50 Creative DIY Pallet Sign Projects and Ideas You Can Do Today

From all possible ways for decoration, it becomes clear that the wooden signs are the simplest and the most impressive means to add interest and beauty to space.

One of the endless sources of ideas is the pallets and they come as a source of material for DIY wooden signs.

Adding the numerous ways for decoration and personalization of the wooden slats, you are given the possibility to make a perfect accent for your home.

Best Pallet Sign Ideas. DIY pallet sign projects are super popular among people that like to repurpose and reuse items. Here are some of the best pallet sign ideas you can do in no time. #decorhomeideas

The collection of DIY pallet signs that follows will let you find a project that suits your interior.

Don’t worry about the supplies. If you are a true DIY fan, you must already have them somewhere in your garage. If not, you can easily get them from every store.

1. Create a Vintage-Inspired Sign with Slats, Paint, and a Phrase

Aged Barnwood Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Four slats, some paint and a favorite phrase are all you need to make this aged sign. Suitable for a farmhouse or rustic interior, this sign can be easily made at home.

Attach the slats next to each other. Then white-wash the surface. For a neater look, use a preliminary cut stencil with the inspiring phrase.

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2. Craft a Meaningful Anniversary Sign with a Handmade Slat

Anniversary Date Driftwood Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

For those of you that are more sentimental and like to emphasize the valuable things in your lives, a handmade sign with their anniversary will confirm the importance of this date.

Just grab a slat and paint the numbers using stencils.

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3. Make an Inspiring Decorative Wood Panel with Stenciled Text

Be Grateful Pallet Art #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

A decorative wood panel serving as a background for an inspirational word or phrase will be more than an accent in the room.

It can be made of pallet slats or other wooden material depending on your preferences for the width of the components.

You need to preliminary make a stencil with the phrase. Lay it onto the wooden surface and trace it with a brush or spray into the empty letters.

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4. Create a Decorative Feather Sign with a Slat and Paint

Boho Decor Feather Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign is sold on the link below but we are sure that each of you can easily recreate it with the help of a wooden slat and a brush.

Cut the piece of wood into the length you desire and paint the feather. If you find it difficult to draw it yourself, use a stencil.

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5. Welcome Newborn with Personalized Sign and Photo Display

Bow Holder and Organizer #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign is a special way to welcome a new family member. Personalized with the name of the baby and a gentle ribbon, it is also complemented by an arrow.

If you add hooks or clothespins to the arrow, you can use it also as a display of photos.

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6. Light Up Your Handmade Signs with Fairy Lights

Creative Lighting Elements #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

When the handmade sign has also cut shapes, back them up with fairy lights to achieve a more interesting and more romantic decorative effect, especially at night.

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7. Bring Joy to a Space with Unique Word Art from Barn Wood

Distressed Barn Wood Word Art #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This word art will attract attention and will bring smiles each time you see it. Made of barn wood, each slat is coated with one layer of paint so that the charm of the imperfections is still seen.

Give them a bit of sanding for a more distressed look and fix the word cut from wood on. It can be leaned against the wall or hung onto it.

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8. Create an Eye-Catching Rustic Sign for Your Front Door

DIY $3 Welcome Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

If you want to make an impression from the front door, make it with a large rustic sign. As simple as it looks, making it requires a slat, stencils and paint.

If your door is painted in a dark color, use the same color for your sign. Along with the aesthetic look, you will also let the letters pop out.

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9. Add a Fun Element to Your Kitchen with Wall Art Letters

DIY Eat Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

A wall art consisting of large letters will become an instant eye-catcher especially when its place is strategic and thoughtful.

An easy and fun way to mark the most common activity in the kitchen is to make word art “EAT” from scrap wood like pallet slats.

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10. Add Visual Interest to with DIY “EAT” Wall Art

DIY Eat Sign From Pallets #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

In contrast with the previous DIY word art, this one keeps the same color concept for all letters to create a continuous look.

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11. Three Piece Slat Set with Entwined String Inscription

DIY Home String Art Barnwood Pallet Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This wall art sparkles with its simplicity and delicacy. Made of three pieces of slats, this rustic beauty can scream from the entryway what is the most important place for you.

