28 Canopy Bed Ideas That Are Straight Out Of a Fairy Tale

In the past, canopy beds were part of the interior of royalties and wealthy men. Nowadays, everyone can feel like a king or a queen in their home because canopy beds have become affordable. Whether a DIY canopy structure or a ready-to-assemble structure, the canopy is a practical bedroom feature that is also used to impose a chosen interior style.

Best Canopy Bed Ideas. Take a look at the best canopy bed ideas to create a dreamy bedroom and relax like in a fairy tale.

The canopy beds can be luxurious, elegant, rustic, bohemian and minimalist. It is time to stop dreaming of a canopy bed but choose the best one from our collection 28 Canopy Bed Ideas That Are Straight Out Of a Fairy Tale.

1. Silver Metal Frame Canopy Bed

Silver Metal Frame Canopy Bed

There is a wide variety of metal frames offered. You can choose from different shapes and finishes matching the existing bedroom décor. The minimalist metal frames consist of straight black pieces while the traditional ones usually feature curved wrought iron.

The metal frames can add a stylish element to the bedroom.

via Panageries

2. Kids’ Room Canopy Idea

Kids’ Room Canopy Idea

The canopy beds in this kids’ room are a charming part of the vintage interior. The fabric is voile and breathable, the most suitable canopy material for kids.

It is attached to the wall right above the top frame of the window to a semi-circle metal rod.

3. Tulle Canopy Bed For A Girl’s Room

Tulle Canopy Bed For A Girl’s Room

The canopy structure in this canopy bed idea is part of the wrought iron bed frame. The canopy frame is a crown type that gathers the fabric pieces on a metal circle.

Tulle is great for a nursery or kid’s room canopy bed because it is breathable and transparent.

via Maria K. Bevill Interior Design

4. Handmade Curtain Rod Canopy Bed

Handmade Curtain Rod Canopy Bed

Looking for an easy DIY project among our canopy bed ideas? This one is affordable and is suitable both for large and small bedrooms.

You need two curtain rods to hang the chosen fabric. Leave the canopy a little loose to achieve the dimensional accent.

via Andrea Schumacher Interiors

5. Traditional Wooden Canopy Bed

Traditional Wooden Canopy Bed

The wooden canopy frame is the traditional canopy bed design. It’s elegant and sturdy and it can bear any fabric. The fabric can be wound around the horizontal posts and draped down the vertical ones.

This master bedroom design is elegant, cozy and intimate thanks to the canopy bed.

via Shaw Floors

6. Nature-inspired Canopy Bed Idea

Nature-inspired Canopy Bed Idea

The warmth and authentic look of the wood inspire this master bedroom décor. A woodworker crafts all pieces of furniture and have a unique design.

The tulle fabric is woven around the canopy bed structure and draped down at the vertical posts.

via La Lune Collection

7. Hoop Style Canopy Bed

Hoop Style Canopy Bed

Hoop canopy beds are perfect for an already furnished and finished bedroom décor. You don’t have to change the bed frame. The hoop is added to the ceiling with a hook; usually, the fabric drapes around the three sides of the bed.

This idea is often used for kids’ bed canopy and the atmosphere can become even more magical if strings of lights are stretched down the fabric.

8. Rectangular Canopy Bed Structure For Ceiling Mount

Rectangular Canopy Bed Structure For Ceiling Mount

This canopy bed idea adds the canopy frame to the ceiling. It outlines the shape and size of the bed and is designed as part of the ceiling.

The wooden boards hide the curtain rods for the fabric and also allow adding another extra to the interior- recessed lights.

via Drees Homes

9. Tropical Bedroom Canopy Bed Idea

Tropical Bedroom Canopy Bed Idea

The classic wooden canopy bed frame can fit a more exotic bedroom interior. The example here features structure from carved wood posts painted dark brown which stands out against the pure white linen fabric.

Animal print armchairs and accent pillows complement the color combination of the bed.

via Interiors by Brown

10. Canopy Bed Curtains Idea

Canopy Bed Curtains Idea

Dressing the canopy structure with a heavier and thicker fabric can solve the problem of privacy feel and also create the illusion of a sanctuary.

This bold canopy bed idea inspires with the modern usage of check fabric on almost all vertical surfaces making the bedroom cozy and elegant.

via Atelier Armbruster

11. Four Poster Bed Canopy Idea

Four Poster Bed Canopy Idea

The four poster bed frames are very popular nowadays, especially metal ones. They are easy to assemble and use with or without canopy fabric.

This canopy bed idea features the addition of organza fabric to the four sides of the bed with curtain hooks.

via Phoebe Howard

12. Massive Four Poster Frame Canopy Bed Idea

Massive Four Poster Frame Canopy Bed Idea

A long time ago the massive four post beds were a standard part of the bedroom décor of royalties and nobilities.

Nowadays, this type of bed frame is a unique treasure that adds a bold royal statement to the interior.

Combine with silk fabric for a more contemporary look or with heavy drapes in case you want to keep the medieval-century look.

via Dara Rosenfeld Design

13. Crown Canopy Bed With Heavy Drapery

Crown Canopy Bed With Heavy Drapery

The crown type of canopy bed structures is mainly used for nurseries and kid’s rooms because they are easy to add and dismantle.

