25 Best Hacks To Make Your Home More Stylish

I’ve always dreamed of a home that looks stylish and appealing without spending all of my money on fancy decorations.

It’s easy when you can afford all the newest and trendiest home decor ideas.

Home Hacks To Make Your Home More Stylish

Today, I would like to show you some ideas that you can do quickly and easily and won’t cost you much.

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1. Accented Radiator

Accented Radiator Home Decor

Most people are trying to hide the radiator as they think it’s ugly and will ruin the interior design.

Instead of hiding it, try to accent on the radiator by painting it in a color that will stand out and match with room’s atmosphere.

2. High Ceiling Illusion

Pink Bedroom Interior Design

Photo: Credit

Don’t paint the walls up to the top! Leaving some white space will create the illusion of a high ceiling.

It’s also a cheap way to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom and make it more stylish.

3. Add Some Luxury With Gold Accents

Brushed Brass Cabinet Pulls

Photo: Credit

Adding brushed brass cabinet pulls to your furniture will make it more elegant.

Golden Frame Mirror With Vanity

Photo: Credit

You can DIY golden mirror frame to make it look fab and glam.

4. Use Curtains To Hide a Bed

Bed Behind Curtains

Photo: Credit

Hang curtains to hide a bed and divide the space without building walls or installing doors.

5. Paint Switch Plates

Painted Switch Plates

You can perfectly incorporate electrical outlets and switches into your interior design by decorating them with mosaic, scrapbook paper other small items.

Take a look at this amazing design idea here.

6. An Accent Wall Is a Great Design Idea

Accent Wall Bedroom

Sometimes you can catch a viewers attention by adding accent wall – either with some texture or paint color like in this project here.

7. Add Luxury By Framing a Mirror

DIY Framing Mirror

Your boring bathroom mirror could be transformed in something chic and beautiful by framing it.

Check out how to make it here

8. Use Dark Colors

Navy Blue Living Room

Dark ceilings and light walls will add depth to the interior. Check out more photos of this bright and colorful house.

9. Paint Vinyl Floors For a Quick Update

Painted Vinyl Floors

You can refresh your old vinyl floors by painting wide contrasting stripes on it. Get the detailed instructions here.

10. Add Drawers To Increase Storage Space

DIY under bed toy box

Adding drawers under the bed can help you increase space for storing things ( toys for example ) and keep your home more organized.

You can get more details and instructions here.

11. Build Bed Canopy With Curtain Rods

Bed Canopy With Curtain Rods

Get 4 curtain rods and build a bed canopy! It looks impressive and stylish. Check out the bed made by a designer from New York.

12. Install a Stylish Headboard

blue headboard idea

Make the headboard a focal point of your bedroom – in bedrooms, headboards are a way to transform in minutes even the most ordinary bedroom and add comfort, appeal, extra color, pattern, and texture.

13. Use Cables For Wall Art

Cables Wall Art

Try something creative for the cables in your bedroom. For example, use colored tape and paper to make decorations in the form of leaves and the lovely little bird.

14. Hide TV Wires

Hide TV Wires

Organize the wire mess by using a shower rod. See how to do it here.

15. Use Picture Frame For The TV

DIY TV Frame

Use an old picture frame to put around your TV. It will make it look really posh and stylish.

16. New Knobs and Handles

Knobs and handles

Some small details could tremendously change the look of your furniture. Replace knobs and handles with something trendy and voila – you have something new in your home.

See more about these projects here and here.

17. Curtain Ties Will Add Elegance

Curtain Ties Decor

Colorful and unusual curtain ties could highlight the area around the windows by adding more contrast and beauty.

More ways to decorate curtains here

18. Install Curtains Close To The Ceiling

Living Room Long Curtains

One way to make your windows look bigger is by installing long curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor.

Take a look at design with long curtains here.

19. Extra Long Shower Curtain

Extra Long Shower Curtain

Use the same strategy here – long curtain to create the illusion of high ceiling.

20. DIY a Statement Lamp

DIY Lamp

DIY an original lamp shade from paper. There are many self made projects that can transform your lamp.

21. Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer

mason jar organizer will save space in your bathroom or kitchen and could be a nice addition to your home decoration. Watch the video to see how to make the same one.

22. Curtains With Colorful Print

Colorful Print Curtains

Bring a colorful print to your plain curtains to add splash of color or just to renew the interior. Click here for more details.

23. Small Mirror Decoration

Small Mirror Home Decoration

You can turn every ordinary plastic-framed mirror into a gorgeous interior decoration using rope and glue. Check out the instructions here.

24. Mirrors Make It Look Bigger

Bedroom With Mirrors

Place mirrors on closet doors to renew the interior and visually expand your bedroom. Click here to watch the process of creating doors with mirrors.

25. Unusual Rods For Curtains

Unusual Curtain Rods

An unusual rod for curtains will enrich the style of the interior and show off your DIY skills and great taste.

How to make finials like these click here.

26. Use Hexagon Photo Canvas

Hexagon Photo Canvas

Decorate your wall with hexagonal photo canvases. You can customize the size and get your photos printed on the canvas via websites like Canvaschamp.com

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