32 Stunning Bathroom Designs to Inspire Your Next Home Makeover

The bathroom makeover is probably the hardest to plan and design.

Bathroom design can be challenging, whether because of space limitations or because bathroom overhauls are less frequent than in other rooms.

Transform your home with these 32 stunning bathroom designs! From sleek modern spaces to cozy rustic retreats, discover a variety of styles and ideas that will inspire your next makeover. Whether you're dreaming of a spa-like sanctuary or a bold, colorful statement, these designs have something for every taste. Ready to be inspired? Dive in and start planning your dream bathroom today!

Well, not anymore because we have collected 32 Stunning Bathroom Designs to Inspire Your Next Home Makeover.

1. Bathroom With A Glass Wall

32 best bathroom designs 1


This is a modern bathroom design featuring an exquisite glass wall that reveals the adjacent restroom. The colors are neutral, anchored by marble wall tiles, creamy granite floor tiles, and wood ceiling paneling.

The accent in this sleek bathroom is the pale orange partial wall complemented by the sink cabinet in the same color.

2. Modern Rustic Bathroom

32 best bathroom designs 2


This bathroom design is perfect for small spaces where dark colors could create a feeling of chaos and gloominess.

The neutral grey color of the tiles sets the perfect backdrop for bolder decorations such as natural wood shelves and a black metal shower cabin.

3. White Marble Tiles

32 best bathroom designs 3


Marble tiles have recently become very popular in bathroom designs. They give a sense of luxury and cleanliness and are affordable.

For small spaces, consider white marble tiles. They can be patterned with grey or brown veins.

4. Black And White Bathroom

32 best bathroom designs 4


Although the space is small, using two colors only doesn’t overwhelm it or affect its airiness. The designer uses black marble tiles for the “dry” area of the bathroom and white tiles for the “wet” zone.

This is a smart move, considering how easily stains remain on black surfaces.

5. Luxurious Scandi-inspired Bathroom

32 best bathroom designs 5


A bathroom with a window is really cool. It makes the space airy and bright and enhances its coziness.

Well, it is never a bad idea to add a curtain, blinds, or shutters to the windows to ensure privacy when bathing.

In this modern Scandi bathroom, the shutters are made from wooden panels with drilled holes that ensure light access.

6. Timeless Bathroom Design

32 best bathroom designs 6


Subway tiles will never go out of style, nor the hexagon tiles. The black and white color combination is also a timeless solution for a bathroom.

You can easily update such a bathroom by adding wooden decor pieces.

Add a rattan or bamboo rug, a wooden stool to store bath accessories, and natural wood shelves for cosmetic storage.

7. Chevron Wood Tiles

32 best bathroom designs 7


You can update only one wall from the bathroom and turn it into the space’s focal point. Tiles with wooden textures are very popular in bathroom design.

People like the wood texture because it adds warmth and coziness to the space.

8. Mix And Match Marble Tiles

32 best bathroom designs 8


This bold bathroom design features two marble textures and wood accents.

The black veins in the marble patterns unify the tiles.

9. Statement Wall With Tropical Leaves

32 best bathroom designs 9


This luxurious bathroom also represents a modern trend in bathroom designs. Large powder pink tiles create a seamless floor and walls.

Accent tiles are two-gray and have a tropical leaf pattern. The metal fixtures have a golden finish that perfectly matches the powder pink color.

10. Bathroom With Molding

32 best bathroom designs 10


Add panel moldings to the bathroom walls to create depth and update the overall look of this space.

Molding is one of those designers’ hacks that make an interior look more sophisticated and even luxurious.


32 best bathroom designs 11


This modern and sleek bathroom design is perfect for a master bathroom. Space is enough to define zones and enjoy the airy feel.

The size of this room is suitable for trying darker colors of tiles and furniture textures.

12. Spacious Bathroom Makeover

32 best bathroom designs 12


The wooden flooring makes this bathroom very warm and welcoming. The sanitary furniture is all white to maintain a sanctuary feeling in the room. Modern accents are black metal faucets and fixtures.

You can easily give your bathroom a quick makeover without a total overhaul by changing the metal fixtures only.

13. Boho Style Bathroom

32 best bathroom designs 13


Include natural textures in your neutral bathroom decor for a boho flair.

A jute rug and vases with wheat or dry field flowers will instantly change the space’s interior.

14. Blue Marble Tiles

32 best bathroom designs 14


Blue is a color that rarely finds its place in bathrooms these days. This is surprising considering its relation to water and its calming nature.

