Stylish Ways to Disguise Your TV

Look at some definitely creative and stylish ideas how to disguise the TV and help it seamlessly blend into the room’s décor.

Map of the world solution to hide TV #tvcover

In case your main living area doubles as the place where you and your family gather to watch TV, it doesn’t mean that your TV has to steal the spotlight all the time.

Unleash your creativity, there is an array of elegant options to disguise you’re the TV.

You can try with reclaimed wooden frames, pictures, or maps, all these appealing solutions can do the job.

If you like DIY projects, there are some easy-to-install TV covers that offer an attractive way to tuck the TV away.

For inspiration, check some truly fabulous ideas!

1. Modern Minimalism

Disappearing TV Console #tvcover

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This minimal custom console made of monolithic slabs of wood and stone is a sleek, modern solution.

It makes the TV sink completely out of sight when not needed. Definitely a statement piece of furniture, isn’t it?

2. Reclaimed Wood

Salvaged Wooden Frame #tvcover

Believe it or not, this sturdy-looking TV frame is made of salvaged wood.

It looks rustic and classic. Simply gorgeous! Just the perfect structure to tie the TV in with the décor. Instructions: Here

3. Out of Sight

Old Map TV Concealer #tvcover

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Have a look at the picture above! What an awesome solution to keep a TV from being an eyesore.

Most definitely, this is a budget-friendly, creative, and appealing way to tuck the TV away.

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4. Fancy Disguise

Fancy look #tvcover

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A fanciful frame definitely takes the focus off of the television itself and makes it feel like a piece of art. What a creative way to add personality to the space!

Note that the frame can be either larger than your TV or customized to hug your television for a built-in look.

Like this idea? Just check your local flea markets for beautiful old frames.

5. Inventive DIY Solutions

Red Coffee Table #tvcover

Look at the picture above! A yard sale red coffee table is transformed into an entertainment center. Unquestionably, a brilliant DIY solution. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly option. Instructions: Here

Photo Frame TV Cover #tvcover

If you don’t feel ready to try a DIY project, the above-shown easy-to-install TV cover is another appealing solution.

Of clean lines, It doubles as a diptych photo frame and makes your favorite memories take center stage. Learn more…

Riddling Rack TV Cover #tvcover

Want something with a more rustic look? Do you like this distressed TV cover inspired by champagne riddling racks? Made from natural mango wood, it can return any space to a more tranquil state. Learn more…

Actually, you can try a budget-friendly DIY project to achieve a similar look. Instructions: Here

Do you think any of these options can suit your living room?

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