53 Relaxing Meditation Room Ideas To Create Peace of Mind

Breath in, breath out! Simple, cleansing and recharging! If you have never tried meditating, then it is time to try because it has an amazing effect on your physical and mental health.

You don’t have to be professional to practice it. You don’t even have to go to special classes to learn how to do it. All you need is a small place in your home where you can sit peacefully to get away from the surrounding world.

Best Meditation Room Ideas. Create the perfect sanctuary at home with the best meditation room ideas and create peace of mind. Learn how to create a zen room for ultimate relaxation. #decorhomeideas

There is special décor and arrangements that help this space become tranquil and urge meditation.

Let us show you the best Relaxing Meditation Room Ideas where your mind, body and spirit will find ultimate peace.

1. Private Meditation Nook

A Bit of Color #decorhomeideas

You can form a meditation nook in the living room right next to the windows. The setting is a large meditation cushion for sitting directly on the floor and a large number of pillows on its periphery.  

The existing architectural curve and narrow forms a small dedicated space with its own walls.

The white color of the walls makes sure that the space looks airy despite its size. Added platform functions as a partition from the rest of the living room and also as a floor table, typical for the Japanese meditation room décor.

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2. Living Room Meditation Center

Asian-Inspired Living Room #decorhomeideas

Your living room can quickly transform into a meditation center with two piles of pillows and a tray with accessories helping to set the calming atmosphere. A statue of Buddha, and two metal candle holders match the fabric texture of the top pillows in the piles formed for sitting on the floor.

Once you are ready with your daily mantra routine, move the tray to a shelving unit and put the pillows in a basket or on the couch.

3. Attic Bedroom In Boho Style

Attic Spaces #decorhomeideas

The décor of this bedroom is inspired by meditation. Patterns on the wall combined with fabric patterns and colors set an energized atmosphere.

The canopy of the bed reminds the shape of a tepee which perfectly fits the bedroom concept for private space.

4. Bohemian Relaxation

Casual Conversation #decorhomeideas

This meditation area is designed to gather many people together comfortably.

A colorful carpet anchors the meditation zone. It is surrounded by layers of meditation cushions and pillows where people can lounge.

The meditation zone is formed next to French windows letting natural light go in. There are plenty of plants that welcome nature inside and set a calming feel.

5. Tepee Hideaway

Childlike Spaces #decorhomeideas

If there is a curved alcove in your home, you can facilitate it into a charming nook for meditating. Create a tepee with a set of wooden dowels and colorful tapestries.

On the floor, you can lay a carpet or a large cushion. Spread brightly colored pillows to make sitting or laying comfortable.

If there are sturdier pillows, they can be used as floor tables for trays with decorations that set a calming atmosphere for meditation.

6. Group Meditation Setting

Circular Patterns #decorhomeideas

This is a modern home room for meditation consisting of a wide round jute rug and floor chairs.
In the center, there is a circular bowl with a statue of Buddha and black stones that remind the décor of the Asian meditation rooms.

The interior is simple, clean and airy to prevent any distraction during meditation.

7. Oriental Décor For Yoga Practice

Colorful Yoga Master #decorhomeideas

Even a small room can be transformed into a yoga and meditation center. Colorful carpets and painted walls with oriental motifs will help create an authentic for this spirit activity atmosphere.

Blue, red and gold are bold colors used to stimulate mental focus and also to create a chich meditation décor.

8. Calming Tones For Your Meditation

Creative Yoga Space #decorhomeideas

In case you want to give your meditation room a modern look like the rest of your home, you can use the trendy colors nowadays which are grey and beige.

This idea is quite helpful for people taking care of the overall and united home décor. White, gold and black accents match the background and let the space feel inviting and inspiring

9. Quiet and Private Zone Inspired by Asia

Darker Spaces #decorhomeideas

This type of meditation room is made to accommodate only two people. It is very private, very intimate and calming- the perfect place to chill out and get charged after a long day at work.

We are used to seeing airy, well-illuminated sunlight and light fixtures in meditation rooms. However, this is not the only design concept used for spaces for meditation.

