21 Heartwarming Valentine’s Door Decorations to Welcome Love Home

Fill your home with love with one of these 21 Heartwarming Valentine’s Door Decorations to Welcome Love Home.

Embrace the spirit of love with these 21 heartwarming Valentine's door decorations. Welcome love home with charming and creative ways to adorn your entrance and share the warmth of the season.

Some ideas are perfect to blend with your Christmas decor, while others can remain a little longer to welcome spring.

1. A Rose Bouquet Transformed Into A Wreath

valentines door decorations 1


The red color is associated with love, and there isn’t a more symbolic flower for St. Valentine’s Day than the rose.

Combining these two creates a bold floral wreath that explicitly welcomes love in the home.

2. Heart-shaped Wreath

valentines door decorations 2


Another floral door decoration features a heart-shaped wreath with seasonal flowers. This is a lovely mix of spring’s natural gifts and St. Valentine’s Day.

If topiaries or trees are at the sides of the front door, you can decorate them with heart-shaped ornaments from paper.

3. A Love Arch

valentines door decorations 3


What a bold door decoration for St. Valentine’s Day! The combination of paper and grapevine hearts in different sizes ornate an arch surrounding the front door.

Here and there, faux and paper roses add another St. Valentine’s Day symbol to the lovely arch decoration.

4. Fron Door Decoration In White And Pink

valentines door decorations 4


This charming vintage door decoration mixes spring flowers for Valentine’s Day. A garland of white and pink roses, peonies, and hydrangeas decorates the front door like an arch.

The same flower varieties are arranged in bouquets that decorate a retro bicycle basket and pink rain boots.

The heart shape is also included in this front door decoration, with a simple doormat and grapevine hearts ornated with faux flowers to act as wreaths.

5. Heart-shaped Stickers

valentines door decorations 5


The spring front door decoration can be easily transformed into a St. Valentine’s Day ornament with the addition of decals in a heart shape.

Add them to the front door in the desired pattern, and when the holiday is over, remove them easily to return to the spring decor.

6. A Banner With Hearts

valentines door decorations 6


If you have already decorated the front door with a wreath with spring flowers, you can easily mix it with St. Valentine’s Day ornaments.

This front door decoration features a banner from hearts with different textures and colors.

The heart symbol exists on all levels of this decor thanks to a wooden heart-shaped sign on the front door, red paper origami on the floor and stone hearts before the step.

7. A LOVE Sign

valentines door decorations 7


Make the front door memorable for St. Valentine’s Day with a large sign celebrating love. The sign can be made from styrofoam board and letters or a combination of lumber and styrofoam.

Back up the eye-catching sign with a heart-shaped wreath or heart ornaments.

8. Lush Floral Wreath

valentines door decorations 8


Using pink and red flowers for a front door wreath will quickly relate it to St. Valentine’s Day.

These two colors have been symbolic of this holiday forever and ever.

9. Hanging Hearts

valentines door decorations 9


Dollar Store St.Valentine’s hearts are perfect to decorate the front door for the holiday.

Complement them with heart-shaped inserts in the pots and a thematic doormat with a meaningful statement.

10. Explosion Of Flowers

valentines door decorations 10


This wreath is exactly what Valentine’s Day should be: lots of pink and red flowers arranged on a heart-shaped base.

11. Hearts And Kisses Decals

valentines door decorations 11


Decals in heart and kiss shapes are perfect for any front door if its color is neutral or contrasting.

Seal the decals in a pattern you like and enjoy the magical love spirit this decoration creates.

12. Garland From Baubles And Hearts

valentines door decorations 12


Dress up the Christmas front door garland with paper heart ornaments to blend it in the tone of St. Valentine.

Add styrofoam or plastic hearts to the walls of the door and a thematic wreath on the door.

13. Balloons Decoration

valentines door decorations 13


If you’re feeling warm and romantic this Valentine’s Day, why not make a door decoration to match your feelings?

Create an arch from pink balloons at one of the door sides and a charming floral arrangement with tulips and heart-shaped balloons on the other.

14. Round Wreath Idea

valentines door decorations 14

@artificial_hannah floralfrontdoor

With pink and red roses, blush pink hydrangeas, and greenery, this wreath is irresistible.

Use faux flowers to make this unique door decoration that lasts all spring.

15. Ribbon Wreath

valentines door decorations 15


Get a round styrofoam base and decorate it with gold and red bows. Add accent ribbons with a heart pattern and an XO inscription.

This unique wreath can be complemented by heart-shaped signs on both sides of the door or a tall sign leaned against the door.

Add a thematic doormat that will cheer you all up.

16. A Heart-shaped Arrangement

valentines door decorations 16


If you are very excited about this year’s St. Valentine’s Day, show it not with one but many heart decorations.

Arrange them by color and size to make a harmonious door decoration,

17. Love Topiaries

valentines door decorations 17


The existing flower urns at the sides of the front door are upgraded to St. Valentine’s decor by adding descending in size styrofoam hearts.

Each heart is filled with faux flowers to continue the floral accent of the front door.

18. Black, White And Red Wreath

valentines door decorations 18


Check out this idea if you want a more minimalist front door decoration for St. Valentine’s Day.

The monochromatic decor is complemented by a heart-shaped wreath in black and white with subtle rose ornaments.

19. Leave The Christmas Decor

valentines door decorations 19

@Dawn Hearn Interior Design

Since St. Valentine’s Day is between winter and spring, you can use either winter or spring decorations to make the day special.

In this front door decor idea, the Christmas decoration was left longer to welcome St. Valentine’s Day.

20. A Large Paper Heart

valentines door decorations 20


All you will need for this front door decoration is red, pink, and white construction paper, glue, black marker, and a pink silk ribbon.

This DIY door decoration is so easy that you can even include your children to help.

21. A Ribbon Garland

valentines door decorations 21


Garlands are perfect for decorating a front door. This cute St. Valentine’s decor features a garland of white, red, and pink ribbons stretched above the door.

The theme of the garland can be easily guessed by the letter banner over the ribbons.

Complement the garland with heart-shaped paper ornaments hanging from it and glued to the door.

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