DIY Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display Rack

Every little child loves hot wheels cars.

They are quick to zoom around and come in many options.

Hot Wheels brand also offers many other fun tracks and garages to go along with their hot wheels sets.

Hot Wheels are a classic toy that every child, girl and boy alike, love.

Hot wheels are relatively inexpensive and are great stocking stuffers. Along with that, there are many hot wheels that are classic collectibles that all children love.

However, these cars are hard to store and clutter a toy room.

These adorable hot wheels car organizers can be purchased from Walmart and Amazon but for the best quality and the best options, the best place to get them is Etsy.

There are many options and they are made from high-quality materials.

The basic truck hot wheels holder is made from wood but can also be found made from plastic.

DIY Wooden Truck Hot Wheels Display Rack #diy #walldecor #toystorage #decorhomeideas

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The truck hot wheels holders featured here are made from high-quality wood and paint materials.

If you are especially savvy, you can also find kits to build your own truck.

One thing to watch for is being sure that non-toxic paint is being used for your truck shaped hot wheels holder.

Be aware that cheaper off-brand truck holders have been shown to have poor paint.

Consider this wooden truck hot wheels storage device. With just basic stained wood it is easy to construct and can easily add more and more on the back as your child accumulates cars.

Put a cute driver in the driver’s seat to finish the look. This is a classic look that matches well to rooms that are already filled with many colors and need just a basic look to finish off the room and store the hot wheels.

How Wheels Wall Display #diy #walldecor #toystorage #decorhomeideas

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The semi-truck hot wheels shelf can be upgraded by creating a Freightliner full front truck and adding tons of color.

This color can easily complement all of the hot wheels car within. Flames on the side of the truck really finish the look. This is a great truck for kids who love flames and love cars that go fast. The flames down the side give this truck a “cool” look.

Toy Storage Wall Decor #toystorage #walldecor #decorhomeideas

How about this more realistic wooden semi-truck. This semi-truck hot wheels holder has all the additions of the truck look.

From the correct amount of tires to the gas tank underneath, this truck looks clean, organized and very detailed. This truck is perfect for the home that is neat, tidy and not filled with tons of color. The look of this truck is basic and can fit in nearly every home.

Toy Storage Wall Decor #hotwheels #toystorage #walldecor #decorhomeideas

If you need another trailer to store the growing hot wheels collection, check out this basic wooden trailer. It has detailed tires and can be stained any color you want to match your current collection.

This truck is customizable so that it can be painted to match. Because you can paint this truck to match any room it is perfect if you aren’t sure the look you need yet for your child’s home.

Toy Storage Wall Decor #toystorage #walldecor #decorhomeideas

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Check out this wooden semi truck hot wheels car organizer. It is just the basic wooden but it has many details on the semi-truck making it look realistic. It could also be painted to add color if wanted. The details on this truck organizer are quite amazing.

Every detail that you would see on an actual truck is featured. Because this truck is so detail-oriented, it is perfect for a child who loves trucks and hot wheels. This truck shaped hot wheels holder is made from thin wood and stained with non-toxic stain.

Toy Storage Wall Decor Hot Wheels #toystorage #walldecor #decorhomeideas

For a more modern semi-truck look, try this option. It is painted an off white with a full nose truck. The extra silver edging really finishes the look and modern style. The basic white color with silver lining really makes it easy to match any decor.

Along with this, the mild coloring brings attention to the hot wheels collection. The silver paint really gives this truck a flare and the truck can have as many pups added to it as required to fill an entire collection.

Toy Storage Wall Decor Hot Wheels #walldecor #toystorage #decorhomeideas

For a trailer for this modern truck, check out this option. The color scheme matches the white and silver and it would be a great addition if you need more space for your hot wheels.

This truck trailer is also very detailed and has plenty of space for any hot wheels collection. This is another white and silver truck that fits with a home with a modern feel. It also has the ability to have many pups added to store a larger hot wheels collection.

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