42 Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas That Are Both Beautiful and Functional

Decks are part of the outdoor area of the home which affects not only the general look but also the sturdiness of the patio.

The design of the deck is unfinished if there isn’t skirting. Skirting is as crucial as the platform itself. Its design should consider appealing look, functionality and other particularities related to the location of the house.

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There are many deck skirting ideas available on the Internet but here we have summarized them all in sections to make your survey easier. The sections are divided by the skirting material, look and design so we hope you can find the best skirt idea for your home.

Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas That Will Stay Within Your Budget

The inexpensive deck skirt ideas include materials like wood slats, scrap wood or vinyl boards considered durable and affordable.

Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas That Will Stay Within Your Budget

When you are looking not only into the budget advantages but also into the appealing look of the skirt, you can go for narrower slats instead of the standard size of wide slats.

When you are looking not only into the budget advantages but also into the appealing look of the skirt, you can go for narrower slats instead of the standard size of wide slats.

The slimmer size of the boards gives the skirt a modern touch. The pattern of slat alignment can also be used for enhancing the look of this part of the outdoor basis.

The slats can be added to a frame tracing one entire side or can be split equally on a few frames. Vertical positioning creates an illusion of a taller skirt that can help with the general perception of the house looking bigger.

Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas That Will Stay Within Your Budget

The narrow wooden slats that are typical skirt boards can be aligned vertically or horizontally. For a small deck, the horizontal positioning is best since it will decrease the installing time and will look better.

The composite materials used for the decking boards mimic the grains and the finish of wood and are quite affordable compared to real wooden material with a textured surface.

1. Create Storage Under Your Deck With Skirting

The underdeck is actually a ground storage area. There you can put many items related to the outdoors- from garden tools to furniture.

Create Storage Under Your Deck With Skirting

If you want to go away from the lattice pattern but yet need panels with holes, this is a good idea. The skirt is lined with four panels with openings for ventilation.

One of the panels is openable thanks to black wrought iron hinges and a pull.

Create Storage Under Your Deck With Skirting

This is a side deck skirt offering extra functionality. It presents extra storage on the ground level and a comfortable platform for usage as a back patio.

The wooden railing surrounding the patio matches the double door of the skirt to create a united look and complement the trendy neutral grey of the composite boards.

2. Lattice Deck Skirting Is Decorative and Functional

The crisscrossed or grid patterns of the lattice are what makes it so desirable wood lining type. It fits perfectly in all designs adding the warmth of the rustic style.

The latticed wood can be seen in garden structures such as trellises and pergolas. Here, it is presented as a skirt lining adding so much interest and personal touch.

While it makes the outdoors very appealing, it also requires more maintenance care and upkeep. This is why people have started to prefer vinyl boards more when it comes to skirt lining.

Lattice Deck Skirting Is Decorative and Functional

This lattice deck skirting makes an amazing contrast with the neutral siding of the house.

The dark stain of the wood and the beautiful lattice pattern add the delicate texture of the rustic style to the minimal exterior design.

Lattice Deck Skirting Is Decorative and Functional

The decking here offers a large empty space for storage. The deck skirt represented by lattice frames gives this additional outdoor storage area a beautiful look.

The location and the size of the deck make it suitable for the storage of garden tools, grill accessories, and outdoor furniture.

The finish of the lattice panels fascinates with its dark stain color and lattice pattern which easily stands out against the natural stone ground surrounding it.

3. Modern Look Adds Sleekness to Deck

If we have to summarize how the modern deck skirting looks that will be a combination of straight and symmetrical lines and earthy tones. Materials for making it vary – composite, wood, concrete.

Modern Look Adds Sleekness to Deck

This deck skirting idea features horizontal deck boards in earthy dark color.

Combined with the brick stones of the adjacent ground, the natural wood outdoor features on the patio and metal fencing, the skirting acts as a uniting element creating a cohesive and appealing look.

Modern Look Adds Sleekness to Deck

The deck skirting can have a more decorative look which will improve the curb appeal of your property. The ornamented panels here are produced from metal sheets with cut patterns and wood framing for assembly and attaching to the deck.

The railings are made of metal to cohere with the adjacent skirting panels. The wooden stairs copy the wood color of the panel frames and are beautifully brightened by built-in the steps LED lights.

