27 Dreamy Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas To Add a Touch Of Boho Chic

The Boho style is not for everyone. It is for those people that like traveling, repurposing and mixing colors and patterns.

In the past, the boho style was accepted as eccentric and eclectic but nowadays, it is the style to make the interior more personalized, relaxed and cozy.

Best Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas. From natural elements and textured fabrics to layering patterns and textures, you will get some fresh ideas on how to create a bohemian paradise in your bedroom.

Are you ready to upgrade your bedroom? Check this Boho style takes this concept to a whole new level. Dreamy Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas that will add a touch of boho chic and will make your bedroom your sanctuary.

1. Attic Boho Bedroom

Attic Boho Bedroom

The exposed beams in the attic are perfect to create a rustic or boho bedroom. This design features a combination of these two styles because they have a lot in common and at the same time characteristics that oppose them.

Natural materials and textures are common for both styles. The mixture of different colors and patterns of fabrics is typical for the design moves in the boho style.

via Rikki Snyder

2. Boho Bedroom With A Vibrant Wallpaper

Boho Bedroom With A Vibrant Wallpaper

This boho bedroom idea features the neutrality of the white color as a backdrop. It makes it possible to add brighter and bolder accents that will anchor the boho style easily.

Creating an accent wall with vibrant wallpaper instantly transforms the overall interior of the bedroom.

via Bohemian Bungalow Design

3. Boho Bedroom Wall Hangings

Boho Bedroom Wall Hangings

Wall hangings made with punched wool are great to add to a bohemian bedroom. They enhance the natural look and at the same time stand out with their sleek and modern design.

This set of boho wall decorations can be also added to the living room interior.

via Fall For DIY

4. DIY Wall Hanging With Fairy Lights

DIY Wall Hanging With Fairy Lights

You have added different fabric patterns to the bed of your bohemian bedroom and now you are wondering what to hang on the walls so that the atmosphere is still calming and nature-inspired.

Go for an easy DIY wall hanging made from a large piece of fabric and a string of fairy lights. Hammer nails on the wall to twist the string and give the wall hanging an interesting shape.

via Caroline Sharpnack


5. #decorhomeideas

The different color patterns in this eclectic bedroom give it a chic bohemian look. The good match between the separate colors and the layering technique makes the overall look harmonious.

via Lisa Wolfe Design

6. Wall Art From Natural Materials

Wall Art From Natural Materials

This blue bedroom is inviting and calming. The colors are taken down to the minimum but the wall art anchors the bohemian style.

The pieces above the headboard are made from straw and are all in round shape. They offer different weaving patterns and colors to create a focal point that keeps the space casual and natural.

via Danielle Rose Design

7. A Macrame Accents For A Bohemian Bedroom

A Macrame Accents For A Bohemian Bedroom

Macrame accents are a must for the bohemian interior style, whether in a living room or a bedroom.

Usually, they come in the shape of a wall hanging or a flower pot holder but can also be a decoration for a different room element. In this bohemian bedroom idea, the macrame wraps the main lamp to complete the interior boho arrangement.

via Nordic Design

8. Add Greenery

Add Greenery

The bohemian style loves the natural touches, including those that bring the outdoors inside. Decorate the floating shelf unit with personalized items and add a few green plants.

via KH Home Design and Furnishings

9. Wooden Accent Wall and A Yarn Wall Hanging

Wooden Accent Wall and A Yarn Wall Hanging

Another great example of our collection of bohemian bedroom decor ideas features a more masculine and contemporary representation of the style.

This bedroom combines a rough statement wall from natural wood and shades of neutral light tones to create a cozy but tough bohemian bedroom.

The woven wall hanging mixes all colors around the room in one to add a statement in the streamlined room.

via Haste Woodcraft

10. Morrocan Bohemian Bedroom Idea

Morrocan Bohemian Bedroom Idea

This bedroom decor embraces together nautical and Moroccan boho styles. The colors vary from white to grey and milky blue to keep the vibe cozy and relaxing.

The layered natural textiles on the bed coordinate with the textured headboard with carvings inspired by Moroccan patterns.

The headboard focal point pairs with the carpet to add together to the interior a personal touch.

via Outrageous Interiors

11. Canopy Bed In A Boho Bedroom

Canopy Bed In A Boho Bedroom

When it comes to boho bedroom decor, the canopy bed fits it perfectly. A simple veil added to the ceiling with a crown or a simple hook makes a soft and airy touch.

Add one or two pots with greenery and simple natural decorations to fulfill the bohemian design concept.

12. Vintage Chic Accents In A Boho Bedroom

Vintage Chic Accents In A Boho Bedroom

The bohemian style is great because it lets you interpret it yourself by adding accents from other styles. In this bohemian bedroom idea, the designers have vintage decor pieces that make the room so personalized.

The antique mirror collaborates with the wooden door headboard and other smaller but valuable decor elements.