The inscription is made of string woven around nails that outline the letters.

via Six Clever Sisters

12. Craft an Artistic Love Sign with Rope on Pallet Slat

DIY Jute Rope Love Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

A piece of laminate or a pallet slat becomes the surface for an artistic love sign. Made of rope, the word looks like a twisted arrow.

Before securing the rope, mark down the letters to make sure that it will look well when finished.

via Hymns and Verses

13. Add a Personal Touch with DIY Handmade Signs and Hooks

DIY Key Holder With Plant Shelf #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

The handmade signs can be lifted to another level and also be functional. Adding a few hooks to the bottom, you can use them for hanging keys or small accessories like necklaces, bracelets, scarves.

If you want to increase its decorative value, add a shelf with a hole to hold a small plant.

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14. Create a Rustic DIY Pallet Sign with Custom Message

DIY Pallet Art #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

If you like the combination between rough and weathered material and delicate wording, you can find the instructions on how to make this sign below.

It will surely inspire you for more love at home regardless of where it is placed.

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15. Creatively Cut Pallet Signs for Home Decor Projects

DIY Pallet Board Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Since the wood of pallets is not hard to be cut, they let you play with the shapes of the signs.

Attach the slats together and then cut in the desired shape.

via Salvaged Inspirations

16. Explore the Symbolic Meaning of Arrows with Pallet Signs

DIY Pallet Wood Arrows #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

The symbolism behind the arrows is very interesting. While they are mostly connected with the forest and nature, they can also remind us of the ancient ties of our ancestors.

Their role as a decorative element can simply go to pointing at a special direction that makes them worth doing them to add a fun vibe to a room.

via A Little Kooky

17. Make a Custom Pallet Sign for Your Potting Bench

DIY Potting Shed Garden Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

If you have a potting bench, then it deserves a special sign to mark its significance.

This project doesn’t require any special materials. On the contrary, any leftover hardware, tools and pieces of pallet slats will be just enough to make it.

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18. Express Your Creativity with a Rustic Pallet Rack and Sign

DIY Rustic Fall Wood Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Celebrate fall with a handmade rack and sign made entirely of pallet pieces.

The greatest about this project is that the letter cubes are interchangeable so this rack can be used as permanent vintage furniture of your entryway.

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19. Attach Slats to Create a Custom Inscription

DIY Stained and Painted Wood Idea #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Depending on the size of the phrase you would like to inscribe, attach a few slats together. The easiest way to do it is to nail two posts across the slats at their back.

The rest is up to you- you can repaint the surface if you prefer a more clean and continuous look. If you leave the wood weathered, it will add a farmhouse effect to the room.

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20. Create a Visual Metaphor of Life through Opposing Arrows

DIY Wood Arrows #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

These two arrows pointing in opposite directions are a visual metaphor of the creator’s life.

If you like the idea and find yourself in it, you are going to need some scrap wood to form each element. To finish them and give the pieces an identical look, sand them down and coat them with a layer of varnish.

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21. Create a Domino Effect with Black and White Striped Sign

DIY Wood Signs #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Although the stripped pattern makes the sign look like made of several pieces of wood, it is actually a simple project that won’t take you more than 20 minutes.

Use painter’s tape to differentiate the stripes. Paint each stripe and then put the stencil down.

Because of the black and white combo, you need to paint each letter in a color opposite to those of the background. Thus you would create a domino effect that will instantly grab the attention.

via Country Design Style

22. Create a Festive Winter Pallet Sign with Snowflake Art

DIY Woodland Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Signs are an easy and affordable decorative means to celebrate a season or a holiday.

This small piece of winter festive sign is made of one slat cut in three equal lengths and two bracing pieces for the back.

After staining it in dark, the inscription has been painted using a stencil. Since snowflakes are a symbol of wintertime, add snowflakes here and there.

via Live Laugh Rowe

23. Decorative Wreath Sign for Indoor or Outdoor Setting

Farmhouse Style Inspired Home Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Whether standing alone or in a group with other decorative elements, it is standing out with the alive accent in the place of the letter “O”.

This small wreath can be made of a real or faux vine.

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24. Cherish Your Friendships with a Sentimental Pallet Sign

DIY Friends Quote Wood Pallet Project #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

We can’t choose our family but we are given the chance to choose our friends.

