40 Beautiful DIY Mini Christmas Tree Crafts You Can Easily Do This Season

Christmas trees are iconic symbols of the winter holidays, evoking a sense of family and tradition.

Miniature tree crafts echo the classic shape of your full-size Christmas tree, creating a fun and cohesive look in your home.

With options ranging from rustic farmhouse trees to glam foil-covered versions, there’s an option for every home. Need ideas?

Best DIY Mini Christmas Tree Crafts. Add a little holiday cheer to your home with these festive tabletop DIY Christmas tree decorations! These Christmas tree crafts are fun, easy & kid-friendly #decorhomeideas

These stunning DIY trees are a great place to start planning your Christmas crafts.

1. Create Festive Trees with Simple DIY Paper Crafts

10 Cents a Piece Christmas Tree Cone Craft #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Simple and cheap, these DIY trees are a quick and easy way to decorate your home for Christmas.

Each one is crafted from a sheet of paper, so you probably have everything you need in the house already.

Just form the tree, tape the ends closed, and you’re ready to decorate. Use white paper, printed craft paper, or even newspaper for a custom look.

via Happy Housie

2. Decorate Your Mantle with an Enchanting 3D Pasta Tree

3D Pasta Noodle Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Glam up your mantle this Christmas with clever pasta trees.

Shell noodles form the branches of the tree, and an adorable bowtie tops everything off.

Experiment with different noodle shapes, or use whatever you have on hand. A coat of metallic spray paint adds a beguiling sparkle.

via Crafty Morning

3. Create a Rustic Christmas Look with Burlap Trees

Burlap Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Are you going for a laid-back country vibe this Christmas?

These burlap trees will fit right in.

The trick is to cut the burlap into strips to create the effect of cascading needles; the natural texture adds a hint of rustic charm.

via The Real Thing

4. Make a Rustic DIY Christmas Tree with Classic Burlap Ribbon

Burlap DIY Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Classic brown burlap adds a gorgeous texture and natural color to this stunning DIY Christmas tree craft.

Small lengths of burlap ribbon are formed into loops, giving the tree a romantic, soft touch.

Add colorful ribbon on top for garland, or go for a farmhouse look with a galvanized metal star topper.

via Crafts Unleashed

5. Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree Craft with Burlap

Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Here’s yet another beautiful way to use burlap in your Christmas crafts — this time, green burlap is wrapped in spirals to form the traditional tree shape.

The flat fronts give the trees a modern update, making them the perfect fit for a modern farmhouse.

via The Girl Creative

6. Create a Festive Christmas Tree Display on a Budget

Cardboard Tabletop Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

These little trees cost less than 50 cents each, but they look like a million bucks.

Best of all, they’re easy to make; just cut scallops and glue them in place.

A coat of snowy white paint and a dusting of glitter completes the magical Christmas glow.

via Craftberry Bush

7. Add Sparkle with DIY Coffee Filter Christmas Trees

Coffee Filter Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

To look at them, you’d never guess that these lovely Christmas trees are made from coffee filters.

The beautiful sheer nature of the material adds texture and transparency, and the natural white color adds a snowy look.

Add glitter if you like, or leave them plain for a cottage-inspired twist.

via City Farmhouse

8. Create Spectacular Christmas Trees with Leftover Crepe Paper

Crepe Paper Christmas Tree Cones #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Do you have rolls of leftover crepe paper in a drawer?

Turn them into spectacular Christmas tree crafts that elevate your holiday decor.

Whether you choose a classic holiday color palette or sophisticated shades, these adorable trees will be a hit.

via Lia Griffith

9. Create a Glittering Holiday Display with Golden Christmas Trees

DIY Gold Leaf Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

If you’re looking to infuse your holiday with a bit of glam, shimmering golden trees fit the bill.

Here, layers of cascading leaves form chic Christmas trees that look beautiful on a mantle or shelf.

Buy gold leaves or use spray paint to create your own.

via Crafts Unleashed

10. Enjoy Mid-Century Modern Décor with Lit Christmas Trees

DIY Mod Light Up Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Brighten the holidays with tiny light-up Christmas trees.

