50 Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your handsome man, there are so many options.

From handmade to purchased, the market is wide. There is something heartfelt about a handmade card deck or handmade shaving kit.

50 Best DIY Valentines Day Gifts For Him. Cool ideas and handmade items to surprise your beloved one. #diy #valentinesday #gifts #decorhomeideas
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But there is also a convenience about a store purchased gift. Try one of these ideas when looking for a great gift for your love.

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1. 52 Things I Love About You

52 Things I Love About You #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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This handmade card deck shows the 52 things you love about your beau. Come up with original things to love and list them on a card deck.

via Visual Heart Creative Studio

2. Arrow DIY wall art

Arrow DIY wall art #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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To add some woman flair to his bachelor pad try this homemade wall decor. Painted with cupid’s arrows and a cute saying ‘be mine.’

via DIY Candy

3. Be My Valentine Snack Idea

Be My Valentine Snack Idea #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Every man loves delicious snacks. Make your man this adorable snack box with cute sayings on the box and each snack.

4. Candy Bar Card

Candy Bar Card #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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A candy bar card requires nice handwriting. Using candy bar words you can construct a cardboard saying with each candy bar.

via Repeat Crafterme

5. Copper Wire Photo Holders

Copper Wire Photo Holders #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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By using blocks as the base and copper wire bent in a heart shape, you can make these cute photo holders.

via Homemade Ginger

6. Custom beer bottles

Custom beer bottles #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For your boyfriend or husband that enjoys a beer now and then, get them this beer bottle gift. Cover the bottles with cute Valentine’s sayings.

7. Date Night Jar Idea

Date Night Jar Idea #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Use a mason jar and put different date nights in it. Then when you are bored and looking for an activity, you can choose a date night idea.

via Tastefully Eclectic

8. DIY Candle Carved with Initials

DIY Candle Carved with Initials #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Get a candle and carve your initials in it. Paint the carving with gold paint and put on a disk of tree limb for a classic manly gift.

via Hello Glow

9. DIY Craft Projects Sharpie

DIY Craft Projects Sharpie #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For a simple DIY gift, decorate a white coffee mug with a sharpie. Bake it to make the marker stick forever.

via Bren Did

10. DIY distressed Photo Block

DIY distressed Photo Block #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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By using a canvas and your favorite photos, you can create a distressed photo block.

via View From The Fridge

11. DIY Heart Coasters

DIY Heart Coasters #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Tree limbs cut into disks are the perfect coasters. To give them a Valentine’s look, paint with pink paint and hearts.

via A Bubbly Life

12. DIY Leather Heart Key Ring

DIY Leather Heart Key Ring #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Leather hearts are simple to make by weaving two hearts together with stuffing in the middle. Add the keyring for a heart reminder of your love on your husband’s keys.

via Love Meagan

13. DIY Leather Hearts

DIY Leather Hearts #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For a classic heart keyring, make these thin leather hearts with initials. Then add the chain and key ring.

via Polka Dot Chair

14. DIY Lipstick Art Idea

DIY Lipstick Art Idea #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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You can use lipstick on a canvas to make a pink heart. Then frame and hang it in your boyfriend’s house. It is a romantic and sexy gift.

via I Heart Nap Time

15. DIY Love Mug

DIY Love Mug #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Color a white mug with black sharpie and make it look like a map. But at the end of the trail have LOVE.

via At the Picket Fence

16. DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry or Keychain

DIY Message in a Bottle Jewelry or Keychain #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For a romantic and long-lasting gift, give this message in a bottle keychain. Then put an adorable message inside.

via Shrimp Salad Circus

17. DIY Valentines Day Logs

DIY Valentines Day Logs #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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To add a splash of romance to your relationship, try these tree stump candle holders with your initials carved on the outside.

via Petite Modern Life

18. Easy DIY Exploding Box

Easy DIY Exploding Box #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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An explosion box is great for remembering the good times. On each side of the box put a favorite memory. Then design it so when the box opens it opens flat and you can see all the memories.

via Youtube

19. Engraved Photo Box

Engraved Photo Box #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Purchase your beau a memory box. On the inside put your favorite memories.

via Brit Co

20. Glowing Family Luminaries

Glowing Family Luminaries #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Family luminaries are the perfect way to look back on all that you have built with your love. They glow and encompass all the good memories and important things in life.

via Our Best Bites

21. Heart Light Diy Display

Heart Light Diy Display #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For a DIY candle try washing a can then poke holes in the shape of a heart on it. Put a candle inside so that you can see the glowing through the holes.

via Look what I made

22. How to Make Photo Coasters

How to Make Photo Coasters #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Photo coasters are a good Valentine gift because you will be able to see every day all the wonderful memories.

via The Frugal Girls

23. Life Without You Is UnBEARable Gummy Bears

Life Without You Is UnBEARable Gummy Bears #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For a simple gift get a bag of delicious gummy bears. Then put a note that says ‘life without you is unBEARable.’