13. Layered Patterns For A Chic Boho Bedroom

Layered Patterns For A Chic Boho Bedroom

The key to achieving a bohemian-style interior is the use of more bright colors and patterns. The right order is to layer them so that each pattern and color combination stands on its own.

This boho decor idea proves that the mix and match of colors and patterns can be appealing and harmonized.

via The House That Lars Built

14. Scandinavian Boho Style Bedroom

Scandinavian Boho Style Bedroom

Add a bohemian accent to your Scandi-inspired bedroom with a DIY macrame hanging. White yarn will fit the minimalist decor and will surely enhance the airy feeling.

Added golden ornaments to the tassels will give the authentic wall art piece a modern touch without ruining its boho flair.

via The Lovely Drawer

15. Tropical Inspired Boho Bedroom

Tropical Inspired Boho Bedroom

Who would mind if their bedroom reminded them of being on vacation? You can achieve this feel by adding tropical plants to the bedroom decor or by adding a print of tropical plants above the headboard.

Combine with rattan baskets and small coastal decorations like candles to enhance the tropical flair.

via M. Swabb Decor + Style

16. Anchor The Bohemian Style With Wallpaper In Pastel Colors

Anchor The Bohemian Style With Wallpaper In Pastel Colors

If you prefer the pastel calming tones for the bedroom, you can still anchor the boho style. Wallpaper with medallion prints in pink, beige and grey keep the atmosphere warm and soft.

The layered bedding from natural materials coheres with the accent wallpaper and welcomes bright decor pieces.

via Brewster Home Fashions

17. Make The Chandelier The Accent Of The Boho Bedroom

Make The Chandelier The Accent Of The Boho Bedroom

Add a unique bohemian statement to your boho decor! The tassel chandelier can be DIY in the number of tiers you wish.

You need yarn and metal hoops of different diameters to recreate the shape. This chandelier design will surely add a lot of style without ruining the natural overall vibe of the space.

via Black and Blooms

18. Fan-inspired Headboard

Fan-inspired Headboard

Isn’t this rattan bedroom amazing? The headboard in the shape of a fan is simply unique! Whether it resembles a peacock’s tail or a fan, the headboard acts as this room’s focal point.

The combination of blonde rattan, white and pink makes the space look boho elegant and feel very cozy.

via Miss Amara

19. Bright Colors As Accents

Bright Colors As Accents

This bohemian interior design idea is a great example of a well-managed mix of colors and textures. The accent colors are bright and cheerful but look balanced and matching when combined with earthy tones.

via Tabula Rasa Home Staging

20. Country Bohemian Style Bedroom

Country Bohemian Style Bedroom

Isn’t this example from our collection of bohemian bedroom decor ideas surprising? The bohemian interior style can have a cottage aftertaste or vice versa. Use weathered furniture and farmhouse decor to make the boho bedroom more personalized.

via Luci.D Interiors

21. Contemporary Boho Bedroom Look

Contemporary Boho Bedroom Look

Add a row or two of pillows with Moroccan fabric patterns to make your contemporary bedroom interior more casual and relaxing. Make sure that at least one of the pillow fabric models is in vibrant colors.

via Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

22. Oriental Bohemian Bedroom

Oriental Bohemian Bedroom

Do you like this bedroom interior style? It inspires with its chic mystique look achieved by mixing together different fabrics and colors.

The white interior sets a neutral background for bold bedding which shows the color wealth of the Orient.

via Riley On Main

23. Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom Idea

Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom Idea

This is another great boho bedroom idea that shows that mix of color schemes and patterns can be appealing!

The collaboration between pastel-colored floral textiles and brighter modern patterned fabrics creates a chic and contemporary interior.

The bed set stands against an accent wall with Moroccan patterns and opposite a wide window. The wall art pieces contribute to a chic boho ambiance.

via ANA Interiors

24. Mediterranean Boho Bedroom

Mediterranean Boho Bedroom

If you like traveling, you can incorporate motifs and elements of your vacations in the bedroom.

This Mediterranean-inspired bedroom has hints of Spanish and Moroccan-style interiors.

via Charmean Neithart Interiors

25. Enhance The Bohemian Style With A Rug

Enhance The Bohemian Style With A Rug

Add a bold rug to the neutral bedroom decor to give it a bohemian flair. The rug can be of any size and pattern. Choose bold colors in a pattern for a personal touch.

via Urban Outfitters

26. Neutral Boho Bedroom

Neutral Boho Bedroom

The neutral tones lit by the natural sunlight coming from the window make this bedroom bohemian calming and airy.

The natural textures represented by all decor elements in this room contribute to the cozy feel.

via Anthropologie

27. Feature Wall Accents

Feature Wall Accents

Make a statement in your boho bedroom with a textured piece of wall art. The artwork presents a modern design of macrame.

Instead of knots, only strings of yarn are formed into a semi-sphere. The overlapping of the yarn at the bottom creates a whimsy dimensional accent that completes the boho aesthetic of the room.

via Lelo Boho

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