35 Brilliant Ways to Use WD-40 at Home

There isn’t a person in this world that has never heard of WD-40. Most of us have used it to grease squeaking hinges or loosen bolts.

But did you know that the magical characteristics of this very affordable spray could actually find numerous applications that will save you from disasters like frozen car locks, dirt on the carpet, oily stains and many more?

Check out how else you can use WD-40 and remember to always have one can of it at home.

1. Remove ‘Paint Rub’ From Another Car

Remove Paint Rub From Another Car

The cases when you find out that another vehicle has been too close to your car and has left paint rub on the surface are not rare.

Well, you don’t have to go to a car service to restore the original paint look of your car.

Spray WD-40 on the affected area, wait for a few seconds and then wipe out the paint rub with a clean rag or towel.

2. Clean Carpet Stains

Clean Carpet Stains

The difficulty of getting out wine or oily stain from the carpet could make you throw the carpet away.

That’s not an option anymore as WD-40 will get the stains out only by spraying it on them. Wait for a minute, then wipe out with your regular carpet cleaner or a wet sponge of warm soapy water. It’s an easy way to clean carpet stains.

3. Keep Wooden Tool Handles Splinter Free

Gardening Tools Hang

The garden tools can’t last forever but we can certainly extend their life by keeping them from splintering.

Spray a good amount of WD-40 on the wood handles. You don’t have to do anything further. It will soak into the material and will protect the wood from moisture and corrosion.

4. Prevent Snow Buildup on Windows

Window With Snow Build Up

Stop the snow from building up on your windows with the genuine WD-40.

How to do it? Spray it on the external glass surface before it starts snowing and see how the snowflakes will be repelled.

5. Keep Wasps from Building Nests


Protect your family from the hidden wasp nests and the incidents with WD-40. Usually, the nests are placed under eaves.

Spray WD-40 in those areas to stop the wasps from making their nests and ruining your spring and summer.

6. Tone Down Polyurethane Shine

Old Wooden Floor

If you don’t like the shiny surface the polyurethane layer creates, you can easily tone it down and make your floor a farmhouse accent.

Spray WD-40 on a soft rag and wipe the entire floor with it.

7. Keep Spiders Away

Spider Web

If you have fear of spiders, get your WD-40 and spray the corners where they are prone to make nets.

It will keep them away from those places.

8. Waterproof Shoes and Boots

Shoes In Snow

WD stands for water displacing. Therefore, this spray can stop water accumulation or penetration on various surfaces.

One of them is the material of the shoe. Just spray the tops and sides of your shoes with WD-40 before going out in wet weather.

9. Fix Squeaky Hinges

Door Hinges

The lubrication property of WD-40 is well known.

If there is a door in your home that keeps on squeezing and disturbing the quiet hours, spray some of it on the hinges.

To let the substance spread well, open and close the door a few times.

10. Keep Squirrels Away from Bird Feeders

Squirrel Feeding

If you have a bird feeder, then you know how easily it attracts not only birds but also squirrels.

Next time you fill the feeder with seeds, spray a layer of WD-40 on its surface to repel the squirrels.

11. Get Poop Off Your Shoe

Running Feet

There is a quick solution for those embarrassing situations.

Spray WD-40 onto the shoe and then rub with an old toothbrush to take the poop away.

Then clean with water. The dirt would have been taken out even from the crevices of your shoes.

12. Remove Chewing Gum

Sitcky Chewing Gum

If chewing gum has stuck onto the carpet or the hair of your kid, don’t worry.

Spray some WD-40 onto the gum and start combing. Of course, rinse the hair thoroughly with water.

13. Get Rid of Sticky Fingers

Using Super Glue

If you accidentally stick your fingers with super glue while working on your DIY project, easily fix that situation with the magical spray.

Spray the area and then start rubbing your fingers to take off the glue from the skin.

14. Break in a New Baseball Glove

Baseball Glove

WD-40 helps soften the leather of new baseball gloves. Instead of using neat’s-foot oil, spray a generous amount of WD-40 on the glove.

Put your palm into the glove and fold it sideways. Then tie a leather band or belt around it.

The action of WD-40 will soon create a pocket. To ensure that the result will be satisfactory, leave the glove folded over a night.

15. Remove a Paint Smudge

Car Polishing

If you see a paint smudge on your car, clean it by spraying some WD-40 on the area and then cleaning it with a soft rag.

16. Remove Tight Jewelry

Stuck Ring

If you have problems taking off your rings, which happens especially in summer, spray some WD-40 to slide off the rings from your fingers.

