28 Best Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas For The Holiday Season

Are you looking for a break with tradition this holiday season?

The Christmas tree is the heart of any festive decor theme — but there’s no reason you have to stick with a tried-and-true evergreen.

Best Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas. These Christmas tree alternatives might stray away from the norm, but they’re poised to add some personality to any space and spark your creativity for your own Christmas tree project this year. #decorhomeideas
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These gorgeous non-traditional Christmas trees can reinvigorate your decorations and bring joy to the end-of-year celebrations.

1. Unicorn Christmas Tree

Unicorn Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Jasmine Jaslene

If you are looking for more colorful holiday decorations or your kids are in love with unicorns and rainbows then this Christmas tree is the perfect addition to your holiday.

2. Book Nerds Christmas Tree

Book Nerds Christmas Tree
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Kik Welfel

Book nerds, unite — this thrilling Christmas tree is for you.

It’s made with many different layers of books, with each individual spine facing out.

The result is a symphony of color and print that will delight all of your holiday visitors. Our favorite part is the dinosaur tree topper.

3. Cardboard

Cardboard #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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This cheap and cheerful cardboard tree is the perfect weekend craft project.

All you need is a few sheets of cardboard and some miscellaneous craft supplies.

Create a big tree for a corner or a tiny one to place on your desk.

via Chatelaine

4. Cardboard Tree

Cardboard Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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How chic is this stunning tree?

The bright white color obscures the fact that each of the components is made from lightweight cardboard.

Whether you use it as your primary tree or a supplemental decoration, this elegant piece is sure to make a splash.

via Odenne Boom

5. Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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A chalkboard tree is a completely unexpected way to decorate for the holidays.

The dark color looks stunning in a contemporary home or a modern farmhouse.

If you have little ones, set them loose with a box of chalk to decorate the tree.

via Bombus

6. Collage Christmas Tree

Collage Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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When you don’t have space for a full-size tree, why not give this collage version a try?

It mounts directly on the wall, so your floors stay free and clear.

Branches and greenery evoke the feeling of a natural tree, and personal prints add a sweet touch.

via Free People

7. Cookie Monster Christmas Tree

Cookie Monster Christmas Tree
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Norte De Trenton

If you have children, this Cookie Monster tree is a charming way to switch things up this Christmas.

The brilliant blue needles are the perfect canvas for a DIY project involving eyes, mouth, hands, and cookies.

Your kids will never forget this darling design.

8. Deconstructed Christmas Tree

Deconstructed Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Here’s another space-saving “tree” for a hallway or an upstairs playroom.

Wood branches and white string lights create the silhouette of a tree — it even changes form when you turn off the lights.

Hang ornaments from each branch for a fun, memorable piece of holiday decor.

via Faffling at Home

9. Felt Pom Pom Garland Tree

Felt Pom Pom Garland Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Looking for a kid-friendly alternative Christmas tree?

Create one from a colorful garland of felt pom poms.

The soft material is gentle on little hands, and the brilliant colors look cheerful in a bedroom or playroom.

via My Cakies

10. For Greeting Cards

For Greeting Cards #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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If you’re inundated with Christmas cards every season, this clever tree makes a fun display.

Make the tree by cutting a triangle shape out of wood or cardboard.

Wrap it in string to create a lovely way to hang your favorite cards.

via HGTV

11. Gold Feathers

Gold Feathers #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Complement a glamorous home with this golden Christmas tree, which features bright white feathers in place of branches.

The sophisticated design looks gorgeous with or without ornaments, and the sparkling trunk glitters alluringly from every angle.

12. Hanging Ornaments Christmas Tree

Hanging Ornaments Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Shock your guests and family members with this clever illusion Christmas tree.

Formed by ornaments suspended on a clear fishing line, it gives the impression of an invisible tree. The best part?

You don’t need to worry about cleaning up needles throughout the season.

13. Just Lights

Just Lights #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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If the lights are your favorite part of the Christmas tree, this non-traditional decoration is for you.

Using a strand or two of multicolored lights, use zig-zag lines to make the shape of a tree.

It’s a quick, easy, and affordable way to celebrate the holidays.

via Bell and Pistol

14. Kraft Paper Christmas Tree

Kraft Paper Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Go for a rustic theme by creating a Christmas tree out of kraft paper.

The soft brown color looks warm and soothing, and the natural curls set a relaxing vibe.

Punch holes in the paper and add lights in the center for a glowing effect.

via Lia Griffith

15. Macramé Tree

Macramé Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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If you’ve ever wanted to learn the art of macramé, this tree is a great way to learn.

The sturdy twisted lines provide plenty of strength for wood “branches”.

