12 Christmas Decorating Hanging Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Every year, when Christmas rolls around, you gather garlands, lights, and wreaths, and decide where each one should go.

Then, the age-old question arises: what’s the best way to hang Christmas decorations?

You want hanging solutions that are supportive but not so bulky that they attract attention.

Whether you’re hanging a garland on a banister or putting lights on a tree, these great hacks can help you figure out how to display all of your decorations — all while keeping your walls and style intact.

1. Door Garland Hangers Are A Simple Solution

Attach a Garland Hanger #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Garland brings your home to life; when you’re placing it around a door frame, the right type of hanger is a must.

That’s where door garland hangers come in. These specialty hangers feature tension rods that sit inside the top of the frame.

A rectangular bracket extends out from the center, and a side arm curves off of each end. To hang the garland, simply drape the center point over the rectangular bracket and feed the ends over the side arms so they’re out of the way of the door. The garland hides the bracket and arms for a seamless, elegant look.

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2. Attach Lights To Brick With Hot Glue

Glue Light Strands Directly to Your House #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Have you ever wrestled with outdoor light hangers.

Not this year — all you need is a hot glue gun. Glue works particularly well on brick walls that can’t accept traditional hangers.

Just add a dot of glue, wait a couple of seconds for it to cool slightly, and push the light wires into the dot. After the holidays are done, just pull gently, and the glue pops right off.

This strategy can also work on smooth vinyl and metal siding; just do a spot test first to make sure your finish stays intact.

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3. Removable Hooks Support Ribbon Hangers

Hide a Hook in the Back #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Traditional wreath hangers are functional, but they don’t allow you to use a gorgeous ribbon hanger.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Grab a sturdy plastic Command hook that’s strong enough to support the weight of your wreath.

Install it on the opposite side of the door. The trick is to hang it upside down.

That way, you can lay the ends of the ribbon over the top of the door and loop them around the hook. The ribbon hangs flat on the front of the door for a neat, streamlined look.

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4. Swag Your Christmas Lights On The Front Only

Lights Only At The Front Of Your Tree #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Do you put your Christmas tree in the corner of a room?

Maximize the effect of your lights by placing them only on the front side of the tree.

Start at the top and arrange your lights in a zig-zag pattern. The tree will look full and elegant — you’ll never notice that the back side is empty.

Just make sure to extend the corners of your zig-zags all the way to the wall to complete the illusion.

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5. Use A Second Rod For Curtain Garland

Make the Most of Your Tension Rod #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Lush, green garland is a gorgeous way to accent the tops of your windows.

When you drape it over the curtain rod, however, it’s difficult to open and close the curtains.

Solve this problem by adding a tension rod. It serves as a support system for the garland without inhibiting the function of the drapes.

For an extra pop of color and fun, you can use the rod to hang ornaments from ribbon or fishing line.

Hide the ends inside the garland for a seamless, professional-quality effect.

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6. Outdoor Hooks Resist The Elements

Opt for Weather-Resistant Hooks #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Command hooks are the perfect way to add boughs of greenery to the exterior of your home.

If you’ve ever tried to use standard models, however, you know that they tend to fall off as soon as the weather turns wet or cold.

That’s where outdoor hooks come in — made with weather-resistant materials and adhesive, these hooks stay firmly in place throughout all types of winter storms.

Choose clear hooks and place them on the glass for a sturdy support system that blends into the window.

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7. Floral Wire Offers Hidden Hanging

Rely on Floral Wire #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Are you planning to line your banister with a lush garland this Christmas?

Whether your garland is made from greenery or Christmas ball ornaments, floral wire is a must-have supply.

Thin and strong, this wire can hold quite a bit of weight without snapping. To use it, simply lay the garland over the banister and wrap the wire around the entire assembly.

It disappears into the garland, giving the impression that the decorations are floating in place. Add wire supports every 5-10 inches, depending on the weight.

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8. Display Cards With Ribbon Wrapped Cabinets

Tie Ribbon To Kitchen Cabinets To Display Your Christmas Cards #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

One of the great Christmas challenges is finding a beautiful way to display greeting cards from friends and family.

All you need to achieve this goal is a roll of ribbon. Tie a length of ribbon vertically over the cabinet doors in your kitchen.

When you create a tight knot on the inside of the door, the ribbon stays taut — that way, you can slip cards behind it or clip them on with small clothespins.

The effect is simple and festive; plus, it’s easy to remove after the holidays.

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9. Choose A Stylish Removable Hook

Use a Decorative Hook #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Sometimes, you have no choice but to use a visible hanger.

Fortunately, there’s no need to settle for an unattractive plastic hook. Instead, look for a decorative adhesive hook.

Thanks to the popularity of these easy-on, easy-off pieces, brands are making hooks that are just as beautiful as the decorations you’re displaying.

Simply choose a hook in a color and finish that complete your wreath or wall art.

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10. Binder Clips Make Light Hanging Easy

Use Binder Clips to Hang Lights #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Outdoor Christmas lights bring joy to everyone who passes your home.

Hanging them is another story. If you’re tired of struggling with specialty clips, there’s an easy solution: binder clips.

These office supplies feature thin edges, so you can slip them over the edge of a roof with ease.

The strong tension holds the clip in place even in windy conditions. When it’s time for the lights to come down, just fold back the metal ends and squeeze.

You can even leave the binder clips on the strand of lights for easy use the next year.

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11. Bendable Cable Wraps Hold Garland To Banisters

Use Cable Organizers to Attach Garland #Christmas #hanginghacks #decorhomeideas

Have you ever seen the bendable cable organizers that keep your cords under control?

They’re also an easy way to attach the garland to a banister. Just wrap the ties around the garland and the banister for an instant hold.

Since the organizers are usually wrapped in silicone or rubber, they don’t scratch your paint or finish.

They also come off easily when your decorations come down, streamlining the transition into the new year.

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