18 Amazing Pampas Grass Christmas Trees That Are This Season’s Newest Trend

Have you already noticed how trendy the pampas Christmas trees have become?

If you are a fan of the pampas grass, you will fall in love with the fluffy creamy waves of pampas stacked in the shape of a tree.

Best Pampas Grass Christmas Tree Ideas. The unexpected pampas grass trees are everywhere this year. Check out our favorite pampas grass Christmas trees and make yourself one. #decorhomeideas

It is time to make your Christmas decor chic and fancy with the inspiring pampas grass Christmas tree ideas collected for you!

1. Bring Rustic Elegance with a Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree Beige Interior

The natural color of the pampas grass has inspired the entire Christmas interior. Going all beige is a new trend with a farmhouse feel.

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2. Add a Vintage Flair to your Home with the Pampas Tree

Rustic Pampas Grass Christmas Tree In A Bucket

The farmhouse look of the pampas tree can be enhanced simply by placing it in a vintage container.

A galvanized bucket will give the tree more height and stability.

via Alicia the Faux Florist

3. Brighten a Pampas Grass Tree with Rose Gold Ornaments

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree Rose Gold

The creamy color of the pampas grass matches fantastically with rose gold, gold and white ornaments.

Decorate the pampas grass tree as if it was a real Christmas tree and you will be surprised by the festiveness it spreads.

via Daydreaming Hues

4. Embrace Minimalism with Mini Pampas Tree

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree Decoration

If you would like to decorate every inch of your home in the Christmas spirit, you can do it with mini pampas grass trees. Insert them in vases or pots to keep them safe and rigid.

via Fabiana Iatarola

5. Adorn Your Pampas Christmas Tree with White Decor

Modern Interior With Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

The neutral earthy color of the pampas grass is practically universal! It can match the color theme you have chosen for this Christmas decor.

White ornaments are snow-inspired and they stand out more against the creamy pampas grass tree.

via The Style Attic

6. Fresh Take on Christmas Decor with Pampas Grass Trees

Mini Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

If you are looking for au-naturel Christmas decor, this could be your inspiration- pampas grass Christmas tree, embellished with leafy twigs and grain sprigs.

Tie a bow at the top instead of the typical starry ornament to give the tree a finishing festive touch.

via Little People of Bohopom

7. Shape Your Pampas Grass Tree into Your Desired Design

Simple Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

With some spray glue or simple hairspray you can model your pampas grass Christmas tree!

Insert the sprigs stacking them to create the Christmas tree shape and at the top, give the bunch of grass the shape of a star.

via Just Me and the Kid

8. Get Warmth with Pampas Tree and Neutral Decor Accent

Small Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

Pale pink, grey, creamy and white create a magical and relaxing atmosphere!

The pampas grass tree is surrounded by candles and ornaments to give it a special glow and charm.

via Flowers Living

9. Brighten Up Your Christmas with a Pampas Grass Tree

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree With Lights

You can decorate the pampas grass tree with the same ornaments that you would use on the standard pine tree.

Choose the baubles according to the size of your alternative Christmas tree. Finish with a string of lights to add the magic.

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10. Embellish Your Table with a Tiny Pampas Grass Tree

Mini Pampas Grass Christmas Tree Table Setting

This is a cute idea of how a tiny pampas grass tree could become special decoration for your festive dining table.

Added next to each dining set, it will create a point of interest and will make the individual places very special.

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11. Spruce Up Home Decor with Bouquets of Pampas Grass

Christmas Feathery Pampas Grass

The pampas grass sprigs can be included in floral arrangements.

These wicker baskets hold a bouquet of winter nature aiming to invite nature inside our homes even in the coldest weather.

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12. Give Your Christmas Tree a Makeover with Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass Decor Christmas Tree

Your faux pine Christmas tree can be totally transformed this year! Simply add sprigs of pampas grass symmetrically all around the tree.

The frosty ends of the pine and the creamy color of the pampas grass will elegantly embrace gold, silver or rose gold baubles and lights.

via Melissa A

13. Add Magic to Christmas with Creamy Pampas Tree

Pampas Grass Rose Gold Tree

Are you in love with this Christmas tree? Get ready to prepare a number of pampas grass stems, large paper leaves and embellishments in the natural color palette.

The basis is a faux Christmas tree in white. The stems and the embellishments are well-arranged to create a festive tree bursting with texture and calming colors.

via Dried Flowers

14. Make Your Pampas Tree Sparkle with Fairy Lights

Pampas Grass Tree

Your pampas grass tree can become more festive by adding fairy lights. You can place the closer to the stems’ ends.

This idea features another way to position them to give the tree more dimension and charm.

via Pampas XTree

15. Unique Christmas Vibe with Pampas Grass and Lights

Another inspiring au-naturel inspiration features the farmhouse style as a charming means to decorate your home for Christmas.

A small pampas grass tree is placed in a gold pot with a decoration of Christmas lights in warm yellow.

A wicker basket, knitted blanket, paper stars surrounding the tree enhance the welcoming vibe.

16. Upgrade Your Pampas Tree with Red Poinsettia Roses

Pampas Grass Alternative Christmas Tree

Your pampas grass Christmas tree can become more fabulous with red ornaments.

Poinsettia embellishments from the Dollar store create a festive contrast against the brownish fluffy texture.

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17. Give a Pampas Tree a Trendy Look with Gold Ornaments

Pampas Grass Tree With Presents

If you like the luxury the golden finish gives to the Christmas decor, you can try it on your trendy pampas grass tree.

Attach the gold baubles symmetrically on the tree and finish with a sparkling star at the top.

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18. Make a Statement with a Tall Pampas Grass Tree

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree Idea

This stylish Christmas tree combines fluffy pampas grass stems arranged on a metal tree pedestal with fairy lights.

The top of the tree is beautifully decorated with white leafy twigs that give it a festive look.

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