14 Best Under Deck Landscape Ideas

The area underneath our deck is often glossed over when we’re renovating or working our way through our outdoor projects.

If there’s an exit, it may not be suitable for storage. If there’s an area underneath your deck that’s neglected because you can’t really envision the possibilities, then read on. We have a list of under deck patio landscape ideas to inspire you.

Is your under deck area looking dull or boring? Cheer it up with these awesome under deck landscape ideas. Add some flowers, a patio or pave it to create a beautiful spot in your garden.
  • What is the best thing to put under a deck?

Use crushed gravel as it will pull moisture away from your deck. To prevent weeds from taking over, drop a fabric weed barrier cloth over the area first.

  • What can I do with the space under my deck?

You can landscape it, create an entertainment area, or use it for storage.

  • How can I make the bottom of my deck look nice?

You can waterproof your deck. Waterproofing allows you to turn the area underneath your deck into an outdoor pavilion. Add a tongue-and-groove cedar ceiling to add lighting and a fan.

Don’t waste this space! Turning this area into a showcase will increase the value of your home and will bring an added dimension of enjoyment to your outdoor space for years to come.

There are enough under deck landscaping ideas for you to discover here that will make you fall in love with outdoor living.

1. Extend Your Patio Entertainment Area

Extend Your Patio Entertainment Area

You can add if your deck is high enough, add a picnic table. The grill is on the deck and the seating area is downstairs.

This is an effective design idea for situations where you may have a townhouse and limited space in your own backyard for entertaining.

via Bower Power

2. Combine Gravel and a Garden Bed

Combine Gravel and a Garden Bed

One of the simplest under deck landscape ideas is landscaping! 

Whether the deck is open or an enclosed space, you can always add landscaping around the perimeter. Use edging or brick to outline garden beds and fill the area underneath with gravel, river rocks, or mulch.

via Gingham Gardens

3. Create Your Own Under Deck Hideaway

Create Your Own Under Deck Hideaway

Sometimes you just want a place to hide out for yourself. It’s a great area to add a hammock or even outdoor furniture where you could just take a nap, read a book, or listen to music.

via Switzer’s Landscaping and Nursery

4. Plant an Extraordinary Garden Under Your Deck

Plant an Extraordinary Garden Under Your Deck

Beautiful rose bushes are a classic under deck landscape idea. Adding a trellis or lattice still allows light and airflow to flow through underneath your deck.

Flowers can be placed near the railing or at the base of the trellis for a natural look.

5. Add a Water Feature Under Your Deck

Add a Water Feature Under Your Deck

Where this deck extends around the corner of the house, a waterfall finishes at a beautiful fountain under the deck.

It’s surrounded by gravel and black mulch. It’s quiet and stunning all at the same time.

via Steve Botto Landscaping

6. A Low Deck Covered With Black Mulch

A Low Deck Covered With Black Mulch

The deck was designed to extend out across a slope. There isn’t enough headroom for any type of usable space. In this case, the area under the deck is edged with flat rocks and filled with black mulch.

Ground cover may not work here with a lack of sun. It can also be a hiding place for house pests.

via She’s Crafty

7. Classic Under Deck Landscaping Idea Has Lush Greenery

Classic Under Deck Landscaping Idea Has Lush Greenery

This simple staircase is given the royal treatment with a garden bed.  Black mulch will prevent weeds from taking over.

The entrance is being made spectacular by ground cover, a small tree, and a trellis of climbing ivy.

via Thompson Remodeling

8. Connect Your Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Connect Your Outdoor Entertainment Areas

There’s no reason to stop your patio where the deck overhang begins. Seating underneath the deck gives you two options for dining. You can even add ceiling fans or outdoor lighting

You can even turn this into a play area for the kids. It gives them a separate area from the adults, giving them room to run around while still being supervised.

via Earth, Turf and Wood

9. Landscaping Around Your Deck Adds Curb Appeal

Landscaping Around Your Deck Adds Curb Appeal

This is a great under deck landscape idea, especially if the deck leads to a separate residence upstairs. The perimeter was created with simple stone edging.

You can fill it with crushed gravel or pea gravel. Add low-growing shrubs underneath. Shade-loving plants will thrive here.

via Archadeck

10. Suspend a Bench Underneath a Deck

Suspend a Bench Underneath a Deck

If you live in an area that sees a lot of rainfall, you can add a bed of gravel for drainage under your deck.

The owners created more appeal under the deck area by suspending a bench and adding a little paver walkway. This type of drainage solution works especially well when you have a retaining wall, such as the one shown here.

11. Pour a Cement Patio Under a Deck

Pour a Cement Patio Under a Deck

Here’s a perfect example of an under-deck idea and how to utilize the space for more entertaining. A poured cement patio under the deck doubles the amount of space for entertaining.

There’s plenty of seating in both areas. The bottom patio provides more protection from the when it’s at its highest. Hanging fabric curtains and large planters create an intimate dining area.

via BHG

12. A Hardscape Design Under the Deck

A Hardscape Design Under the Deck

The walkway underneath this deck is extended by adding bench seating. The area directly underneath the outer edge of the deck is filled with large gravel, allowing for drainage away from the building. Planters add the right amount of landscaping decor while keeping the area maintenance-free.

If you have a paver patio, you can extend it away from the deck and let it lead to a fire pit. For safety reasons, always keep the pit at least ten feet away from your home and have an overhead clearance of at least 12 feet.

via Imparting Grace

13. Create a Paver Patio Under Your Deck

Create a Paver Patio Under Your Deck

This deck design extends over a retaining wall built with precast brick. The flat area was given an upgrade with flagstone pavers set over gravel. A bench suspended from the deck creates a shady seating area.

Change up the look of the area next to the patio by changing the mulch to a red or black mulch. Add more privacy by hanging blocks of fabric from the bottom of the deck.

14. Under Deck Landscape Design With Flower Boxes

Under Deck Landscape Design With Flower Boxes

This large deck was built over the home’s slope. Cement pavers were added to the bottom floor of the home as part of a walkway. The rest is edged in brick and filled with pea gravel. Flower boxes and shrubs added around the posts soften the look.

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