There’s a Hotel Where You Can Celebrate Christmas All Year Round

While most people love Christmas, anyone who has a lot of holiday spirit and wants to celebrate this great holiday every day of the year will want to visit Jackson, New Hampshire.

Christmas Inn Winter Exterior

Here, Christmas isn’t contained to just December, as you can celebrate it all year long at the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa.

This makes it an ideal vacation spot for any person or family who wants to be surrounded by Christmas decorations, Christmas carols, and enjoy the scents and flavors that this incredible holiday is famous for.

The Christmas Farm Inn & Spa is an amazing hotel that is one of the few places in the world where it is Christmas every day.

Here you can enjoy being surrounded by other people who love the holiday just as much as you do and really feel the spirit of the season. Located on 15 gorgeous acres of land, this inn features incredible rooms that all have fun Christmas names.

The hotel itself is at 3 Blitzen Way, and once you arrive, you can stay in rooms with names like “Cupid,” “Sleigh Bells,” and “Donner.”

Christmas Inn Exterior Summer

Not only is the hotel incredibly comfortable and perfectly decorated for the holiday, but it serves meals during the entire day.

Also located on the grounds is an in-house tavern for grabbing a pint with friends or family as well as a spa for a little relaxation after a long day.

Christmas Inn Restaurant

The Mistletoe Pub is an incredibly popular area at the inn, and there are great craft beers and other drinks for everyone.

When you’re ready to leave the property, then you can easily drive just a few miles to Santa’s Village, a year-round amusement park that is sure to please.

The inn has an interesting history and began its life as a farmhouse after being built sometime in the 1700s.

After its life as a farmhouse, it was used as a jailhouse during the late 1700s and into part of the early 1800s.

It wasn’t until 1883 that the owner of this building decided to convert it into an inn.

Christmas Farm Inn Main House Exterior

They expanded the number of buildings that were located on the property and managed to keep it within their family for decades.

It even survived the Great Depression before the building and the property was sold to a gentleman. This man, in turn, decided to give the property to his daughter for Christmas.

Christmas Farm Inn Interior

This daughter decided to call the property “Christmas Farm,” but she only held onto it for a few years before deciding to sell it.

In the 1940s she decided to sell the property, deeding it to a couple. This couple decided to change the name of the property to the “Christmas Farm Inn.”

Christmas Farm Inn Fireplace

After this, the property continued to change hands a few more times and underwent a few changes, included more additions to the property. The most recent sale of the property landed it in the hands of the Plourdes family, who still own and control it.

Luckily, even though the property changed hands several times and underwent physical changes as well, it was well-maintained through decades.

The new owners, the Plourdes, have worked hard to preserve traditions as well as the history of the inn, keeping it in great condition.

Christmas Farm Inn Spa

Guests who arrive at any time of the year will see hints and gentle reminders of the Christmas season, but it’s in the winter that things really get exciting.

Christmas Farm Inn Swimming Pool

Perfect for family trips, weddings, and vacations with friends, the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa is a great place to visit and vacation.

It has a great ambiance and incredible holiday spirit that is sure to make anyone visiting feel jolly.

Check the hotel here: Christmas Farm Inn & Spa

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