Space can be smaller, suited for a limited amount of people and with less light. The color combination in this meditation room design relates to the earthy color palette. Beige tones are warm and let the room look inviting despite the lack of windows.

10. Calming Piece Of Your Home

Defined Meditation Space #decorhomeideas

This is an inspiring idea for a small meditation nook. For that, you don’t need an entire room, only part of it, preferably close to a window.

Lay a carpet on the floor, arrange a few pillows for sitting and a short side table to arrange accents that enhance the meditation décor.

That can be candles, a Buddha statue, or small plant pots. You can use bouquets of herbs to fill the air with natural scents which is another meditation manner to let your mind relax and focus on your soul.

11. Winter Garden

Fireside Meditation #decorhomeideas

The meditation room can be part of your winter garden. This closed outer space looks perfect for this application because of the existing stone walls, fireplace and generous amount of natural light coming through the glass doors.

The plants sheltered there for the winter will set a calming atmosphere bringing you closer to nature despite the cold weather.

Add rattan furniture, a few ottomans or meditation cushions to sit on the floor. Fabrics with ornamental patterns and antique wall decorations will help improve the oriental look.

12. Easy-To-Make Tepee

Fit for a Princess #decorhomeideas

Such a tepee will help you isolate yourself in the comfort of your own home to practice meditation easily.
To make it, you need a number of blankets stacked in a pile or a wide thick cushion.

The canopy is tied around a hoop which gives the space a tepee shape. The string of fairy lights and the surrounding pillows with gold accents complement the meditation tepee design and let the mind relax to meditate.

13. Simple Shapes And Closer Contact With Nature

Geodesic Meditation Room #decorhomeideas

This is an attic space turned into a meditation room. Its gorgeous view from the triangle windows and the wooden flooring make it calm and energizing.

The small space is simply decorated which makes sure that airiness is not affected. A heart-shaped rug is ideal for the spiritual practice of one person looking for a private space to recharge their mind with the gorgeous look and meditate.

14. Circular Room With A Buddha Statue

Go with the Flow #decorhomeideas

Most of the meditation rooms have an altar which typically consists of a Buddha statue and candles around it. The size of this meditation room is big enough to set a tall Buddha figure and tall candle sticks around it.

In front of the altar, there are two meditation cushions for praying and meditation.

The blinds on the windows, and the symmetrically placed light fixtures are typical for the Japanese décor and they give the interior the look and the vibe needed for a Buddhist home temple.

15. Wallpapers Create A Nature Landscape

Hillside Relaxation #decorhomeideas

Your meditation room can be decorated with elements that give the indoors an outdoor look. Such a photographic wallpaper pictures a forest landscape during the day.

Added grey carpet and green pads for meditation to coordinate with the walls and let sitting or lounging on the floor feel comfortable.

16. Let Natural Light Illuminate Space

Illuminated Spaces #decorhomeideas

This meditation room is minimalist in décor and private when it comes to feeling. The rug, the low furniture and the alter are the meditation room essentials needed for one person practicing this seriously.

The meditation set is centered under a ceiling opening letting natural light come in.

17. Indoor Zen Garden

Indoor Patio #decorhomeideas

This is another wonderful idea to create a small meditation nook in the living room with the help of natural elements inbred in Japanese culture.

Rocks on the floor edge a wooden platform where the sitting set is placed. Tall candles and plenty of flowers find a place on the rock edging like a real indoor rock garden. This outdoor setting will be helpful for easier focusing on spiritual practice.

18. Indoor Waterfall Improves Relaxation

Indoor Waterfall #decorhomeideas

This is another meditation room decorated with Japanese décor elements. A raised garden bed is built opposite two leather lounges.

Filled with black stones and ornamental greenery the raised garden bed set a natural landscape that invites calming and relaxation. A stone water fountain additionally improves the eased atmosphere with the blissful sounds of flowing water.

19. Quiet Room For Reading And Meditation

Island Oasis #decorhomeideas

This is another non-traditional meditation room. The design aims to fit the deep and authentic meditation process with the contemporary home design.

The space is airy and well-illuminated by natural light coming through French windows. One of the walls is half-covered with a storage unit combining open shelves and drawers. The opposite wall is painted a calming blue color. This is where a low set of furniture stays.

