30 Best Ideas to Create a “Relaxing Corner” in Your Garden

Garden is not only for practicing your green thumb, it is also to relax in the open air in the comfort of your own property.

If you already have a relaxing corner where you can get lazy after a busy day at work or after studying, you have realized that there is no better place to get the pressure off than the relaxing garden corner.

Best Relaxing Corner In Garden Ideas. Get some fresh ideas on how to create a relaxing corner in your garden. Inexpensive designs and layouts to decorate your backyard. #decorhomeideas

With our 30 Best Ideas to Create a “Relaxing Corner” in Your Garden, you will find inspirations to upgrade the area you have created or dedicate one in case you have never thought about it.

If you have some spare space in the garden or on the balcony, forming a relaxing corner will surely make you happier and more cheerful.

This relaxing corner will become the most wanted spot in your home not only for your family but also for your guests.

1. Covered Relaxing Corner

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Depending on the environmental conditions, it may not be a good idea to create a relaxing corner under the open sky.

Under such circumstances, you can consider differentiating it into a covered zone from your home.

This relaxing corner is a covered space built next to the house as an extension. Covering the floor with a faux grass layer and the partial shutter walls create the feel of being outside in the garden.

Add a simple seating set and plenty of plants to anchor nature into the covered relaxing corner.

2. Add A Pop Of Color With Painted Accents

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No need to invest a lot of money to turn the relaxing corner into a stylish paradise. An addition of a bold accent could do a transformation of the overall look.

Painted chairs, accent fence walls, painted planters, trellis or patio will create a bold statement that will jazz up the outdoor space.

3. Choose Suitable Furniture

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Judged by the name, the relaxing corner should provide comfort to release stress.

The comfy seating set is a must. It can be only a set for two consisting of armchairs with soft cushions or benches with a table where more people can gather together.

4. Accentuate On The Flooring

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Especially for smaller relaxing corners, you would like to differentiate them well from the rest of the property. Use textured flooring to anchor them as a separate zone.

That can be decking tiles, wood pallet structure forming a floating deck, cement tiles, or pavers. Use the floor to create a unique statement.

5. Add A Hanging Piece Of Furniture

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Nothing says outdoor relaxation like the hanging chair or bench. Rattan egg-shaped chairs are great for individual seclusion.

Benches are preferred by bigger families with kids. Add padded cushions for a comfortable seating experience.

6. Surround The Relaxing Corner With Nature

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Regardless of the location of your property, you should opt to connect it with nature to set this relaxing mood as if being in the forest.

Use living and faux plants to create a whimsy landscape in your relaxing corner.

7. Hang Planters

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In case the space is limited, you can add nature vertically.

Hang baskets with greenery on the porch ceiling or to the fence.

8. Add A Water Feature

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Another outdoor feature that is famous for its calming effect is the water feature.

That can be a pond, a waterfall or a free-standing fountain.

9. Decorate The Relaxing Corner With Style

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In case the relaxing corner is built next to the fence, you are given the opportunity to show off your decorating abilities.

Use the vertical surfaces to give the space character. Boho elements like macrame planters will add a calming vibe and a pleasing accent.

Another inspiration you can source from this idea is how to turn a very small space into a useful relaxing zone. No need for clumsy, expensive seating furniture.

Use padded cushions laid directly on the floor to go back to basics and feel the authentic connection with the Earth.

10. Choose The Best Place For Your Relaxing Corner

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If you already have a water feature built or installed in your garden, create your relaxing corner next to it to enjoy the murmuring sounds of water.

It will make you feel in a serene and secluded place.

11. Balcony Relaxing Corner

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The balcony can also be transformed into a relaxing corner with simple and easy changes.

Change the flooring to such that creates a connection with nature- a gravel layer, a walkway with flagstones, and a faux grass mat.

Add a seating set that fits the size of the balcony and enough plants to recreate an outdoor setting.

12. Create A Green Room

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The green room is a relaxing corner under the open sky surrounded by living plants.

Opt for a minimalist look through a minimized number of furniture with a clean design.

