52 Fresh New Front Yard and Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If you are looking for some fresh new landscaping ideas for your front yard or backyard you’ve come to the right place as we’ve made the best selection of gorgeous garden layouts.

Fresh Front Yard And Backyard Landscaping Ideas. Get some cool ideas to spruce up your garden - arbors, trellis, bench, pathways, pergolas and many more. #garden #backyard #frontyard #diy #decorhomeideas

1. Elevate Outdoors with a Stunning Arbor and Lush Greenery

Garden Landscaping With Arbor and Pool #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A white-painted arbor complimented by hanging vegetation grabs the eye.

The arbor breaks the monotony of the fence and creates a sense of dynamics.

A plethora of greenery adds height, color, texture, and fragrance.

A garden urn positioned next to the swimming pool additionally beautifies the space.

2. Transform Your Yard with Elegant Bushes and Sculptures 

Trimmed Boxwood Garden Landscaping #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Trimmed boxwood and blooming greenery in different shades of green create an inviting exterior.

A lion statue positioned on a large piece of stone adds artistic touches to the space and turns into its natural focal point.

3. Magnify Home’s Curb Appeal with Trees and Small Flowers

Small Cottage Garden Landscaping #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

The combo of an adorable river-front house, trees, small-sized flowers, and a stone-and grass pathway creates a soothing yet fascinating exterior.

4. Turn Your Entrance into an Enchanting Box of Flowers Paradise 

Front Yard Flower Bed #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Boxes of flowers positioned on the windows are a feast for the senses.

A lighting fixture next to the front door adds interest and safety. The front yard garden is a burst of color and aroma.

5. Upgrade Your Outdoor Seating Area with Rose Garlands

Private Garden Seating Area #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A simple seating arrangement positioned under hanging roses and encircled by multiple flowers is a budget- friendly way to add functionality and extra doses of charm to this garden.

6. Design an Idyllic Cottage-Style Garden with a Gravel Pathway

Cottage Style Garden #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A gravel pathway is running through an enchanting cottage-style garden, which is a feast for the senses.

Garden décor elements add personality and architectural and vertical interest.

7. Take Comfort in Nature with a Vintage Seat Under Greenery

Garden Seating #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Different types of greenery create a beautiful and colorful display.

A vintage chair placed under hanging blossoming vegetation provides a comfortable spot where to relax in privacy.

8. Enhance Your Wild Garden with Stone and Wood Pathway

Garden Pathway Design #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A pathway of clear lines contrasts the untamed garden and helps create a striking exterior.

Stone and wood add to the natural look of the space. Trees and bushes offer shade and privacy.

9. Elevate Your All-White Home with a Plant Life Landscape

Front Yard Greenery #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

An impressive all-white house is almost completely covered by vegetation of different size, color, and texture. This space is pure beauty and charm.

10. Create a Beautiful Garden Haven with a Custom Pergola

Garden Landscaping With Pergola #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

An island of a myriad of flowers breaks the monotony of a well-maintained lawn.

Trees offer shade, texture, and privacy. A white pergola adds architectural interest and functionality.

11. Make an Impression with a Modern and Colorful Front Yard

Front Yard Landscaping #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A front yard garden offers a plethora of colors and textures.

It stands out against the background of an adorable house in neutral grays and whites.

Fascinating beams, windows, and lighting provide architectural and visual interest.

12. Create a Romantic Ambiance with Arbors and Roses

Arbor With Roses #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Arbors are a sweet accent to any garden. When combined with roses, they make the space delicate, beautiful, inviting, and romantic.

Not to mention that roses are always a feast for the senses.

13. Mix and Match Design Elements for a Unique Retreat

Front Porch View #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A captivating view, stone, grass, plenty of wood, greenery of different size, color, scent, and texture combine to create a dream-come-true retreat.

Hanging pots with blossoming flowers and lighting add extra touches of interest.

14. Turn Your Yard into a One-of-Kind Oasis with a Waterfall

Waterfall Landscaping Design #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A house with stone walls is the perfect background for this simple waterfall. 

Falling water makes this space calming and romantic. Chairs positioned near the waterfall create a spot to relax and offer extra functionality. 

A floor-to-roof glass wall contrasts the stone and provides adequate natural light.

15. Step into Serenity with a Stunning Sunroom

Sunroom Garden Design #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

With attractive architectural elements, an impressive sunroom grabs and keeps attention in this exterior.

Varying vegetation adds on color, scent, and texture. What’s not to like in this space!

16. Create an Enchanting Path to Your Front Porch

Garden Pathway With Trees #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A pathway leads to a shaded bench positioned on the deck of an all-white house. Uniform trees provide shade and add feels of motion and drama.

A myriad of greenery offers privacy and texture. Definitely a space with tons of personality!

17. Make a Rich Textured Landscape with Endless Colors

Flowers and Plants By The Fence #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A garden with a picturesque look offers vibrancy, fragrance, and charm.