Mark the significance of your friends with a sentimental sign made of scrap pallet wood.

Attach four slats together using backing pieces and write them by hand this beautiful and true saying.

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25. Captivating Pallet Wall Art for Puzzle Enthusiasts

Heart of the Home DIY Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This interesting wall art will intrigue all puzzle lovers. The entirety of the message is got through two signs that can easily be made yourself.

via Domestically Speaking

26. Colorful Welcome Pallet Sign to Greet Visitors on Your Porch

Hello Sunshine Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This artistic sign is a shining way to say hello from your front porch. The color choice and the tail blue inscription make the sign outstanding and bright.

The image is entirely painted by hand so if you don’t have such skills, maybe you should sketch the sun pieces prior to painting them.

via Life as a Thrifter

27. Make a Custom Sign For Your Husband’s Man Cave

How to Create a Man Cave Wood Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Your husband would be thrilled to have his own sign for the man cave. If you can’t find it in the stores, try making it.

Cut a board into a rectangle shape or attach two pallet slats together as to have a wide surface for the bold letters.

The letters can be cut from vinyl and sealed to the wood or you can write them down with paint.

via Thrifty Little Mom

28. Celebrate Your Anniversary with a Creative Pallet Sign

How to Make a DIY Spooning Pallet Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Are you wondering what to give your hubby for your anniversary? Don’t be anymore! This playful sign is the most charming gift ever.

Made of scrapped wood for basis and script wood letters, it states the couple’s names and year of family establishment in a fine way.

via Craft Cuts

29. Motivate People with a Decorative Sign at Your Entryway

Inspirational Quote Wood Pallet Art #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

The inspiring phrases are an easy way to get motivated.

Combine that with a decorative function and make yourself an outstanding sign for your entryway.

via Blooming Homestead

30. Instill Life Values for Kids with Handmade Word Art

Love Letters Idea #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Kids have to be shown and taught the important values in life. Do it with a handmade word art made of scrap wood pieces.

To make them pop out and stress their importance, hang them on a wall that doesn’t have any other decoration.

via Kruses Workshop

31. Artful Mason Jar Decor with a Heart-Shaped Key Theme

LOVE Slat Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This cute art is more than a sign as it lets you display seasonal flowers or decorations in a mason jar.

The basis is made of 7 slats attached together and painted in thick white color.

The focus on love is additionally enhanced by the small heart craft that replaces the “o” letter and the symbolism behind the keys embracing the heart and the jar.

via Find It Make It Love It

32. Pallet Slat Bedroom Sign with an Exhaustive Message

Love Story Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This large sign is simple but very exhaustive. Made of pallet slats, the surface is painted in dark grey to match the decorative elements in the bedroom and to let the phrase stand out.

via Aimee Weaver

33. Add Rustic Charm to Your Living Room with a Vintage Sign

Love You More Wood Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Make a beautiful and simple sign to enhance the vintage vibe of your living room. All you need is a weathered beam and paints that go well or match the rest of the decor.

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34. Create a Meaningful Phrase Sign with Wood

Make Your Own Pallet Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

As long as you have a favorite phrase, you can materialize it on a sign. You need to prepare the surface by adjoining slats from pallets, reclaimed wood or scrap wood.

via My Love 2 Create

35. Transfer Text to Wood with Freezer Paper and Ink Jet Printer

Musical Quotations For Extra Meaning #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Another way to make an inscription on wood is to transfer it. If you haven’t tried that technique yet, you need to know that it is very easy as long as you have freezer paper and an ink jet printer.

via Little Bit Funky

36. Achieve a Vibrant Ombre Look with a Customized Sign

Painted Pallet Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

The technique for achieving this well-looking ombre finish is given in detail in the link below.

The overflowing coastal colors are an amazing way to add character and color to a room.

via Beyond The Picket Fence

37. Add an Industrial Vibe to Your Home with a Wooden Sign

Pantry Sign Shelf #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

A wooden sign can successfully add an industrial vibe to your place if you use piping and metal hooks.