Recently, the blue color can be seen in the marble collections. The white veins of the marble cohere with the white sanitary furniture.

15. Bold Sink Cabinet Color

32 best bathroom designs 15


This inspiring bathroom makeover idea reveals how a sink cabinet can drastically change the bathroom’s overall look.

The new color in this idea is raspberry red—a bold but very warm color.

16. Metallic Touches

32 best bathroom designs 16


Like other rooms’ interior hacks, metal finishes can give the bathroom an updated modern look.

Changing the toothbrush, soap container, and the dustbin with new ones with an identical metal finish will add elegance to the interior.

17. Add An Art Piece

32 best bathroom designs 17


Why not add a painting to a bathroom wall? This is not a typical decoration for such a space, making its impact so significant.

Depending on the bathroom design, you can go for landscape paintings for farmhouses, rustic accents, or abstract pieces when the bathroom is modern and sleek.

18. Wall Planked With Wooden Boards

32 best bathroom designs 18


Do you love the wooden textures? You can implement them in the bathroom not only with tiles but also with real wood boards.

Since the space is wet, you should be careful which wall will be covered with wood and apply extra protection against moisture.

19. Add A Fancy Chandelier

32 best bathroom designs 19


Change the boring chandelier with a gorgeous one that will make a statement.

More light is more than welcome in the bathroom.

20. Hidden Lights

32 best bathroom designs 20


If you haven’t allowed a chandelier in the bathroom, you can still add more lighting and make the overall look modern and appealing.

You can add LED strips to niches or underneath the cabinets.

21. Consider A Mirror Wall

32 best bathroom designs 21


The mirror is a mandatory part of the bathroom. Instead of a small mirror combined with a cabinet for storage, be bold and go for a mirror wall.

This approach will visually enlarge the room and give it a modern twist.

22. Black, White And Wood Combination

32 best bathroom designs 22


The classic black-and-white combination is twisted through the prism of the modern bathroom interior.

This idea adds the wooden texture through tiles, ceiling panels and doormats.

23. Geometric Shapes

32 best bathroom designs 23


Tiles with geometric patterns can give the bathroom a contemporary, minimalist look.

The effect will be enhanced if you choose them in a neutral color palette.

24. Built-in Furniture

32 best bathroom designs 24


Another interesting idea for a bathroom makeover is to consider built-in furniture.

It is great for small spaces. and nowadays you can find a wide range of textures and sizes to fit into your bathroom space.

25. Glass Tiles Never Go Out Of Style

32 best bathroom designs 25


Glass tiles have never gotten off of the most popular tiles list.

Nowadays, you can find them in many colors and sizes. Use them to line up the sink wall or the shower area.

26. Black, Gray And Copper

32 best bathroom designs 26


Black, gray, and copper are trendy color combinations for small and large bathrooms.

Usually, the black tiles are positioned in the dry area; however, in this bathroom makeover design, they cover the wet area to provide a bold contrast for the copper-plated accessories.

27. Minimalist Bathroom Decor

32 best bathroom designs 27


If you want to keep the bathroom space clean and airy, your next bathroom project can be minimalistic.

It should have clean and straight lines, two or three colors at most, and functional positioning that ensures a feeling of spaciousness.

28. Marble And Creamy Combination

32 best bathroom designs 28


This is a very delicate bathroom makeover idea. It features floor tiles with a light wooden color mimicking laminate.

The marble tiles’ veins covering all walls include this brown shade to create a united and appealing look.

29. Sleek Design

32 best bathroom designs 29


This contemporary bathroom design can inspire people looking for a timeless interior. The colors are neutral and can match any sanitary furniture and fixtures.

This is a good approach that allows frequent upgrades of the bathroom look by changing only accessories.

30. Bathroom With A Hidden Mirror Wall

32 best bathroom designs 30


This minimal master bathroom is so unique! The artificial wall partially hiding a wall mirror is fantastic. The edge of the supplementary wall is broken, adding a raw and authentic flair to the clean decor.

All fixtures are dark copper-plated to enhance the industrial touch of the design.

31. Add Mirrors

32 best bathroom designs 31


People tend to spend more time in the bathroom checking their appearance.

When you plan the next bathroom makeover, don’t forget to include a mirror or a set of mirrors that will help you see yourself from toe to head.

32. Natural Decoration

32 best bathroom designs 32


Some plants will thrive in the humid atmosphere of the bathroom.

Palms, moss, snake plants, ZZ plants, ferns and Spider plants are among the most fascinating ones.

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