13. Ensure Shade

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Consider incorporating a shading feature to make the outdoor space usable during hot days. A pergola covered with climbing vines will provide a cool shade to chill out in your relaxing corner.

A plain umbrella could also be a solution depending on the nook’s location and the size of the utilized outdoor space.

14. Bring Out Some Of Your Favourite Indoor Pieces

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Usually, we think of bringing outdoors in but in the relaxing outdoor corner, the opposite design rule should be implemented.

The outdoor nook will feel and look more homely if you add some of the indoor pieces. That can be a vintage porcelain vase or a beautiful teapot set.

15. Use What You Already Have

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If you ask a designer what is the first thing to consider when they design an outdoor space, their answer will be to check what you already have.

A pergola, an arch, a fountain or a pond set the potential location for your outdoor relaxing nook.

16. Add Outdoor Lighting

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There are plenty of designs of outdoor lighting that are inexpensive and attractive.

Make your outdoor relaxing corner unique and charming by including solar-powered Edison bulb strings or metal or paper lanterns.

17. Be Generous When It Comes To Plants

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Greenery helps indoor and outdoor spaces feel homely and alive. Invest in different planters to create a lush outdoor nook.

Hanging baskets, vertical planters, and free-standing pots can be used to outline the nook and to create a natural ambiance for relaxing.

18. Match Material Textures

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Use natural materials or such mimicking natural textures to give your outdoor nook a natural look. Wood, stone, and green mats cooperate perfectly together!

You can walk with bare feet on the floor of the relaxing corner and feel the natural touch of the ground.

19. Relaxing Corner With A Comfortable Sofa

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If the patio is big enough, consider adding a large and comfy sofa.

Combine it with a suitable table and soft throw pillows to recreate an indoor living space.

20. Relaxing Nook In A Corridor Shaped Space

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Even the small corridor between the house walls and the fence can be transformed into a relaxing outdoor nook.

Cover it with deck boards, add a compact set for seating and decorate with plants.

Because of the limited space, consider vertical landscaping with baskets and planters.

21. Be Minimalist With The Number Of Furniture

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If the empty outdoor space is tiny, you should be very careful in its design. First, think of its application- will it be a reading corner or a gathering spot?

The example shows a quiet reading corner built next to the house. It features only a few pieces of furniture and decorations. This creates an airy and fresh ambiance and keeps the space feeling uncluttered.

22. Invest In A Unique Flooring

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Invest in an eye-pleasing and rigid floor material for your relaxing corner. That can be natural stone, cement tiles, faux grass lining or decking panels.

Choose the design to fit your taste and garden style.

23. Ensure Privacy For Your Relaxing Corner

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Limit the curious eyes of the neighbors by installing a privacy screen in the relaxing corner. Looking at the budget side of it, you can use reclaimed wood or weathered pallets to build it.

The screen can be also utilized to add vertical decorations such as lanterns, planters and why not interior décor pieces like paintings?

24. Take Advantage Of Natural Shade

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If there is a tall tree with a lush crown in your backyard, this is the best spot to create your relaxing outdoor corner.

The natural shade will ensure a cool time out and also a vivid natural landscape.

25. Recreate An Indoor Living Space

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The relaxing outdoor corner can be a copy of an indoor living room. Furniture in pastel colors, a large soft carpet, side table to place books or drinks will make you feel cozy and comfortable outside.

Added variety of pots and plants is important to accentuate the location of the living room.

26. Choose A Suitable Color Palette

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The key to keeping the outdoor space inviting and cozy is to choose the best color palette.

Pastel, earthy and bright colors are great for warming it up and giving it an airy vision and feel.

27. Use A Carpet

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If you don’t want to invest in new flooring for your outdoor corner but yet you want to give it a finished and differentiated look, use an old carpet to center your outdoor living area.

28. A Rock Garden And A Relaxing Corner In One

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This outdoor relaxing corner is amazing. The dark rock layer combined with wooden furniture create a harmonious overall look.

The vertical garden continued with plenty of pots in identical colors bring nature in and set an inviting tone.

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