4. Stone Deck Skirting Complements Many Styles

Looking for a long-lasting and solid deck skirting idea? Stone or the brick stone deck skirtings are what you need! These materials offer sturdy and well-grounded deck lining with a bold and sophisticated look.

Stone Deck Skirting Complements Many Styles

Here is what a brick stone deck skirting looks like- solid, rustic and bold. The backyard patio deck includes composite wood for the stairs, stone base, wood and metal railings and columns from white brick stones.

The balance between the elements is easily seen and together they create a united seamless look with loads of natural appeal.

Stone Deck Skirting Complements Many Styles

This stone deck skirting idea enjoys the eye with the clean lines and symmetrical alternation of white composite wood and grey brick stones.

The black railings of the patio complement the light stone base and act as a uniting element between the base and the patio platform décor.

5. Metal Deck Skirting for Protection Against Elements

Some people prefer the metal deck skirting for their patio because it promises long duration, low maintenance and relatively affordable investment.

Its suitability for outer exposure to any environmental conditions has turned metal skirting into a preferable choice for the house owners. Let’s see two inspiring deck skirting ideas with metal.

Metal Deck Skirting for Protection Against Elements

The metal deck skirting protects an empty space at the base of this house patio. It functions as a barrier against animals.

The lattice pattern of the cut metal panels makes it aesthetically appealing especially when combined with another structure of the patio such as the railings.

Metal Deck Skirting for Protection Against Elements

Looking for an affordable and yet contemporary deck skirting idea?

The combination of metal posts and corrugated sheets of metal creates an appealing industrial touch.

The skirt is not solid as it only aims to create protection against animals and good ventilation. The metallic brightness of the corrugated steel matches the creamy paint of the patio fence and the pergola which together create a visual illusion of a bigger outdoor platform.

6. Wood Deck Skirting Can Complement or Contrast

If you are keen on building yourself the skirt of the deck, you can make it from scrap wood planks. The wooden material is a good choice when it comes to outdoor application, especially when it is treated with special mediums ensuring long-lasting usage.

The wood deck skirting ideas are trendy and very appealing as you can see down here.

Wood Deck Skirting Can Complement or Contrast

This idea can be defined as a traditional wood stair and skirting design. The base and the staircase are lined with wooden planks, positioned vertically and horizontally.

The metal railing is a great complement to the wood deck skirting offering also durability and a clean look.

Wood Deck Skirting Can Complement or Contrast

Looking for a seamless deck design? Check this inspiring and elegant idea.

The same type of wood is applied to the skirt, the deck and the railing supports.

Metal dowels fill the wooden railing frames to ensure protection and an appealing traditional look.

Wood Deck Skirting Can Complement or Contrast

This elevated deck is given functionality by turning its base of it into an extra outdoor storage space. Wood planks cover the whole deck and skirting for a continuous and appealing rustic look.

A small door from the same wood ensures easy access to the bottom level of the deck.

7. PVC Deck Skirting Is Durable and Waterproof

People living in rainy areas prefer PVC or vinyl materials for their decks because they are weatherproof. Their durability is also an appreciated feature.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors and ideas for skirting from PVC and vinyl boards. Let’s check a couple of the best ones.

PVC Deck Skirting Is Durable and Waterproof

Narrow horizontal slats are aligned with a clearance on a panel frame to create a point of interest and ensure good ventilation.

The color and the design of the skirting match the wood tones of the deck and the metal railings to create together an aesthetic outdoor living zone.

PVC Deck Skirting Is Durable and Waterproof

This is another inspiring PVC deck skirting idea. You will never suspect that the material is not wood thanks to the realistic replication of the lattice pattern.

The thick borders and the lattice panels are white which enhances the visual illusion. The gaps of the lattice pattern help the ventilation and protection from animals.

8. Composite Deck Skirting Is Customizable

Composite materials are the most used supply for deck surfaces. This is quite logical since they offer a combination of construction materials that create a rigid and weatherproof structure.

When that comes to deck skirting, the composite materials are a mixture of concrete and polymer combinations resembling wood or vinyl finish.

Composite Deck Skirting Is Customizable

The deck skirt is of the traditional box-type design. The united look of this outdoor living area is created by the usage of the same composite material on the skirt and on the deck.