17. Loosen a Zipper

Wallet Zip

Do you have a problem with a zipper? Well, no more as WD-40 is here to help you.

Spray some directly in the zipper and then pull up and down until it is spread on all metal teeth.

18. Remove Floor Scuff Marks

Floor Tiles Dirt

If your regular floor detergent is not effective with scuff stains, try WD-40.

It won’t damage the surface. On the contrary, it will penetrate through the scuffs and will clean them just by wiping it away.

19. Get Rid of Sticky Residue

Torn Sticker

There are special means that are meant to take the sticky labels off. If you don’t have much on hand, get your WD-40.

All you need to do is to wait for a minute for the sprayed amount to soak in the sticky residue and then it will go off by wiping it with a cloth.

20. Clean Oil Spots

Oil Spots

If there is an oily spot on any floor surface, you can easily clean it. Spray a generous amount of WD-40 and wait for some time.

Rinse the area with water and then let the water dries. The oily spot should have disappeared.

21. Kill Weeds

Weed Concrete Pavement

If you have an issue with the thistle, try the WD-40. It is recommended by gardeners so its effect is proven!

Spray all over the plant, including the bottom part of the stem. Let it die and dry and then pull it away.

22. Clean the Toilet

Clean Toilet

WD-40 is extremely efficient against limestone so you can use it on surfaces where the accumulation of water is impossible to be avoided.

Spray some of it on the surface, give the area a fair scrubbing with a brush and then rinse with water.

23. Keep Shovel or Chute Snow Free

Man Cleaning Snow

Keep the snow away from your snow cleaning tools. If you use a shovel, spray a thin layer of WD-40 on the blade to make the snow go down

If you use a snow thrower, protect the chute from sticking of snow by spraying it on the inside of the chute.

24. Remove Hair Dye Stains

Colorful Messy Laundry

WD-40 behaves very well with stains from the dye. If there are residues from your last hair dye on the towel, spray some on the stain.

Rub in the sprayed substance and then wash it on a hot cycle.

25. Quick Diverter Lube

Wd 40 Bathroom

Limestone usually deposits in the moving parts of the plumbing.

To loosen them and make them move freely, spray with its nozzle into those areas to grease them.

26. Keep Car Locks from Freezing

Car Lock Frozen

If you know that there will be an icy storm, give your car locks a layer of WD-40 to prevent the water from accessing and freezing them.

In case you have forgotten, don’t worry. Give the frozen locks a good spray and wait for some time until they defrost.

27. Free Stuck LEGOs

Lego Bocks

Believe it or not, WD-40 can help you separate the LEGO parts. Of course, after greasing them, wash them well with clean water.

28. Remove Crayon and Marker from Walls

Crayon On The Wall

In case your kid has painted the wall instead of the canvas, don’t worry, you don’t have to repaint it.

Spray the crayon or marker lines with WD-40 first. Then, clean it off with a rag.

29. Remove Paint from Leather

DIY Leather Furniture Cleaner

If your kids have accidentally stained the leather sofa with their paints, do the same thing.

Spray some WD-40 and then wipe it off with a clean rag.

30. Remove Grease

Dirty Hands

Cleaning grease residues could be a difficult task. Instead of wasting hours from your time cleaning the sink, try WD-40.

Spray it on your hands, then rub them well together. Wipe the grease away with a paper towel. Now you can wash your hands without making a mess.

31. Lubricate the Gas Tank Lid

Gas Tank Cap

Spraying WD-40 on the inside of the tank lid will prevent it from rusting.

Do that three or four times a year.

32. Remove Old Wax From Skis and Snowboards

Ski Cleaning

If you wonder how to handle old stains of wax and dirt on the skis and snowboards, there is a hint for you.

Cover the surface generously with WD-40. Then start scraping it with an acrylic scraper.

The brass brush will help with the next cleaning step that will remove any oxidized spots.

33. Keep Dead Bugs Off Car Grille

Classic Car Grille

Any time you go out with your car spray some WD-40 on the grille and the hood so that most of the critters slide off.

It is possible that a few bugs succeed in remaining on them but a gentle wiping off will take them away. And this trick will not damage the finish of the car at all.

34. Renew Faded Plastic Furniture

Old Plastic Chairs

If you are happy with your patio furniture but the plastic is faded, there is a way to make it shine again.

Spray the entire surface with WD-40. Wipe it away with a clean dry cloth and see the results. This is a very efficient way to restore the plastic surface without any damage.

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