Use each piece to display ornaments, candles, or boughs of real or faux greenery.

via Lia Griffith

16. Minimal Ornaments

Minimal Ornaments #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Embrace minimalist design this year by cutting back on your ornaments. Instead of loading up the tree, pick a few favorites in the same color palette.

The result is completely unexpected and exciting — perfect for a rule-breaking Christmas.

via Anne Sage

17. Modern Christmas Tree

Modern Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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When you have an ultra-modern home, a traditional Christmas tree can look out of place.

This exciting tree is the perfect alternative.

With concentric rings and silver ornaments, it makes a big, bold splash in any room of your house.

via Modern Christmas Trees

18. No-Needle

No-Needle #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Bid farewell to needles and watering by creating a Christmas tree out of paper.

Here, large paper cones create a surprisingly realistic shape.

After the holidays, simply recycle the paper and enjoy the easy cleanup.

19. Peg Board Tree

Peg Board Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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If you have a piece of pegboard, an old door, or a sheet of wood sitting unused in the garage, turn it into an alternative Christmas tree.

A few nails, pegs, or thumbtacks and a strand of Christmas lights are the only supplies you need for this affordable project.

via Collective Gen

20. Pom Poms

Pom Poms #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Have you ever seen the expandable paper globe decorations at party stores?

Buy a collection of them in multiple colors to create a truly joyful Christmas tree.

A selection of paper pom poms peeks out from between the globes for fullness and extra color.

via Sugar and Cloth

21. Scented Candles Christmas Tree

Scented Candles Christmas Tree
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Caroline Elizabeth Catherine

Put your collection of scented candles to work by creating a Christmas tree tower.

The unconventional design is a fun way to show off the beautiful labels and wax colors — and your house will smell amazing all season long.

22. Stacked Branches

Stacked Branches #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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If you have a drill and some free time, you can create a spectacular non-traditional tree using a collection of branches.

Each one slips over a central dowel, so you can rotate it to create a full tree.

Hang ornaments or leave the branches bare for a low-key rustic vibe.

via Dekrolog

23. Succulent Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Succulents are a staple of desert decor — this year, celebrate their unique beauty by arranging them into a Christmas tree.

The plump lobes and spectacular colors make a breathtaking tree for a table.

via Living Bunch AU

24. Technicolor

Technicolor #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Ready to break away from red and green Christmas decorations?

Stock up on rainbow-colored Christmas ornaments for a Technicolor tree.

Pair your bright tree with equally colorful garlands, wreaths, and wrapping paper.

via C.R.A.F.T.

25. Thin Geo

Thin Geo #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Maintain your modern, minimalist style with a thin tree.

Buy a potted version, and you can use it over and over again without cutting down a fresh tree.

Simple geometric ornaments add color while keeping a contemporary vibe.

via Anna G

26. Toilet Paper Christmas Tree

Toliet Paper Christmas Tree
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Bud Johnson

Create a funny Christmas tree by stocking up on — or hoarding — rolls of toilet paper.

Tiers of white paper rolls make a hilarious alternative tree that’s perfect for 2020.

Add lights and masks for extra humor.

27. Tree-asaurus Rex

Tree Asaurus Rex Xmas Tree
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Robert Napiontek

With its dinosaur head and feet, this adorable alternative tree is sure to thrill your children and visitors.

It’s a breeze to make; just wrap faux garland around a metal frame to create a tree shape for the body of the beast.

A string of light-wrapped garland forms the tail.

28. Wall Art

Wall Art #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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Part decor, part work of art, this wall tree is a gorgeous way to ring in the holidays.

Colorful balls or ornaments highlight the simple wooden-dowel tiers, bringing joy to any empty wall.

Tuck a faux-fur rug underneath to anchor your tree.

29. White Cut-Out

White Cut-Out #Christmas #Christmastree #nontraditional #decorhomeideas
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This tone-on-tone tree is an impossibly chic, space-saving way to decorate a small living room.

The secret is to wrap white lights all the way around the cut-out frame; it creates a beguiling glow that highlights the shape of the branches.

via Cox and Cox

30. Christmas Tree Gnome

Christmas Tree Gnome Idea. How to make gnome Christmas tree.
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Tia Harrell

Here is how she did it:
“Used a white felt type material… cut strips and left an inch around the top so I could wrap around the tree. Used one solid piece of felt to cover most of the bottom and put three of the strips that I cut over that.

Hope that makes sense 🤦‍♀️
Found a round foam type piece at the hobby lobby for the nose and covered it in a skin color type material then added the red mesh around the tree and at the top for his hat. Cutting the felt took the longest but otherwise very simple.”

31. Butterfly Christmas Tree

Butterfly Christmas Tree
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Tammy Kimbler

This awesome Christmas tree is decorated with butterflies and Tammy said she bought them from Walmart.

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