The visual and elegant appeal is complemented by the thick black railing which makes the final touches of the welcoming patio.

Composite Deck Skirting Is Customizable

Composite materials are perfect for a deck with extra storage. The lattice pattern resembles wood painted white and offers protection and ventilation.

The deck doesn’t follow the color of the skirting which in this instance is a great choice since it makes a bold and enjoyable contrast improving the general curb appeal.

Dark Brown Composite Deck Skirting Ideas

9. Reclaim Pallets for Rustic Deck Skirting

Pallet slats are great for application on the deck skirting because they are durable, budget-friendly and good-looking.
The texture of the wood offers a contemporary rustic touch that matches easily every style.

Reclaim Pallets for Rustic Deck Skirting

The warm tones of the wood provide a beautiful rustic contrast with the brown brick stone walls of this house.

The pallet slats of the skirting are placed leaving small openings for ventilation and a dimensional look.

Reclaim Pallets for Rustic Deck Skirting

The genuine rustic look of the pallet slats can be given an improved contemporary look if paired with modern outdoor extras such as built-in lights.

The wide horizontally placed pallet slats cover the deck and the skirt in a tight alignment.

It is an interesting idea to consider changing the wood panels of the railing with a fiberglass enclosure which adds to the traditional wood structure a modern accent.

10. Tall Deck Skirting Keeps out Wildlife

The tall deck skirts are usually present in homes located in forests or close to woods.

Their purpose is to protect the patio from an invasion of wild animals.

Tall Deck Skirting Keeps out Wildlife

Tall skirts may be also needed for lining the deck sides of a house placed on uneven and elevated terrain. This deck skirt idea gives the house structure a stable and continuous look.

It copes with the sloped ground creating the illusion of evenness.

Tall Deck Skirting Keeps out Wildlife

This is another tall deck idea that gives the forest house a modern townhouse look and creates an even outdoor vision of the house despite the sloped ground underneath.

The slim slats are stained dark and their alignment resembles the modern Asian-inspired lining trend.

Combined with metal railing, concrete and wood stairs, the deck makes the first impression of a contemporary and stylish home.

11. Deck Skirting Matches Craftsman Style Home

This section is dedicated to skirt ideas that stick to the common design elements which are stone, brick or stained wood and natural colors.

Deck Skirting Matches Craftsman Style Home

This is a typical craftsman-style deck skirt. It features stained wood boards aligned horizontally.

The pillars, the stairs and the railings are a dark mahogany color that makes an elegant contrast with the beige color of the house walls.

12. Concrete Is a Durable Skirting Material

This part of the deck skirt idea speaks about the most durable material that can be used- concrete.

It is weatherproof material for any type of outdoor structure. It comes as a pouring mixture but also in ready shapes such as pavers, natural stones, and slabs. Concrete deck skirting is modern and reliable.

Concrete Is a Durable Skirting Material

This free-standing deck is planked with composite boards with a wood finish.

The skirt is covered with greyish cobblestone which continues also on the stairs. It closes the base of the patio almost completely leaving two or three openings for ventilation.

Concrete Is a Durable Skirting Material

There are tools applied to wet cement mixture that can help resemble wood texture.

You will never recognize that the deck skirt in this example is cement because of the fine horizontal lines mimicking painted wooden boards.

13. Panels or Slats for Pool Deck Skirting

The skirt ideas are also applicable for above-ground decks. The skirts give a different look to the pool to unite it with the adjacent outdoor structures, to incorporate an extra storage place and a shade fixture in one.

Panels or Slats for Pool Deck Skirting

This above-the-ground pool looks like an extension of the back patio thanks to a pool deck. The skirt of the deck is a low-ground wood lattice.

The pool itself is lined with a separate deck skirt which repeats the color but not the texture. It is made of wood and creates the base for the pool, a storage place and support for the pergola’s poles.

Panels or Slats for Pool Deck Skirting

This pool area instantly makes you feel more relaxed because of the zen design and atmosphere.

The pool is incorporated in a wood structure with a deck, skirt and stairs because of the elevation.

The mahogany wood color is complemented by black metal posts for the railing and industrial wire. The skirt of the deck is with a lattice pattern in a dark stain which is repeated on the base of the pool.