Made with a distinct mid-century modern vibe, they bring a retro charm to your festive decorations.

They’re so much fun that you might want to leave them up all winter long.

via Vitamini Handmade

11. Craft a Cozy Christmas Tree with an Old Nordic Sweater

DIY Nordic Sweater Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Do you have an old Nordic sweater that no longer fits?

Turn it — or a length of knit fabric — into a Christmas tree decoration.

Formed by loops of material, these sweet trees bring a soft, cozy feeling to any room in the house. We love the rustic cardboard star toppers.

via Bless’er House

12. Transform Pumpkin Seeds Into DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Pumpkin Seed Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Save the seeds from your Halloween pumpkins — you’ll need them for these adorable DIY Christmas crafts.

Spray-paint the seeds using white or green paint; you can even add glitter for extra sparkle.

Then, glue them to a cone for a professional-looking result.

via Unskinny Boppy

13. Enchanting Christmas Tree Forest for Open Space

Doily Christmas Tree Forest #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Are you working with large open space?

Fill it with a forest of Christmas trees. Graceful trees made from paper doilies appear to float above the surface for a magical effect.

Use a plank for the base or eliminate drilling entirely with a sheet of foam board.

via OuiOuiOui Studio

14. Create Unique Tree Décor with Excess Embroidery Floss

Embroidery Floss Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Turn your excess embroidery floss into timeless tree decorations with this unexpected project.

Each tree is made using a form, which is then removed to create freestanding pieces that look incredibly light and airy.

Classic green adds a realistic touch, but you can use any thread color that matches your holiday theme.

via Woman’s Day

15. Fast and Affordable Christmas Tree Cone Craft

Fabric Covered Poster Board Christas Tree Cones #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Looking for a fast, cheap Christmas craft with a serious visual impact?

These tree cones are a great option.

They’re made with poster board, fabric scraps, and glue; if you don’t have appropriate fabric, you can even use quilting fat quarters to save money.

Leave them plain or add trim for depth.

via The Creativity Exchange

16. Have Joyful Holidays with Soft and Colorful Felt Trees

Fleece Cone Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Bring the warm, fuzzy holiday feelings with these sweet Christmas trees.

Using triangles of fleece or felt, they bring a super-soft feeling to your sideboard, table, or shelf.

We love how the gentle colors bring out the texture of the fabric.

via Happy Happy Nester

17. Faux Fur Christmas Tree for a Unique Holiday Look

Fuzzy Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Do you love the look of faux fur?

Integrate it into your Christmas decorations by making a fuzzy tree.

In terms of construction, it doesn’t get any easier — just glue a length of fur around a cone.

Set the tree next to a metallic or modern decoration for a beautifully balanced look.

via Two Twenty One

18. Make a Magical Forest of Beaded Trees with Ease

Glass Beaded Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Sparkle, shine, and texture — these beaded trees have it all!

Although they look expensive and complicated, they’re surprisingly easy to make.

Create one as a low-key accent piece, or make an entire forest to dress up a holiday table.

via Sondra Lynn at Home

19. Celebrate Christmas with Colorful Textured Christmas Trees

Handmade Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

This trio of Christmas trees is a celebration of textures.

Use any materials you have on hand, such as twine, paper, rocks, beads, fabric, and ribbon.

As long as the colors are similar, the trees will look cohesive and intentional.

Display them together for a chic Christmas vignette.

via Beautiful Matters

20. Create a Rustic and Natural Christmas Tree with Pinecones

Holiday Pinecone Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Pinecones bring a rustic and natural texture to your Christmas decorations.

Showcase the inherent beauty of the cones by forming them into a tree shape.

The variations in size and shape create a surprisingly realistic look. Leave them bare, paint on snow, or dust the tree with glitter for a custom result.

via HGTV

21. Create a Mini Kanzashi Christmas Tree with Kids

Kanzashi Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

How adorable is this tiny Kanzashi Christmas tree?

Make your own using inexpensive materials and a few tiny ornaments.