Rich in texture, with flowers in the whole spectrum of colors, this exterior is so idyllic!

18. Add Visual Interest with Trellises

Lattice Fence Trellis Garden Decor #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A gravel-and-stone pathway leads to an oversized urn repurposed as a planter…Vegetation climbing up trellises

An attractive house surrounded by trees…This exterior offers privacy, calmness, visual interest, and appeal!

19. Transform Landscape with a Curving Grass and Stone Path

Garden Green Pathway #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A unique curving grass-and-stone pathway running to an appealing house creates a sense of functionality, character, and motion and enhances the landscape.

Varying blossoming vegetation complements the pathway and adds texture, color, and fragrance.

20. Create a Relaxing Oasis with a Surrounding Garden

Small Garden Pool #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

This pool surrounded only by greenery has a relaxed, natural look. Ornamental grasses are a great choice and create striking forms, day or night.

Garden umbrellas offer shade and add functionality and extra visual interest.

21. Enjoy Year Round Beauty with Trees, Stone and Wood

Country Garden Pathway Decor #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

This garden spot offers a myriad of colors, scents, and textures.

Trees provide privacy and shade, while stone and wood lend a timeless look. Definitely a dream-come-true exterior!

22. Add a Touch of Nature to Your Vintage Decor

Vintage Backyard Decor #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

This garden spot with vintage décor is all about charm, atmosphere, and personality.

Potted and climbing plants stand out and add touches of color and scent.

23. Create a Statement Look with Climbing Plants

Climbing Plant Garden Decor #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A simple and budget-friendly yet creative way to turn a single piece of climbing plant into a statement exterior décor!

24. Instantly Transform Your Space with Ornamental Grasses

Drought Tolerant Plants Garden #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A gravel pathway runs through this garden and enhances its look.

Ornamental grasses which are also drought-tolerant, which border the pathway, offer a way to add texture and personality. A tall tree grabs the eye and turns into the focal point of the space.

25. Create a Haven of Natural Beauty and Soothing Aroma

Garden Pathway Up To The House #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A charming all-white house surrounded by a gorgeous yard offers privacy, color, scent, seating, serenity, and charm.

A gravel pathway adds on to the functionality of the space.

26. Transform Your Dull Backyard with Vibrant Plant Life

Climbing Plant Trellis #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Lush potted, planted, and hanging greenery, benches, a lawn, and creatively chosen garden design elements turn this partly-shaded exterior into a dreamy retreat.

27. Create a Classic Façade with Creeping Plants

Window Surrounded With Greenery #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Creeping greenery against the background of a white façade… Sometimes, simplicity can be so beautiful….

28. Create a Country Garden Getaway in Your Backyard

Country Garden Decor #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A gorgeous house complemented by a country-style garden…

Trees and bushes of varying kind and height provide privacy, interest, and texture.

Stepping stones of irregular shape positioned on the lawn lead to spots, which offer color, scent, and charm. So delightful!

29. Elevate Home’s Aesthetic with Elegant Hanging Blossoms

Pergola With Flowers #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

This multi-level exterior is all about color, scent, texture, and privacy.

A pergola covered with hanging blossoming greenery personalizes the space and adds to its functionality, charm, and appeal.

30. Transform Your Garden with Bursts of Color and Beauty

Pathway Garden Landscaping #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Vegetation of varying kind, height, and texture makes this spot a piece of paradise.

Mismatching stone pieces and old bricks add extra visual interest and character, while simple garden art creates a sense of dynamics and become a focal point.

31. Add Lush Greenery to Your Vintage Backyard Seating Area

Lush Greenery Seating Area #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A massive stone table and vintage- looking chairs create this inviting space.

A lot of greenery adds privacy, height, color, and calmness. A potted flower positioned on the table offers extra touches of interest.

32. Turn Your Front Yard into a Living Oasis 

Front Door Garden Decor #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Greenery complemented by a water feature provides privacy, calmness, shade, and texture and helps create an awesome exterior.

A striking front door adds extra interest and artistic touches.

33. Transform Your Backyard into a Magical Escape

Garden Landscaping Shaping #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

This garden offers so much colors, shapes, and textures that is truly a feast for the senses.

A simple pathway leads to a piece of garden art, which adds architectural interest and becomes the focal point of the space.

34. Create a Functional and Colorful Pathway to Your Home

Gorgeous Garden Pathway Stepping Stones #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Stone pieces of different shape and size complemented by grass create a pathway, which runs through a captivating garden.

A pair of matching chairs creates a spot where to relax in privacy.

35. Enhance Your Backyard with Varying Blossoming Vegetation 

High Grass Garden Landscaping #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Vegetation of different kind – from trees to ornamental grasses, creates an exterior rich in texture, which offers privacy and visual appeal.

36. Achieve Serenity with a Tranquil Grass Pathway

Garden Pathway Made Out Of Grass Only #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A grass pathway meanders through a garden in which the combo of tress, bushes, and blossoming flowers create an atmosphere of tranquility and charm.