Cushions in the middle of the floor act as décor focal points mimicking stones and are a place where a person can meditate.

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20. Japanese-Inspired Meditation Room

Japanese Elements #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most typical Japanese designs of a meditation room. Big windows, soft floor cover called tatami mat, low furniture and simple decorations.

This combination sets an inspiring atmosphere for meditation, tea drinks or art projects.

21. Macrame Hanging Chair

Just Hanging About #decorhomeideas

If you are short in space but want to define a small nook for relaxation, you can do it easily with a hanging macrame swing.

Its shape is ergonomic letting your body feel comfortable and relaxed. Added small pillows will additionally take care of the comfort. The colors of the pillowcases are bright, and so are the fabric patterns of the layered rugs. A pile of cushions stays in the corner to make space for the meditation of two more people.

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22. Buddha Meditates With You

Just Say Ohm #decorhomeideas

The altar in this meditation room is formed by a large wall portrait of Buddha. Two shelf units stay at their sides to hold statues in the same theme.

The color combination of this room is inspired by nature- earthy bright colors that help you relax and focus.

23. Asian-Inspired Living Room

Living Meditation #decorhomeideas

If you like the traditional Japanese meditation rooms, you can recreate them in your own home using a few of the typical elements.

Sliding doors also called shoji screens are one of the most notable parts of authentic Japanese spaces. Low furniture from wood, and stone-shaped and toned meditation cushions for sitting make the space feel airy and muted for this helpful mind practice.

24. Relax Your Body To Relax Your Mind

Lounging About #decorhomeideas

Light is an essential part of the meditation rooms. In case you cannot define your meditation temple next to a window, you can add this element with artificial fixtures.

This meditation room idea is probably made in a basement without natural light. The big number of candles on the wall makes sure that the space is inviting, lighted and also interestingly decorated.

25. Guest Bedroom Inspired By Meditation

Meditation/Guest Room #decorhomeideas

If you are a Buddhist, you will love this décor idea for a guest room. This place promises good energy and comfortable sleep.

Although the room is not that big, the design makes sure that there is space for everything needed. An entire wall is turned into a built-in shelf where different Buddhism-related statues are displayed.

The color combination featured by neutral white walls and colorful carpet and pillows give the space character and interest.

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26. Outdoor Treehouse For Meditation

Meditation Treehouse #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most unique meditation spaces that impresses with its location and design.
It was built outdoors as a treehouse letting you distract completely from the surrounding world and get focused on practicing.

Wood and plywood are the main materials used for this room. Accents like mosaic windows and an Asian sets for tea let the space feel and look Japan-authentic.

27. Let The Sun Enter Your Heart

Meditative Disco #decorhomeideas

This is an interesting idea of making the meditation room very private without limiting the natural light.
The design of the partitions features numerous holes forming a special pattern through which the light from the window opposite gets through.

It must be calming to see how sun rays dance on the surfaces of the meditation room. They must also help focus easily on a natural phenomenon to get prepared for the walk to your soul.

28. Spiritual and Sacred Place

Meditative Meeting Place #decorhomeideas

This is a meditation room for people practicing it seriously. The design features a large space furnished with many chairs and sofas where a spiritual class can be held.

The sheer curtains fall down round support in the middle of the ceiling to ensure improved privacy.

29. Modern Design Meditation Room

Modern Space #decorhomeideas

This meditation room is elegant and modern and can be an inspiration for the décor of a psychologist’s cabinet.

The tones and the style of the furniture pieces make sure that the people present feel comfortable and relaxed.

An interesting part of this room is the fireplace on the wall. Flames can be used as a supportive means for calming of the body and the mind.

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30. Transition Between Outside And Inside

Outdoor Relaxation #decorhomeideas

This meditation space has been defined on the patio. The idea could be helpful when there is no indoor room to make it or when you want to feel a better connection with nature.

Curtain screens are an important part of this setting blocking the strong sunrays and ensuring a level of privacy without actually closing the space entirely.

Fresh air easily enters through the light fabric and through the gaps between the curtains.