The rustic interior of this bedroom requires more special fabric for the canopy crown structure that will match the elegant rustic flair of the room.

via MC3 Design Studio

14. DIY Canopy Bed With A Curtain Rod

DIY Canopy Bed With A Curtain Rod

This type of canopy bed structure is perfect for small spaces as it doesn’t cover all sides of the bed only the back of it with an extension to the ceiling.

Choose a bold fabric pattern to add a statement to the bedroom or to enhance an existing interior style.

15. Half-tester Canopy Bed Idea

Half-tester Canopy Bed Idea

This canopy bed idea is a typical half-tester frame attached at the head of the bed with a small wooden overhang.

Usually, you cannot see it because of the rich fabrics draping down over it. This type of canopy bed suits Victorian, rustic or luxurious interiors.

via Just Joh

16. DIY Tulle Canopy Bed Idea

DIY Tulle Canopy Bed Idea

If you already have a four-poster bed, then you can easily add a canopy to it by tying the ends of the fabric to the wooden posts.

Make the loops loose to be able to gather or stretch the fabric. This type of canopy attachment will ease the maintenance of the fabric.

via Strok Design

17. Bed Canopy Attached To The Ceiling

Bed Canopy Attached To The Ceiling

Although there is a four-post structure to hang a canopy on, the designer of this bedroom has decided to drape it down the ceiling.

The canopy features a rich and thick fabric pattern that matches the farmhouse flair of the bedroom.

via Riverside Homes Custom

18. Sail Type Of Canopy Bed

Sail Type Of Canopy Bed

The design of this bed is perfect for a kid’s or teenager’s room. The interior shows cute child accents but the added canopy ensures that the kid feels protected and independent.

The structure is a handmade production featuring a canopy frame with intermediate posts which drape the fabric like sails. You can weave fairy lights around the horizontal posts to make the ambiance fairy.

via Lord Design

19. Campaign Style Canopy Bed Idea

Campaign Style Canopy Bed Idea

Another inspiring example from our canopy bed ideas is the campaign canopy structure. The elegance of the campaign-style canopy bed finds an honorable place in interior designs nowadays.

The curved top rail is the most distinguishable part of the campaign-style canopy bed, which greatly impacts the interior, especially when the fabric is draped down the structure.

via Mark Thomas Home

20. Contemporary Wood Canopy Bed Frame Idea

Contemporary Wood Canopy Bed Frame Idea

If you like the impact of the traditional wooden canopy bed frame but the designs look too old-fashioned for you, you can ask a carpenter to make one that is impacted by the trendy bedroom interiors.

This canopy bed idea mixes the warmth of the wood with the minimalist clean lines and luxurious upholstered front frame.

via Gregory Davies Photography

21. Canopy Bed Suspended On Cords

Canopy Bed Suspended On Cords

This is another great DIY canopy bed idea. No need for any wooden or metal structures. Suspension of the fabric happens with cords suspended on ceiling hooks.

The center of the canopy is a plastic ring that gathers all fabric sides together. The ring and the cords give the desired shape of the canopy.

via Ashley Camper Photography

22. Boho Canopy Bed Idea

Boho Canopy Bed Idea

This canopy bed frame is unique with its iron curves and attractive overall shape. The black canopy frame pairs perfectly with the black accents in the bedroom.

via Black Lacquer Design

23. Cottage Style Canopy Bed Idea

Cottage Style Canopy Bed Idea

The rustic bed frame embraces a heavy pastel-colored fabric. The muted colors of the canopy are featured also on the bed skirt to complement the antique bed frame.

via VanderHorn Architects

24. Modern Lux Canopy Bed Idea

Modern Lux Canopy Bed Idea

The ceiling canopy bed frames can be made in any shape-round, square, rectangle or triangle. The canopy is blue silk, which is a stylish accent to the fabrics of velvet furniture.

via Rikki Snyder

25. Elegant Sheer Canopy Bed Idea

Elegant Sheer Canopy Bed Idea

The canopy of this bed covers all sides and goes down to the floor. The long tulle fabric gives the bedroom a dramatic romantic flair.

via Ella Scott Design

26. Arm Canopy Bed Idea

Arm Canopy Bed Idea

The arm mounting of the canopy is perfect for already furnished bedrooms because it doesn’t require any serious overhauls or change of the bed. You need two metal arms to be screwed to the wall.

This type of canopy is more decorative than functional but it will surely make the atmosphere more intimate.

via Isabelle Robyns

27. Round Bed With Canopy Idea

Round Bed With Canopy Idea

The round shape of the bed is replicated in the canopy above it. It features two circles with different diameters, creating the vaulted canopy frame look.

The fabric is natural and delicate but is not sheer to keep the zone more private and intimate.

28. Upholstered Canopy Bed Frame With Heavy Curtains

Upholstered Canopy Bed Frame With Heavy Curtains

Upholstered headboard and canopy in combination scream elegant lux in this master bedroom decor! The bed in this canopy bed idea is the bedroom’s focal point. It adds comfort and texture to the overall look.

via Diedre Shaw Interiors

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