In this case, they are also an irreplaceable part of the craft as they join the sign with a shelf.

via Funky Junk Interiors

38. Welcome Summer with a Pineapple Porch Sign

Pineapple Wooden Welcome Art #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Using a summer symbol like the pineapple you can quickly make a summer festive welcome sign for your entryway or your porch.

After joining the wood slats together, put the stencil on and give the surface a white-wash coat.

via Architecture of a Mom

39. Industrial Piping-Inspired Laundry Room Hanger Station Sign

Pipe Laundry Sign Hanging Station #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This inspiring project is for a laundry room sign. Along with its decorative feature, it also provides practical usage gained through the industrial piping used as a station for hangers.

via Funky Junk Interiors

40. Achieve a Timeless, Rustic Look With DIY Signs

How to make a Plain Wood Board Look Rustic #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

I bet you admire the DIY rustic signs. They are so deep, so aged and so impressive.

If you have ever wondered what you have been missing to achieve the same rustic effect, check the hints below.

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41. Make a Reclaimed Wood Sign for an Inviting Coffee Spot

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Crate Lid Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Such a reclaimed wood sign can mark the significance of the morning coffee in the kitchen or outside on the porch. To begin with, find some scrap wood.

If you like the inscription, you can make yourself a stencil or purchase it somewhere. Don’t forget the hooks, the rustier they are- the greater vintage impact the sign will make.

via Funky Junk Interiors

42. Handcrafted Word Art with Pallet Slat Pieces and JigSaw

Reclaimed Wood DIY Christmas Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This word art is entirely handmade. Every letter has its own backdrop made of pallet slat pieces.

The letters have been cut by a jig saw. Depending on the wall color, you can leave the wood untreated or paint if contrast is needed.

via Kristi Murphy

43. Add Romance to Your Bedroom with a Special Pallet Sign

Reclaimed Wood Love Rope Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign deserves a special place in the bedroom. Whether attached to the headboard or above the bed, it will add romance and gentle vibes to the space.

via Funky Junk Interiors

44. Add Character and Rustic Charm with a Handmade Sign

Rustic DIY Street Pallet Art #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

If you want to add more character to your space, do it dramatically with a handmade sign that has nothing to do with perfection.

The weathered and damaged look of the piece creates a really rustic feeling.

via Salvaged Inspirations

45. Create Amazing Arrow Signs Using Wood and Paint

Set of 3 Wooden Arrows #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

It became clear that arrow signs are very popular. This one is another alternative to having the symbol in your home.

Making it requires only wood slats and paint. The background and arrow colors may vary as to match your interior and preferences.

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46. Creative Heart-Shaped Home Pallet Art Project

Home Stenciled Pallet Heart Home Decor #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This project is one of the most creative ones as it hides more than what you can see at first sight.

Made in the shape of a heart possessing the word home in vivid red color, it says “Home is where the heart is”.

via Lolly Jane

47. Craft a Hello Sign with Pallet Woodcuts from Dollar Store

Super Easy HELLO Spring Pallet Art #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

The backdrop for this sign is made of two pallet signs. What makes it interesting is the word hello painted in contrasting colors.

If you don’t have a jigsaw, making it will be difficult. The good news is that you can find similar woodcuts in the dollar store. So next time you visit it, take a look around.

via Art Is Beauty

48. Build a Special Place for Notes in the Kitchen

Super Market Shopping List Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

We are used to leaving notes on the fridge. But how do you feel about making a special place for these in the kitchen?

This great idea comes as a rustic sign which has a special compartment for notes.

via Funky Junk Interiors

49. Add a Rustic Touch with this Values-Inspired Pallet Sign

Thankful Grateful Blessed Pallet Wood Sign #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign could be a great addition to the fall decor of your home or can be a permanent decoration if you live these values.

The special rustic effect is achieved through the weathered look of the slats and the leather stripes.

via Making Manzanita

50. Appreciate the Beauty of Oversized Wall Art in a Living Room

Wood Pallet Love Quote Art #diy #pallet #sign #decorhomeideas

Such a large piece of art can quickly become an appreciated decoration above the sofa in your living room. Its size and color choice will easily grab the attention.

If the statement inspires you, feel free to download it. You can always look for other meaningful phrases to transfer on your pallet background.

via Saved By Love Creations

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