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31. Clear View To The Outside

Penthouse Meditation Suite #decorhomeideas

Usually, the best place for indoor home meditation is somewhere closer to a window. If you are lucky to have French windows, then you are lucky. The amount of natural light and the view to the outdoors help the practices of yoga and meditation.

You can make the nook more defined by adding a few Asian-inspired decorations such as a Buddha statue, a small water fountain, a bowl filled with black stones.

You don’t need much more preparations to already start your yoga session, just a yoga mat or a cushion

32. Contact With Nature During Winter

Picture Perfect View #decorhomeideas

When you want to feel connected with nature despite the bad weather in winter, build an entire wall from glass. This is a great idea for people living in houses and using meditation for mind and body relaxation.

The meditation room can be defined just there in a few simple steps. Add a lounge or a mat on the floor. Two or three large green plants will let you relate to the authentic Asian garden décor.

Sit in the lounge and let your senses be awarded by the natural light, beautiful view and quiet atmosphere.

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33. Nature-Inspired With Purple Accents

Pops of Purple and Pink #decorhomeideas

If you want to make your home meditation room cheerful and bright, you can add a bright color to contrast with the typical earthy-toned décor.

Lilac is a great choice because it is also nature-inspired and known to be calming. As you can see, the contrast color is used for the cushions, the curtains and the bench in this room. Being present at all levels creates a unique visual touch and feels like belonging to the décor.

34. Japanese-Inspired Room With Sliding Doors

Put the Focus on You #decorhomeideas

This is another typical meditation room inspired by Japanese décor. We see tatami floors and shoji screens that make the style so recognizable.

The sliding doors help you make the meditation room more private during the session. Once you slide them down, a great view of the outdoors is revealed.

Décor in this room is missing making sure that the focus is on the practice and nothing else.

35. Ottomans Ensure Sitting Places In A Small Meditation Room

Reflecting Your State of Mind #decorhomeideas

This is a small meditation nook taking part in a living space. It is defined as a corner with a window.

The carpet is neutral letting you add colorful ottomans for gathering around a glass table. The greenery and the Buddha statue easily let everyone recognize the function of this nook.

36. Swing Bed And Oriental Motifs

Rich Tranquility #decorhomeideas

The décor of this space is with oriental character. Red walls with built-in lights set a calming private vibe. The statement wall is covered with stone tiles setting the neutral background for a Buddha wall art piece.

The furniture is the most interesting part of this room. It is represented by a swing bed with a pattered canopy. While this place has been once made for relaxation and meditation, it can also be a great place to have a strong healthy sleep.

37. Indoor Sand Garden

Sandbox for Adults #decorhomeideas

If you practice meditation and have been lucky to visit Japan, you know that white sand and gravel are a traditional part of the Japanese gardens.

Sand symbolizes purity and it usually covers areas for meditation. This element has inspired this contemporary indoor meditation room.

A sand garden stays in the center of the room surrounded by a wood platform. Beige cushions make comfortable seats for people practicing in a group.

38. The View Helps You Meditate

Seaside Spaces #decorhomeideas

If you are making a room your home meditation center, utilize a space that reveals a nice outdoor view.

The landscape will help you distract from the indoors and drift away to nature and to your soul.

As for the furniture, be as moderate as possible. You need only cushions or yoga mats to sit on, a few green plants and candles that help the focus.

39. Blue Is A Color Of Meditation

Serene Shades of Blue #decorhomeideas

Blue, green, and white are known to have a calming effect and we will now take a look at how they can be used in a meditation room design. Blue is the color used for the unique Moroccan patterns on the walls.

White is the color of the natural wooden floor letting the number of pillows stand out with their interesting fabric designs. Green is represented as an accent featured by a tall green plant and cover of a set of ottomans.

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40. Easy Meditation Set-Up

Set Up for Success #decorhomeideas

This is an easy idea for a Meditation room décor. Paint the walls of the place typical for this space colors- red, beige and other earthy tones are perfect for the purpose.

Lay on the floor a big carpet and then place cushions or mats. Decoration should be taken to a minimum to avoid distraction. One or two green plants will create the relationship with nature. A gong, candles and sand timers relate to the Buddhist temples.