24. Liquor Valentines Day Gift

Liquor Valentines Day Gift #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For your man that enjoys liquor, try this heart tin filled with shooters.

25. Love Letter Blocks

Love Letter Blocks #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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These blocks have the letters LOVE on one side and memories of you and your love on the other sides of the block. Then can be stacked and used for looking back on memories

via Stories by Me

26. Personalized Picture Frame

Personalized Picture Frame #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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This gift is a picture frame with a note. It is a very personal way to tell your love that you love them.

27. Photo Candle Holders

Photo Candle Holders #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Did you know that you can get personalized candle holders? They come with personal pictures that you can give to your boyfriend or husband.

via The Vintage Pearl

28. Photo Clock

Photo Clock #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Everyone needs a new clock. So this Valentine’s day get your man a clock with a personalized picture.

via Rosy Red Buttons

29. Pop Up Photo Box

Pop Up Photo Box #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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These adorable wood boxes are filled with personal pictures. By the pull of a tab you can see many different photos.

via The Diy Village

30. Quick Cheesy Hubby Valentines

Quick Cheesy Hubby Valentines #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For a quick and easy gift try these snacks with adorable sayings. Every man enjoys snacks.

via Eighteen 25

31. Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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The morning you leave for work on Valentine’s day, leave a heart shape of sticky notes with cute sayings and reasons you love him.

via Tumblr

32. Scratch Off Hearts

Scratch Off Hearts #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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A long-lasting gift is a page full of scratch hearts. Then scratch each heart on a different day. Behind you have written reasons you love your husband.

via Youtube

33. Sock Bouquet

Sock Bouquet #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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A more conventional and functional gift is a bouquet of flowers. But instead of the flowers have socks!

via How Does She

34. String Heart DIY

String Heart DIY #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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You can put nails in a canvas in the shape of a heart, but then you can run strings around the nails to make the heart shape more obvious.

via Green Wedding Shoes

35. Valentine Lightbulb

Valentine Lightbulb #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Re use an old lightbulb by putting copper wire hearts inside.

via Design Sponge

36. Valentine Picture Frame

Valentine Picture Frame #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Take a vintage picture frame and paint it Valentine pink, then put a key and cute saying inside.

via Hometalk

37. Valentines Day Balloon Display

Valentines Day Balloon Display #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Attach photos to red balloons. Then hang them over your bed with rose petals. This is a romantic beginning to your Valentine’s evening.

via Our Everyday Art

38. Valentines Day Fruits with Messages

Valentines Day Fruits with Messages #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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For your healthy man, add cute sayings to fruit with skin. Bananas and oranges are perfect for this.

via Cake Whiz

39. Valentines Day Gift in a Jar Idea

Valentines Day Gift in a Jar Idea #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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A mason jar gift is easy. You can fill it with red hots and put the saying ‘your hot’ on the outside.

via The Frugal Girls

40. Valentines for a Coffee Lover

Valentines for a Coffee Lover #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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A coffee-loving guy will love these personalized coffee mugs. Put a cute saying ‘I love you a latte’ on the outside.

via Sprinkle Some Fun

41. Valentines Mason Jar Gift

Valentines Mason Jar Gift #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Fill a mason jar with chocolate kisses. Then put burlap with a painted heart around the outside.

via The Happier Homemaker

42. We Love You to Pieces

We Love You to Pieces #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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A mason jar with Reese’s pieces is the perfect base for the saying ‘I love you to pieces.’

via Happy go lucky blog

43. Wood Slice Heart Valentine Mantel

Wood Slice Heart Valentine Mantel #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Using an assortment of sized tree limbs make a heart shape for great Valentine decor.

via Lehman Lane

44. You Make my Heart Burst Jar Idea

You Make my Heart Burst Jar Idea #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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Fill a mason jar with starbursts then add the saying ‘you make my heart burst.’

via The Homes I Have Made

45. You and Me on a Tree

You Me on a Tree #valentinesday #gifts #diy #decorhomeideas
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A romantic gift is a tree with a heart carved. In the heart put your initials.

via Three Scoops of Love

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