18 Amazing Christmas Centerpieces For The Cutest Christmas

You will agree with me that most of the treasured holiday memories are happening at the festive dinner table.

No matter what will be the theme of your table setting this Christmas, make sure it’s cheerful and shows your personal style.

Best Christmas Centerpiece Ideas. A beautiful Christmas centerpiece is a must have for any Christmas decoration. Get some original and unique ideas for your decor. #decorhomeideas

I’ve prepared a collection of 18 incredible Christmas table centerpieces to help you open your mind for the upcoming holiday season. Let’s get started!  ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Create a Gorgeous Centerpiece with Evergreen and Ornaments

Rustic Greenery Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

I decided to start with something that can easily go to your collection of homemade Christmas centerpieces.

It won’t take long to make, all you need is a tall glass vase, some evergreens from the backyard, and a bunch of shimmering Christmas ornaments (you can steal them from the Christmas tree).

Be creative and customize this idea in a way that fits the rest of your festive decor.

2. Bring Nature to Your Table with a Rustic Table Runner

Wood Container Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


As I am a huge fan of the Christmas centerpieces with a candle, I was very happy when I found this creative tablescape.

You can also do it – just buy an old wood box from the thrift shop (or make one) and fill the box with tiny faux trees, a cranberries garland, and some candles. I love the rustic vibe this setting brings to the dining room!

3. Make Eerie Luminaries with Cranberries and Evergreen Accents

Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


In just ten minutes, you can design these charming luminaries using upcycled jars, cranberries, cedar clippings or some other greenery, and a bunch of floating candles.

The candlelight is reflecting on the glass jars and creates a whimsical vibe in the entire room. So Christmassy, isn’t it?  ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Bring Vintage Charm with a Rustic Dinner Table Lantern

Lantern Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Last week, my sister asked me to find some beautiful and easy Christmas lantern centerpieces for her.

And what could be easier than decorating some old lanterns (or buying new ones from the dollar store) with classic holiday elements such as evergreens, red ribbons, and mini frosted pinecones?

5. Unleash Your Creativity with a Starry Christmas Tablescape

Paper Basket Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

It’s essential to remember we don’t need to necessarily spend a fortune to create a stunning table centerpiece. The cheap Christmas centerpieces are usually better than the expensive ones because they are (partly) handmade and they show our own artistry.

for instance, transform plain paper bags into festive flower holders for an artistic organic holiday table centerpiece on a budget.

6.ย Make a Woodland-Themed Christmas Tablescape with Ease

Greenery Rustic Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

Save tons of money this Christmas and create a large table feel full by harmonizing a mixture of pieces foraged from the outdoors like bundles of fresh pine and some vintage candleholders in various sizes to add texture.

I think the more organic the more elegant and nature-inspired Christmas centerpieces are.

7. Create a Magical Christmas Snowman Candle Centerpiece

Candle Lantern Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

As Christmas holiday is all about the joy and the fun, memorable family gatherings, my advice is to create some Christmas centerpieces that can make everyone smile.

I love this idea of transforming a simple white pillar candle into a welcoming snowman. Display it above the mantel or in the entrance hall so all of your guests can easily see it.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

8. Bring Life to Your Dinner Table with a Floral Centerpiece

Fresh flower Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Let nature be the focal point in a Christmas floral arrangement that’s also a great conversation starter.

To add a little twist to the festive dinner table, bake cookies with each of your guest’s name. In this way, you’ll make everyone feel more special and cozy in the Holly night.

9. Elevate Your Decor with a Lush Christmas Centerpiece

Rustic Candle Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Following the list of easy Christmas centerpieces ideas, celebrate the charm of the holiday with this marvelous mix of fresh pine evergreens displayed around a large glass candle jar.

The whole decoration looks so unpretentious, elegant, and rustically comforting.

10. Create a Winter Wonderland with Epsom Salt Luminaries

Epsom Salt Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


This is one of the ideas of mason jar Christmas centerpieces I used to look at many times but this year I finally decided to give it a try.

I first thought it would be a very hard DIY project, however, if you read the step-by-step tutorial carefully it is not.

The materials needed here are mason jars (simple glass jars also work), Epsom salt, mod podge, and a brush to apply the mod podge.

11. Embellish a Home with a Rustic Snowman Head Centerpiece

Snowman Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas

This DIY snowman will be the focal point of your festive dinner table with a few thronged pine boughs, snowball head, and chic tartan ribbon bow tie.

In case you have some doubts, I would ensure you the kids at home will love this smiling fellow.

12. Create a Rustic Christmas Atmosphere with Birch Candles

Nature Inspired Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


This simplistic, organic table setup requires just three kinds of pieces: birch stumps, tea lights, and shimmering Christmas figures. You can also display some glass jars in order to give some texture to this centerpiece. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Arrange the elements according to your own taste.

13. Enjoy a Magical Christmas with Colorful Candle Luminaries

Easy Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Haven’t found your favorite of all the Christmas centerpieces I just showed you? Don’t get upset…

This is an easy and simplistic way to make a remarkable centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table.

I love the contrast between the golden elements and the candles.

14. Bring Rustic Elegance to Your Table with Santa Sleigh Decor

Dough Bowl Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


This Christmas dough bowl centerpiece is made of an ancient dough bowl.  To me, it looks a bit as Santa sleigh.

Fill the dough bowl with shiny garlands, layered ornaments, pinecones, vintage candleholders and everything else you think will match. Your guests will surely envy you!  ๐Ÿ˜‰

15. Transform Your Space with a Woodsy Tablescape

Candles Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


No one can guess how simple this charming, natural-looking Christmas table decoration is to make! All you need to do is to collect some pinecones, wooden pieces and moss from the nearest park.

Plus, this is one of the rustic Christmas centerpieces you can display for the whole year.

16. Get Creative with a Rustic Santa Centerpiece

Santa Claus Birch Log Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


Santa is one of the most symbolic Christmas figures. That’s why there are so many Santa-themed Christmas table decorations centerpieces.

For this one shown above, you’ll need evergreens, birch logs, candles, large shimmering ball ornaments, some candles, and a large Santa figure as a focal point of this eye-catching centerpiece.

17. Add Sparkle to a Christmas Table with Shimmering Ornaments

Silver And Gold Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


This Christmas table design starts as a simple DIY project. Simply create a display of paper trees in gold.

Display the shimmering decorative trees along with some golden ornaments and a bunch of tea lights candleholders to give the setting more texture. And there it is – your Christmas centerpiece is ready!

18.ย Craft a Gorgeous Mountain Chalet Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Deer Centerpieces #Christmas #centerpiece #Christmasdecor #decorhomeideas


I left one of my most favorite Christmas centerpieces ideas for the end.

For those of you who believe the essence of Christmas coziness is found in a mountain chalet style of Christmas decor, do not hesitate to create this gorgeous holiday centerpiece.

Imagine having these majestic animals while enjoying the time with your friends and family… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Impressive Christmas centerpieces don’t necessarily need to take a lot of time or pricey materials – these 18 gorgeous holiday tablescapes prove it. Hope you managed to get some inspiration! Cheers! x

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