The free-standing Z-art symbolizes Zen and the eye plaque on top of it, Buddha’s eyes.

41. Small But Authentic Meditation Nook

Small but Symmetrical #decorhomeideas

Even the smallest room can be transformed into the temple with the right décor choices. Make the walls a sandy color. The floor can be wooden or covered with a carpet in an earthy tone.

A simple low table and matching cushions make a private space for meditation for two. Hand-painted ornament on the wall helps the room feels finished and united.

42. Connect And Relax With Your Partner

Space for Two #decorhomeideas

If you and your partner practice meditation, then you would love to have a special place for this. A place where you can go anytime you need to connect to yourselves and feel closer to nature.

This meditation room takes part of the house that has an exit to the backyard full of trees and green plants.

The décor is simple, comfortable for meditation and appealing when it comes to vibes in the atmosphere.

43. Branches Create Partition And Quiet Ambiance

Sprouting Relaxation #decorhomeideas

Your next walk in the forest can be your new meditation space décor. Collect long branches and peel the bark off to remind tall bamboos.

You can make a raised garden bed filled with pea gravel or in case you already have made a gravel garden, simply insert the branches in.

44. Rainbow Accents For All Inner Chakras

Terrific Triangles #decorhomeideas

The triangle shape of the shelf unit of this meditation space refers to a symbol in Buddhism symbolizing three bodies- the Body of Essence, the Body of Enjoyment, and the Body of Transformation.

Apart from that, the shelf storage system is very practical to add a moderate number of decorations without overwhelming the space. The rainbows accents work great in here because they add a pop of color.

via Design Rulz

45. Dedicated Outdoor Space For Meditation

Thinking Big #decorhomeideas

This is a space made for group meditation aiming to make the experience more magical and meaningful.

The space is in the open area but covered with a roof to protect people from rain and prevent suspending of the session.

There is a sand garden in the center where people gather around to practice. Various candles, soft cushions and stones let each person feel comfortable and relaxed.

46. Small Meditation Nook With Buddha Statue

Tiny Spaces #decorhomeideas

This is a compact meditation area that doesn’t require much effort or space to be recreated. All you need is a low table with four cushions and Buddhist elements to make it meditation-friendly.

It is best if this nook is defined next to a window. Add stones, candles and a small fountain to the table. Pull the cushions out and sit opposite the window to start the meditation process.

Once you are ready, simply put the pillows back under the table and leave the Asian-inspired elements to act as part of your home décor.

47. Boho Shelter

Under the Nomad's Tent #decorhomeideas

This meditation room is large and luxurious. There are thick cushions tracing the walls and many pillows ensuring comfort for the backs.

The area is built outdoors but nevertheless, it is covered on all sides with heavy fabric to make sure that the place can be used regardless of the weather conditions.

The decoration is missing. Only textures and patterns in the same color palette act as a visual points of interest.

48. White Meditation Area

White Whimsy #decorhomeideas

This idea for a meditation area can be made in any free space in your home. It is compact when it comes to floorspace and easy to resemble. Lay down on the floor blankets to anchor the meditation nook.

Throw a few pillows in different fabric patterns. You can get the canopy above ready-made or make it yourself with fine fabric and a hoop.

49. Sitting On The Ground Lets You Connect With Nature

Whitewashed Dreams #decorhomeideas

This is another great décor idea for a meditation room in the attic. The shape of the attic ceiling is what makes it so suitable for this resembling the Buddha triangle.

This is a getaway space consisting of simple low furniture and decorated with calming colors.

50. Wood And Metal Ancient Accents

Yoga Together #decorhomeideas

This is another great inspiration for the décor of a meditation room in the basement. Though it is not lit by natural light, the space feels airy thanks to the colors of the basic elements.

The area is set for meditation for two- a great way for a couple to relax and get to know each other better on another level.

The décor pieces are taken down to two wooden side tables with Buddha statues, a tray with candles and two metal stands for flower pots. A large wooden plaque covers part of the wall opposite the Buddhists to inspire them and teach them to look inside their souls.

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