17 Creative Upcycled Furniture Projects That Save Money and Add Style

Speaking of sustainable and chic homes, what do you think is the easiest way to reduce waste and update their look? It is to upcycle what you already have. Furniture is great for DIY makeover projects.

To update the look of a piece of furniture, you can use paints, decoupage paper, textiles, wood, sealing film, and many more.

Discover 17 ingenious upcycled furniture projects that effortlessly blend style with sustainability. From transforming old doors into chic tables to turning pallets into stylish outdoor seating, these DIY ideas not only save money but also give your home a unique, personalized touch. Explore now and get inspired to revamp your space creatively!

Let’s check out 17 of the most interesting upcycled furniture projects that can inspire you to showcase your creativity and personal style.

1. Midcentury Desk Makeover

upcycled furniture 1


An old wooden desk is given a modern look with a new coat of paint.

It was an interesting idea to keep the original color and texture of the wood in some areas to keep the authentic beauty of the desk and match it with the vintage wooden chair.

2. Makeover With A Modern Color

upcycled furniture 2


Another inspiring idea for an old furniture makeover is the transformation of an amazing chest of drawers.

Although it had plenty of damage, the solid frame and drawer fronts made from oak wood were reason enough to revive it.

After changing the damaged sections with new ones, the crafter painted the entire outer surface of the piece midnight green and the inside conch.

3. Hand-painted Fronts Of A Buffet

upcycled furniture 3


This retro buffet was given an artistic and unique look by changing the base color of the wood and hand-painting the front doors.

The choice of two shades of blue instantly gives the furniture a coastal touch, which makes a wonderful visual connection with the buffet’s vintage design.

4. Vintage Radio Cabinet Makeover

upcycled furniture 4


Unique furniture pieces like an apothecary cabinet or radio cabinet are priceless. This unique project involves converting a radio cabinet into a console table with a storage compartment for the entryway.

If the wood is in good condition, you can refresh it a little with a suitable stain so that the texture stands out. Another great idea is to paint part of it a lovely milky shade from the nautical color palette that will stand out against the wooden backdrop of the cabinet frame.

5. Updated Wardrobe

upcycled furniture 5


You can also use film with a modern texture to update an old piece of furniture.

The price of a roll is quite affordable, and honestly, the films look great and are very realistic.

6. Upcycled End Table

upcycled furniture 6


This piece of furniture has impressed me with its unusual octagonal shape and age. It was dark and too outdated.

To give it this coastal vibe, it was repainted white, and parts of it were sanded down to be whitewashed.

Its new function is as an entryway side table for decorations.

7. Updated Chest Of Drawers

upcycled furniture 7


This amazing sideboard was once an ordinary piece. It was turned into a modern chest with vibrant paint colors and a pouring technique applied on the countertop and the front door of the storage sections.

With this pouring technique, the results are different every time. You can release your creativity and enjoy the amazing, unique transformation.

8. Updated Chest With Modern Paints

upcycled furniture 8


There is no sign of the old chest after it was painted a modern navy blue.

The decorations on the doors that also act as handles are well-restored to showcase the authenticity of the wood and serve as a uniting element with the rest of the decor.

9. Bold Vanity

upcycled furniture 9


Black is a bold color, and adding a piece of retro furniture painted in it will surely create a statement.

This small vanity was painted glossy black to stand out against the earthy tones of the room. To add an accent to this black vanity, you can choose metal knobs that suit its style.

10. Old Desk Renovation

upcycled furniture 10


This is a rare and precious 19th-century desk with a unique design. Its original color was dark brown, but the DIYer decided to update it with a modern raw wood look achieved by hand painting.

The painting technique has not affected the desk’s original beauty; it has only blended it with the trends of the 21st century.

11. Makeover with Paintable Wallpaper

upcycled furniture 11


Do you wonder how the front doors of this piece were given this amazing texture? It looks like burlap fabric or canvas, but that is paintable wallpaper.

The bottom of the piece was also changed, and a new custom-made oak base and trims were added to make the overall look high-end. The paint color is also decisive for the final look of the piece. The author chose a modern grey color.

12. Update Of An Old Furniture Set

upcycled furniture 12


These two pieces were transformed into a lovely Scandi modern furniture set. The old-fashioned glossy stain of the wood was replaced with a charcoal grey paint coat. It provides a stunning backdrop for the added natural wood details in a modern pattern.

13. Sideboard DIY Makeover

upcycled furniture 13


This sideboard is inspired by the pastel green color of the frame and the natural wood texture left on the front of the drawers and the countertop.

The beautiful light sage green color gives the piece an organic feel. Combined with the sections’ authentic wood texture, the sideboard gets a modern vintage look.

14. Pretty In Pink Makeover Idea

upcycled furniture 14


If you apply a thick coat of milky pink paint to an old desk, it can become a statement piece of your interior that radiates beauty, luxury, and femininity.

If you have a piece of furniture you would like to renovate similarly, sand the surface well so that there isn’t any stain or old paint residue.

15. DIY Furniture Update With Transfers

upcycled furniture 15


Another great DIY technique for a makeover of an old piece of furniture is decoupage. Nowadays, you can get stencils, napkins, or decoupage paper in gorgeous patterns and themes that will make the piece stand out.

Paint the wooden piece a color that will draw attention and choose handles that will match.

16. Buffet Makeover Idea

upcycled furniture 16


This is another upcycle furniture idea that includes glossy black paint. An old buffet and a mirror frame get a modern twist with the new bold color.

The new color refreshes the wood surface and also makes the vintage piece more visually appealing.

17. TV Unit Makeover Idea

upcycled furniture 17


If you just want to give an updated look to an existing piece of furniture in your home, try this inspiring makeover idea.

Paint the entire unit a new color and change the fronts of the drawers and the cabinets’ doors to new ones with interesting textures.

An easier and more inexpensive idea could be to glue paintable wallpaper or film with a texture over the existing doors.

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