This is a fun craft to do with kids — they love to choose the decorations for the tree.

via Craft Passion

22. Achieve a Chic and Natural Look with Moss Tree Craft

Moss Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Go all-in on the lush greenery of Christmas with this moss tree craft.

The color and texture of the moss make an elegant yet natural statement that’s gorgeous on its own.

For a more polished look, create a garland using a length of trim.

via A Pumpkin and a Princess

23. Make Christmas Ornaments Sparkle with DIY Tinsel Garland

Ornament Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

If you love the sparkle and shine of Christmas ball ornaments, you’re in luck — this craft highlights the beauty of these classic decorations.

Here, tinsel garland adds a hint of shine and movement; you can also leave the balls as they are for a more streamlined aesthetic.

via One Project Closer

24. Make Colorful Christmas Trees with Cupcake Wrappers

Paper Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Make use of leftover cupcake wrappers by turning them into Christmas trees.

Compress or expand them to form the cascading tiers of branches; you may need to cut out sections to form the top levels.

Here, a similar color scheme unites different patterns for a sophisticated vibe.

via A Spoonful of Sugar

25. Elegant Paper Cone Trees with Ribbon Bow Accents

Paper Cone Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

If you love depth and texture, these ultra-simple paper cone trees are sure to please.

The elegant branches are made from small paper cones — break out your craft paper and roll the cones while you’re watching TV or listening to Christmas tunes.

A ribbon bow completes the homey effect.

via Crafts For All Season

26. Colorful Peppermint Tree for the Holidays

Peppermint Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

These peppermint trees look good enough to eat.

They’re also a breeze to make; you can even do this craft with kids.

Add sparkly metallic garland between the mints for extra texture, or leave it out to complement a chic Christmas theme.

via One Project Closer

27. Create a Rustic Christmas Tree with DIY Pine Cone Branches

Pinecone Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

If you have access to large pinecones, these trees are well worth the time they take to make.

Each branch is made from a single piece of a pinecone, creating a gorgeous symmetry.

The rich colors of the pinecones enhance a rustic or traditional space — for a wintry effect, use white paint to add “snow” to the tips of each branch.

28. Make Eye-Catching Trees from Plastic Spoon Bowls

Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

These sophisticated trees have a big secret — they’re made from the ends of plastic spoons!

The curve of the spoon bowl brings a spectacular play of shadow and light, especially when you add a coat of metallic or pearlescent paint.

via One Project Closer

29. Brighten Your Home with Ribbon Christmas Trees

Ribbon Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Make your home feel like Christmas with these cute ribbon trees.

The magic stems from the vibrant shades of red and green, which brighten any corner of the house.

Add a few curls of golden ribbon for a burst of shimmer and shine.

30. Have a Romantic Look With Yarn Rosettes and a Ribbon Bow

Rolled Rosette Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Step back in time with this vintage-inspired Christmas craft.

Using rolled yarn rosettes, it brings a soft and romantic touch to your decor.

We think the massive ribbon bow adds a perfectly balanced look.

via Positively Splendid

31. Bring Nature’s Beauty Indoors with these Tree Sculptures

Trio of Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Bring natural textures and colors into your home with this trio of trees.

It’s all about the materials — twine, twigs, and bark look sophisticated and rustic at the same time.

via Bower Power

32. Fast and Festive Twine-Wrapped Foam Christmas Cones

Twine Wrapped Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Need a Christmas craft that you can create quickly?

Grab a ball of twine and a few foam cones.

Glue the twine in place as you wrap it around each cone, and you’ll have completed decorations in less than 30 minutes.

via Live Laugh Rowe

33. Get Ready for Ugly Sweater Fun with Tree Decorations

Ugly Sweater Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Prepare for an ugly sweater party with on-theme tree decorations.

These cute trees feature loud, bold sweater material — a fun and festive way to get in the spirit.

via Lolly Jane

34. Make Unique Christmas Trees with Leftover Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees #Christmas #tree #crafts #decorhomeideas

Everyone has leftover Christmas wrapping paper in a drawer or closet. Turn it into something beautiful by forming the paper into trees.

A strip of tape seals the seam, so you can start decorating in minutes.

via A Girl and Her Glue Gun

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