Benches positioned along the pathway add functionality and create a spot where to enjoy privacy and calmness.

37. Relax and Recharge with a Vintage Garden Bench

Garden Bench #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A wooden bench placed against a stone wall along a pathway offers a relaxing spot.

Greenery of different shape, color, and height makes the whole space truly inviting.

38. Get Timeless Charm with Green and White Colors

Garden Fence With White Flowers #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A simple arbor complemented by a gate breaks the monotony of a picket fencing.

Blossoming flowers hanging from the arbor create a sense of motion and offer architectural interest, taste, and charm. 

This exterior in green and white is so delightful!

39. Unlock the Charm of Stepping Stones for Your Yard

Violet Flowers Garden Pathway #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A stone pathway lends this space a natural look.

Blooming vegetation of varying color, height, and texture adds a burst of color and helps create a charming and inviting space.

40. Enhance the Look of a Space and Create Extra Functionality 

Cozy Backyard Seating Area #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A small garden with a fairy-tale look stands out against the background of a house façade in different shades of blue.

A simple yet inviting seating arrangement with a vintage look positioned amidst this exterior offers a spot where to spend some time in privacy.

41. Transform Your Home with Natural Beauty and Privacy

Backyard Vegetable Garden #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Trees and bushes of different height surround an attractive white house and create a sense of privacy and visual interest.

A vegetable garden offers a way to grow fresh vegetables and herbs and add to the functionality of the exterior.

42. Uncover the Idyllic Beauty of Nature in Your Backyard

Countryside Garden Trellis #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A stone-and-gravel pathway running through an enchanting cottage-style garden leads to a captivating door.

Flowers in exuberant colors, potted, planted, or hanging from a simple white arbor help create a spectacular exterior.

43. Add Vertical Dimension to Your Garden with Minimal Effort 

Pallet Wood Vertical Garden #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Uniform flower pots positioned on an old pallet offer an easy, space-saving, and budget-friendly solution to use even a tiny space and turn it into an eye-catching vertical garden.

44. Upgrade Your Yard with a Curving Gravel Pathway

Curved Garden Pathway #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A curving gravel pathway bordered by beautifully trimmed boxwood runs through an appealing garden.

Large plant containers add vertical interest and texture.

45. Enter a World of Natural Beauty

Garden Landscaping With Stone Fence #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Trimmed plants of different height, color, and texture lend this front yard a balanced look.

Natural shapes and materials add harmony and interest. A simple yet eye-pleasing fountain is the focal point of the space.

46. Welcome Guests with Garden Beauty and Scent

Green Garden Path With Flowers #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A curving grass pathway runs along a delightful cottage garden.

A stone house is just the perfect background for this inviting, peaceful exterior where to spend some time in privacy.

47. Transform Your Front Yard into a Floral Paradise

Front Yard Gorgeous Garden #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A picture-perfect house serves as a background for a charming front yard garden.

Trees of different kind and height add vertical interest and add privacy. This exterior is all about color, serenity, and charm.

48. Add Personality and Interest to a Garden with Décor Elements

Amazing Sunroom Garden Decor #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

А sunroom grabs and keeps attention giving the space an appealing look.

Seating arrangements create a multi-functional, inviting space. A wine barrel repurposed as a flower stand adds visual interest.

A fountain provides calmness.

49. Enhance Your Home Exterior with Natural Materials

Great Trellis Design #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

Lots of stone, bricks, and wood lend this inviting exterior an organic look.

Trees and shrubs in different shades of green help create a sense of harmony, calmness, and balance.

50. Impress Guests with a Whimsical Flower Stand

Vintage Bicycle Garden Decor #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

An old bike is repurposed as a flower stand. A wooden sign saying “Garden” welcomes everyone to this charming spot.

A potted blossoming flower contrasts the bike and adds touches of color and fragrance.

51. Make an Architectural Statement with Striking Landscaping

Cottage Garden Layout #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A curving gravel pathway leads to a weird yet attractive house.

A plethora of vegetation of different kind, height, shape, and color helps create a space which offers privacy, comfort, and charm.

A simple wooden structure adds functionality and visual interest.

52. Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space

Around The House Garden #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

A pair of uniform topiaries flanks the front door of this house, creates harmony, and balances the untamed look of the front yard garden.

The garden itself is all about color and fragrance and stands out against the background of the façade of the house.

53. Add Color and Texture to Your Landscape

Doors With Flowers #garden #landscaping #decorhomeideas

When it comes to beautifying a garden, roses are always an option to consider.

In this picture, rose bushes stand out and offer color, scent, and delicacy. Flowers in the background make the space even more inviting.

54. Front Door Inviting Landscape

Front Door Landscaping Ideas

via Lisa Harvey

55. Creeping Phlox Paradise

Creeping Phlox Front Yard

via Linda Abel

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