What Colors Go With Navy Blue – 12 Best Color Combinations

Navy blue is a beautiful, versatile color that can be used as the centerpiece of any interior decorating project.

But you might go into information overload when it comes to deciding what colors go with navy blue. We’re taking a look at some of the best navy blue color combinations for creating a stylish look in your home.

What Colors Go With Navy Blue Ideas? Learn about the best color combinations that go with navy blue. Try different tones and colors to create the perfect navy blue interior. #decorhomeideas

Whether you’re looking to decorate a kid’s bedroom, home office, or a Hollywood Glam living room, you’ll find ideas here.

1. Navy Blue and Green

1. Navy Blue and Green #decorhomeideas

Pure blue and green are a classic color combination. Whether you choose light blue, royal blue, or navy blue will depend on the interior design style you’re after.

The green lounge chairs work very well with navy blue in this transitional room, especially contrasting against the beige couch.

The lacquered walls and gloss finishes are also a great contrast to the soft textiles.

via Laura Lee Home

2. Navy Blue and Grey

2. Navy Blue and Grey #decorhomeideas

Gray is the ultimate neutral color and will work with just about any other color scheme.

Take advantage of this versatile color as it’s available in a variety of undertones that can be contrasted and complemented around the color wheel.

The Ehlert coffee table by Wade Logan is the focal point. It’s framed by the navy blue sectional sofa. The silver is treated like a gray paint color and is used throughout the room.

3. Navy Blue and Cream

3. Navy Blue and Cream #decorhomeideas

Navy blue and cream go together because the yellow undertones in cream complement the navy blue. The color combination is paired up throughout this room.

You can see it on the bed with the headboard and blue pillows and at the end of the bed with the bench and duvet. It’s on the side tables and again on the back wall with the curtain panels.

Choosing a matte paint color keeps the room feeling serene.

4. Navy Blue and White

4. Navy Blue and White #decorhomeideas

The navy blue accent wall gets a formal tweak with the white wainscoting. The mid-century desk looks light and efficient against the white bookcase.

Personal touches, like kid’s pictures and the Texas Longhorns’s mascot, create a motivating work space.

via Marker Girl Home

5. Navy Blue and Plush Pink

5. Navy Blue and Plush Pink #decorhomeideas

When you have a lot of patterns going on in your space, you’ll want to keep the larger pieces of furniture solid. You can use texture and color to make them stand out. Take a look at this Hollywood glam jewel box, with art déco and modern influences.

The navy blue couch in soft, luxe velour stands out in a room full of various shades of pink. If you missed the fuchsia pillows and chair, you must still be staring at the mirror.

via Maureen Stevens Design

6. Navy Blue and Yellow

6. Navy Blue and Yellow #decorhomeideas

Curtains with a yellow pattern stand in stark contrast to the navy blue and white zig-zag pattern rug. The pattern on the rug almost forces you to avert your eyes upward.

The anchor pieces are the royal blue couch, brown leather easy chair, and fuzzy ottoman. The gorgeous and inviting couch is the focal point of the room.

via Debbie Basnett Interiors

7. Navy Blue and Orange

7. Navy Blue and Orange #decorhomeideas

Navy blue walls are broken up with an orange accent wall. The accent wall is decorated with blue and cream curtains and mirrors with navy blue frames.

The navy blue headboards are a smart way to connect the wall with the rest of the room. They work as another piece of wall decor.

via M. Barnes & Co

8. Navy Blue and Black

8. Navy Blue and Black #decorhomeideas

Decorating navy blue furniture with a black paint color together has to be done carefully. It’s accomplished here by adding other neutrals into the color scheme.

The cream and brown pattern area rug ensures the floor doesn’t turn into a chasm. The large bookcase and coffee table work to create symmetry so the focus can be on the chandelier and mirror.

Adding throw pillows with a pattern focused on dark blue helps balance out the two sides across from the coffee table.

via L. Pearson Design

9. Navy Blue and Neon Purple

9. Navy Blue and Neon Purple #decorhomeideas

This modern room with a neutral palette, including a brown leather couch and a gray accent chair, is livened up with the use of navy blue.

A pair of navy blue accent chairs, a side table with navy blue fur, and purple throw pillows connecting each piece.

It doesn’t take a lot of color to change up and personalize a room, but the dark navy works better than a lighter shade here because there’s so much natural light trying to wash out the room.

via LDa Architecture & Interiors

10. Navy Blue and Red

10. Navy Blue and Red #decorhomeideas

A bedroom with a predominantly navy blue color gets its personality with the addition of a nautical theme. The introduction of the red accent color in the bed frames and borders on the Roman shades creates a patriotic color palette found in the flags of many countries.

Using a color block on the ceiling, as opposed to an all white or all blue shade, is an interesting way to address the angled walls found in many homes with attics converted into bedrooms.

via Carolyn Thayer interiors

11. Navy Blue and Gold

11. Navy Blue and Gold #decorhomeideas

Gold makes this transitional living room sing. There’s a play of light off of the glossy finishes and the shimmering curtains.

Metallics bring an airiness to a room without having to introduce a bright color. The navy blue and gold dance is tempered by the use of light gray in the carpet and ceiling.

via Falcone Hybner Design

12. Navy Blue and Wood

12. Navy Blue and Wood #decorhomeideas

Navy blue paint easily pairs with wood and its contrast to the yellow undertones in. It will work with red finishes, dark brown finishes, and even natural finishes.

It’s a natural combination when you want to get away from the traditional dark stains found in the modern farmhouse style.

via Noelle Interiors

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