23 Unique DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Transform Your Home

Take the DIY route to unleash your artistic talent and pour a bit of yourself into the décor!

It’s budget-friendly, but what makes it extra special is that whatever you create will be unique and personalized to suit your style. One of those timeless styles is the farmhouse, which harks back to a simpler past.

Transform your home on a budget with these 23 unique DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse decor ideas. Discover affordable and creative solutions to add rustic charm and style to your living spaces.

Farmhouse décor can give any space a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s a style that is both timeless and casual while also being chic and on-trend.

Don’t hesitate to give your home some rustic charm with these great ideas!

1. Ladder

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 1


Repurpose an old ladder and turn it into a farmhouse-inspired charming décor piece! They are versatile, so you can find many ways to incorporate a ladder in your décor style.

An easy DIY ladder idea is to use a ladder and hang pots or buckets on each step filled with flowers and greenery.

You can utilize a dark wooden ladder so it can stand out and add character.

2. Flower Market

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 2


Gorgeous flower market wall décor! Flower market signs are pretty popular, but why not make them more original with a bucket filled with flowers for sale?

For this idea you can use an old cabinet door or even reclaimed wooden planks, two or three depending on the width.

Please give it a whitewash and stencil a sign on top. Just below the sign, attach a bucket with pretty faux flowers and greenery hanging from the sides.

To make it look authentic, place a price tag, and you’re ready for a sale.

3. Shelf Décor

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 3


Give some character to a kitchen corner or an unused wall with shelves decorated with farmhouse-inspired décor items, some of which you might already have at home.

You can make it seasonal, so if fall is on the way it’s the perfect time to include pumpkin items.

If you like the black buffalo-checked pattern, you can DIY your pumpkins out of old shirts.

Wooden art and signs go well with the farmhouse style.

Start decorating from the top shelf and place your taller items on it, and then go on to the next one, sticking to a symmetrical arrangement for visual appeal.

4. Shutters

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 4


An effortless and easy shutter wall piece that looks charming!

Use old ones if you have or you can easily buy new ones. What is cool about this idea is that you can hang them differently, next to each other or apart in different areas of your home.

Depending on the color scheme of your interior, you can leave the shutters with their natural wood color or give them a coat of paint for the color, washed, or weathered look you desire.

When they are ready, attach a few faux flowers or greenery tied with a natural cord like jute twine in the middle.

5. French Flower Market

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 5


Lovely floral arrangements can completely transform your home for the fresh, new season. Whether they are real or faux, flowers look gorgeous and arranged in galvanized tubs and buckets.

Your flower arrangement can quickly become a table centerpiece.

Stencil a sign on the bucket, or buy one and arrange your choice of blooms.

If you’re using real ones, you have to place them inside floral foam and stick the stems into it.

6. Lantern

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 6


Brighten up your home and add a unique vibe with a candle lantern.

Switch the game of tumbling blocks to a fun and creative DIY project and create an exceptional lantern.

Stick the wooden pieces together with wood glue and form the sides’ base, top, and columns.

Stick them together to form your lantern. To complete the construction of the lantern include a place to add a hanging loop.

Paint it and decorate it, and wrap some greenery around it. For the candle, use a cylinder or pillar candle holder.

7. Pumpkin Décor

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 7


Create a lovely fall décor piece to use as a centerpiece for your tablescaping. To get started, you will first need a pumpkin wreath form. Attach the form to a wooden plank so it can sit upright.

For the decorating, choose a few different-sized pumpkins, flowers, pumpkin signs, and some greenery.

Assemble the different items at the bottom of your pumpkin form and complete your piece with a stem and leaves.

8. Vignette

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 8


Vignettes add so much interest and beauty to a room! Think of them as your décor stamp!

Here are five standard elements to create a simple – a tray, something with height, something living or natural, a candle, and a stack of books.

For a farmhouse-inspired vignette, use a natural round woven tray. Place a couple of books in the tray and layer them around them.

For height, add a ceramic house tea light. Something living can be flowers or greenery in a windmill pot and, lastly, a candle.

9. Wall Décor

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 9


When you look at a blank wall in your home, see it as an opportunity. It’s a canvas waiting to be painted with the rustic and cozy charm of farmhouse décor!

Consider hanging a farmhouse sign or canvas to give your room a new look.

Print and frame a favorite sign, or get creative and paint a canvas with some easy techniques you can find online.

Your wall décor can transform any room and look great anywhere, so why not place one in your powder room and decorate a floating shelf?

10. Tray Décor

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 10


Trays vary in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and they are really easy and straightforward to switch up the décor in your home. You can use a tray in just about every room.

Depending on where you place them, they can have both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

To try them out in your home, start with a small tray with a candle and place around it some greenery. You can quickly put this tray in your bathroom to add a twinkle and a pleasant aroma.

11. Football Wreath

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 11


That’s right! If you didn’t know, there are football wreath frames available, which you can decorate yourself with and elevate your farmhouse-themed décor.

Compliment a farmhouse buffalo-checked the display and give it some vertical appeal with a football wreath.

Wrap the frame with jute twine string with different thicknesses to give it more texture.

Position it upright for hanging and decorate the bottom cotton buds, leaves, and a checked ribbon.

12. Jadeite

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 12


Are you reminiscent of vintage Jadeite glass kitchenware? The good news is that you can spruce up your vintage collection or buy glassware to spray paint and achieve the same result.

