diameter of the hole will define the number of chair backs needed and the length of the seating slats.

32. Teak Furniture For Your Backyard

Teak Furniture For Your Backyard

You can give the classic teak furniture a modern look by painting it a deep grey shade.

Grey color is trendy not only in the interior but also in the exterior features. It works well with walkways made from stone, cement and pavers.

33. Bench For Backyard Picnic

Bench For Backyard Picnic

This two-tiered bench features two hexagons of different sizes. The inner one is built around the tree trunk to be used as a table.

The bigger one is placed at a suitable distance from the table to ensure a comfortable seating surface.

34. Stained Wood Bench

Stained Wood Bench

If you have decided to install a bench from wood around the tree, you should know that it requires some regular care. You should check the varnish layer periodically for damages occurring from the outdoor climate factors.

If you do not coat the damaged area, it is highly possible that the wood starts rotting after some time. Don’t forget that well-maintained wooden furniture doesn’t offer only timeless usage but also an elegant look.

35. A Set Of Two Benches

A Set Of Two Benches

This is an image taken in a park. Next to the fence of the playground, there are two hexagonal benches where parents can sit and watch their kids play.

This idea can inspire your next outdoor upgrade by adding good-looking and compact sitting furniture in the backyard.

36. Combined Garden And Bench

Combined Garden And Bench

The size of this outdoor bench leaves an empty space to be turned into a small raised garden bed.

The plants and flowers that will develop well under the tree crown should prefer semi or full-shade places.

37. Semi-Circle Teak Bench

Semi-Circle Teak Bench

The semi-circle benches are great for outdoor areas that limit the installation of a full-circle bench.

They create an attractive outdoor feature for resting and are also a solution when the backyard is small.

38. Match The Bench With The Stone Walkway

Match The Bench With The Stone Walkway

In case the bench will sit on a garden walkway, you can use the design of the bench to enhance the texture of the walkway.

As you can see from this example, the wooden boards of the bench are painted grey to match the natural stone walkway.

This creates a united look between the outdoor features and adds an aesthetic appeal to the outdoors.

39. Traditional Bench Around Tree Design

Traditional Bench Around Tree Design

The bench around the tree can be made from a few benches.

For that idea, you need to cut the backs and the seats at an angle to form sections that match together.

40. Square Wood And Metal Bench

Square Wood And Metal Bench

This wrap-around-tree bench ensures timeless usage.

The combination of metal legs and treated lumber for the seats offers not only stability but also a lovely industrial farmhouse look.

41. Round Metal And Wood Bench

Round Metal And Wood Bench

The same materials are used in this bench example but the shape is different.

The round bench around the tree is the most common design for a bench for this location.

42. Bench From Natural Materials

Bench From Natural Materials

If you don’t want to ruin the natural look of the outdoors, make the bench from natural materials.

Fill the metal wire structure with gravel or river rocks and cover the top with wooden boards to form the seating area.

43. Unique Raised Platform

Unique Raised Platform

This platform idea is suitable for big backyards where there is plenty of space to form different outdoor nooks.

The platform has semi-circle cuttings at the bottom and the top ends of it which are made to accommodate tree trunks.

44. Reclaimed Wood Bench

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Your bench around the tree can be given a unique look by building it from reclaimed wood.

The mix of pallet slats in different colors creates a cheerful look that adds interest to the perfectly maintained lawn.

45. Semi-Hexagon Bench

Semi-Hexagon Bench

Similar to the semi-circle benches, this idea features half of a hexagonal bench.

If you like the modern design of the hexagon feature but the space where you are going to install it is limited, why not cut it in halves?

46. Section Seats Of A Bench

Section Seats Of A Bench

The combination of metal and wood creates a modern look for this round bench.

Dividing the seating area into sections with triangular shapes is practical when it comes to the differentiation of an individual seat but it also enhances the contemporary look.

47. Corner Bench

Corner Bench

There are no limits to the size and shape of the benches around the trees.

If you have a beautiful outdoor nook in a corner space, then follow the curves with the bench!

48. Wicker Bench

Wicker Bench

This is another inspiring design of a bench around a tree which aims to blend the extra feature with nature.

Only wood material is used for the structure. It combines wooden boards and branches woven in a wicker pattern.

49. Bench Offering Many Seats

Bench Offering Many Seats

The size of this massive tree offers the possibility of building a round bench with a big inner diameter.

Every bench section can accommodate at least three people which is great for public places and parks.

50. Curved Bench For A Classic Garden Upgrade

Curved Bench For A Classic Garden Upgrade

The antique look of this wrought iron bench will make the garden landscape more impressive and unique.
The curves of the metal beams follow the natural shape of the tree trunk.

Metal is one of the most durable materials but don’t forget that it also requires maintenance to prevent it from rusting.

51. A Bench To Sit Comfortably On Both Sides

A Bench To Sit Comfortably On Both Sides

You can use the diameter of the bench around a tree to double the seating places.

The space left between the tree trunk and the bench makes it possible to sit in the inner seating area and be closer to nature.

52. A Bench With Message

A Bench With Message

The bench around the tree can send positive messages! Use the outer rim to inscribe a meaningful thought.

The idea here features a message carved in the wood but this is a carpenter’s work. You can do it with stencils and paint and seal it with a suitable medium to stay forever.

53. S-Shaped Bench

S-Shaped Bench

This is a modern and cool design for a bench around a tree.

The metal wire structure is built in an S-shape which traces the tree like a snake. The stone gabions and the wood beams enhance the modern look of the bench.

The S-shape is very practical because it offers seats on both sides of the bench.

54. Slim Bench

Slim Bench

This is a DIY tree bench idea that is easy to make! You need a ready bench kit or wooden boards cut in the desired lengths.

Once you assemble the structure you will enjoy a beautiful outdoor feature offering an extra seating area. If you leave a gap between the bench seat and the truck, you can fill it with flowers and plants.

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