12 Undoubtedly Smart Kitchen Organization Ideas

2. Go vertical

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Small kitchens always have a great limitation when it comes to space. This can even be worse if you do not have a pantry to help store some foodstuff. However, you need not worry because with this plan, you can be able to maximize on the little space you have.

Going vertical is always a smart idea as there is plenty of space when items are organized in a vertical manner with shelves and drawers. This idea is so much like building a skyscraper. You utilize the space upwards because horizontal space is inadequate.

What we like about this idea is that with shelves and pull-out drawers, you can easily stack up plenty of food supplies from top to bottom. Plus, all the food items are visible and easily accessible. The items can be arranged in order of frequent use, with those that are frequently used being placed lower than the others.

However, we think you can improve on the idea by having some handles on the pull-out drawers. The shelves can also have a simple and easy-to-open door.