The built-in lights on the stairs and the additional strings of lights make this zone magical and welcoming.

14. Faux Stone Is Lightweight Deck Skirting

Faux stones are another material good for deck skirts. They are made of polyurethane foams or veneers and although they look separate, the faux stones come in panels.

Faux Stone Is Lightweight Deck Skirting

Along with the interesting panel designs, you will also enjoy a budget-friendly upgrade material that will improve the general curb appeal.

Faux Stone Is Lightweight Deck Skirting

This example of a faux stone panels application proves that a house can look unique with a small investment.

The faux stone panels are used on the walls and on the deck skirt to create exterior accents.
The earthy tones of the stones cohere with the neutral beige color of the siding.

Together they make the house seamless and uniform.

15. Panel Skirting Ideas for Floating Deck

It is clear what a floating deck is- a free-standing platform with no railings or traditional supports. This platform can function as a back patio, front patio or lanai and requires a rigid deck skirting.

Panel Skirting Ideas for Floating Deck

This deck is an inspiring idea of how to enclose part of it so that the deck becomes more spacious. The free-standing part of this deck is at the front where people can easily move and enjoy the airiness.

The entire platform is made of wood. The base is closed with white panels which cohere with the railing pillars and the stairs’ fronts.

Panel Skirting Ideas for Floating Deck

This is an example of a total floating deck. The skirt here is more than just a lining, it serves as a staircase to the platform.

The lack of railings offers a contemporary airy look that is complemented by LED lights.

16. Cedar Skirting Ideas for Rustic Look Porch

The cedar deck skirts are suitable for homes built in the farmhouse style or cabins in the woods.

This wood material is known for its durability and workability which also comes with a generous amount of rustic beauty.

Cedar Skirting Ideas for Rustic Look Porch

This is an inspiring cabin-style home made of cedar. The skirt is newly made which can be recognized by the shiny finish of the wood.

It consists of wood panels alternating with vent panels for good ventilation of the base storage.

Cedar Skirting Ideas for Rustic Look Porch

The modern architectural shape of this house is given a warm touch with the application of cedar slats on the deck. The milky grey siding of the house pairs with the slatted design of the deck skirt.

The fiberglass enclosure supported by white wood posts unites modern and rustic in one structure that acts as a transition element between the rustic and the modern.

17. Get Custom Sized Deck Skirting With Lattice

The sloping grounds are a real challenge when it comes to creating an even and united look of the outdoors. Decks are always accompanied by stairs and solid skirts.

Get Custom Sized Deck Skirting With Lattice

Wood lattice boards are good for a sloped backyard application. The pattern distracts from the terrain and visually smoothens the existing unevenness.

Lattice panels also offer ventilation and protection.

Get Custom Sized Deck Skirting With Lattice

The sloping terrain hasn’t been considered a disadvantage in this deck skirt idea. On the contrary, it has been considered an advantage for creating more interesting outdoor structures and combinations.

Combining matching materials and colors has given this deck an elegant look. Hues of grey, white and black help the elements be defined in dimension and altogether they create a united vision.

18. Traditional Deck With Wood Panel Skirting

The lattice is the most common traditional skirt material. Another one you can consider and is also very elegant is the wood beams. It pairs well with rustic and modern homes.

Painted Blue Wood Boards Deck Skirting Design

The beams can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on the size and height of the skirt and the final look you want to achieve.

Wood beams also offer a versatile look that can be easily obtained with stains and paints.

White Front Porch Flower Bed Deck Skirting

For a coherent look of the traditional front patio make the skirt in the same color and of the same material as another major element of the deck.

That can be the deck surface, the pillars, the railings.

19. Brick and Stone Skirting Has Traditional Look

Stone and brick stone skirting designs belong to the traditional types of the traditional deck.

The stone deck offers character but also sturdiness, hence there are many fans of it.

Bricks And Stones Deck Skirting

Stones have become very popular in modern farmhouse houses.

It is durable, outstanding and textured. You can choose from a variety of real processed stones and faux stone panels.

Stone Brick Deck Skirting

This is a charming idea with faux stones. The color palette is earthy, the perfect match for the light grey siding.

Faux stones have become more popular because they are easy to be applied, cheaper than natural stones and light-weighted.

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