Get DIY creative with the help of pistachio spray paint.

You can check out some DIY Vintage Jadeite Glassware videos and paint a few everyday items that you can have on display on your kitchen counter.

13. Basket Organizer

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 13


A practical and simple idea with baskets can give you additional vertical storage.

To recreate these basket organizers, you will need wooden planks to hang the baskets. Paint them a color to suit your design and mount them on the wall where you find most suitable.

Depending on your design and what you intend on placing inside, you can hang baskets made from different materials ranging from chicken wire to natural woven ones.

What’s practical about this basket organizer is that you can remove the basket, use what’s inside and place it back.

14. Farmers Market Centerpiece

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 14


Creating a farmers market flair to your table with a few jars and containers is easy.

Whitewash them and give them a charming, weathered look. Label them with yummy homemade food and drinks to provide them with a farmer’s market flair.

If you want to use them as a centerpiece, place them in a long tray and brighten them with some greenery and flowers around and inside them.

15. Windmill Planter

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 15


This rustic farmhouse windmill planter is sure to catch the eye!

Besides filling it with wondrous greenery, you can use it as a perfect staple in your home all year round with seasonal décor!

To create your own, use a plant support frame. Attach wire baskets or galvanized tubs to top it with a windmill head. This windmill planter can be made of wood as well.

16. Tiered Tray

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 16


A tiered tray is a simple and stylish way to decorate. Their versatility and ease make them a favorite for decorating.

They can easily change out seasonally with holiday decorations or everyday home décor.

A beautiful farmhouse decoration isn’t complete without a stylish tiered tray. Create one for Valentine’s Day with gorgeous spring flowers for pops of color.

A mug, tea light holder, a cookie jar, and cute framed hearts are good choices for larger objects.

Using lots of greenery brightens the display and makes it feel fresh and springy.

17. Bathroom Décor

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 17


Incorporate some farmhouse flair into your bathroom with easy DIY décor that will revamp your bathroom.

A farmhouse aesthetic can be an excellent choice for keeping the color palette simple and working with the materials already found in your home to create a soothing retreat.

Start with a wooden bathroom sign. Make it more authentic with a weathered wooden nameplate.

Stencil the letters and add a decorative pattern, which you can also stencil or stick some greenery on for a fresh look.

Another effortless idea is to fill a bathtub soap holder with greenery.

18. 3D Frame

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 18


Old frames have so many uses, so why not make a frame come to life with a pot of greenery?

Use an old frame without the glass. Paint it a suitable color for the pot to stand out. Add some texture to the back by sticking fabric to cover it.

Decorate a galvanized plant pot with jute twine and a big checked ribbon.

Attach it to the frame and fill it with the greenery of your choice. The result is marvelous, and you can use it anywhere in your home.

19. Crate Centerpiece

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 19


Kick off a cozy and charming pumpkin fall centerpiece! You could do a centerpiece like this in any area of your home.

Use a small crate and paint it a dark color if you want to have more depth.

Start layering by placing an LED candle in a cylinder in the middle. On both sides of the candle, place different-sized ceramic pumpkins.

You can even find small, real decorative ones if you want a natural design. When you’re done arranging the pumpkins, you can move on to sticking floral stems to add some texture & life.

If you’re inspired, improvise and style a unique crate!

20. Signs & Stencils

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 20


Go bold and create a rustic farmhouse display wall. Make it decorative and functional at the same time.

This is the perfect opportunity to decorate open shelves or an open kitchen cabinet with some farmhouse-inspired collectibles and create an interesting display.

Embrace a lived-in look and lean into maximalism and host everything from dinnerware and cookware to art and decorative objects.

Hooking items is another way of creating a display.

Get enthusiastic and turn your project into a decorative wall!

21. Step Stool

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 21


This helpful home accessory can take many forms, from strictly utilitarian to beautiful designer styles.

Step stools are convenient and can easily become part of your farmhouse décor. Customize it to add function and flair, or keep it simple with a fresh coat of paint.

Make a flower stand out a step stool, which you can use both inside and out on your porch.

Depending on your design, you can paint it or leave it natural. Play around with placement and arrange taller pot plants on top and some smaller ones at the bottom.

For a farmhouse look, use terracotta and galvanized pots. With the change of season, you can switch the greenery.

22. Buffalo Check

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 22


Buffalo check has become a timeless trend, so adding buffalo check décor to your home can instantly create a cozy farmhouse feeling.

Use small pieces like a frame if you don’t want to be too distracting or overpower the room’s overall décor.

If you use buffalo check sparingly within a room’s décor, it will still make a powerful statement. A very easy and simple way to pop in a pattern is to add ribbons.

Weathered white items go really well with the pattern, but you can always accent it with color.

23. Paper Plant Bag

23 diy dollar tree farmhouse decor 23


Easy and fun to make DIY paper bag planters. These are the perfect addition to your home décor and bring a minimalistic, simple vibe to any home. 

Though they are super simple, they have a pop of personality that can be made to match any home décor style. Another plus is that they are meant to look distressed, which implies you don’t have to worry about them coming out perfectly.

You only need a few supplies like a lunch paper bag, scissors, ribbon, potted plant, or faux greenery. To liven them up, add patterns or letters and spell out a word.

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