28 Unique Christmas Reindeer Decoration To Add Christmas Cheer To Your Home

Sweet and charming, the reindeer is one of the most beloved symbols of the Christmas holidays.

Trends come and go, but reindeer pieces are timeless options that you can pull out year after year.

Whether you’re going for a classic and cozy theme or a chic, modern vibe, these unique reindeer decorations have you covered.

Best Christmas Reindeer Decoration. Christmas is the perfect time of year to decorate your home with DIY Christmas reindeer decor! Sure Santa is common, snowmen are wonderful, and Christmas trees will always have their place, but Christmas reindeer are so cute, festive and fun! #decorhomeideas

1. Reindeer Print Gift Bag

Adorable Cotton Canvas Reindeer Santa Sack for Presents #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Carry presents to a loved one in this adorable reindeer-print gift sack.

A cheerful Rudolph adorns the front of the bag, adding an extra-cute twist.

With its drawstring top, this bag is fit for Santa.

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2. Add A Reindeer Face To A Party Cake

Adorable Reindeer Cake Topper for Holiday Parties #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

When you’re hosting a Christmas party, cake decorations that are easy yet impressive are the Holy Grail.

That’s where this reindeer topper comes in — it’s exceptionally quick to set in place, but it makes a huge visual impact.

As long as you can make swirls of frosting, you can recreate this designer-style cake.

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3. Adorable Baby Red Nosed Reindeer Art Print

Baby Reindeer with Red Nose Printable Art #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Your guests will swoon over this printable art piece.

A baby deer with tall antlers and a bright red nose peers out from your picture frame, creating a realistic take on Rudolph.

Just print the photo and tuck it into an existing frame to create an instant holiday classic.

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4. Burlap Ribbon DIY Reindeer Wreath

Beautiful Burlap Reindeer Wreath Featuring Rudolph #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

A wreath is a staple of any Christmas decoration collection, and this Rudolph version stands out from the crowd.

The soft burlap folds create the impression of a deer’s fur, while the antlers and glittering red nose add a special twist.

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5. Engraved Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

Beautiful Personalized Clear Christmas Reindeer Decoration Idea #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for decorations that are chic and personal?

These stunning reindeer ornaments, which can be customized with individual names, are the perfect choice.

The clear material creates the illusion of floating, magical creatures dancing against the branches of your tree.

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6. Rustic Reindeer Door Welcome Sign

Buffalo Plaid Reindeer Door Hanger for the Holidays #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Give your regular wreath a break this Christmas and switch it out for this reindeer door decoration.

The fun red and black buffalo plaid background makes a bright, cheerful statement, and the hint of greenery adds a festive touch.

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7. Decorate With Whimsical Reindeer Clothespins

Colorful Reindeer Clothespins for a Fun and Festive Touch #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Dress up your office or craft studio with these super-cute reindeer clothespins.

The bright colors and patterns bring life to the classic reindeer-head silhouette, and the tiny wooden clips are ideal for hanging Christmas cards, holding garland, or keeping strands of Christmas lights in place.

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8. Cutout Reindeer Candle Cube

Creative and Unique Reindeer Candle Holder #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Integrate candles into your Christmas decor with the help of a reindeer candle holder.

The cube-style holder features cutout reindeer silhouettes — light the candle, and each one glows beautifully.

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9. Red Drawer Pull Reindeer Stocking Holder

Distressed Rustic Wooden Stocking Holder for Christmas #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Don’t have a fireplace or a mantel?

Show off your stockings with this reindeer holder.

A row of cheerful Rudolphs march across the plank; each one features a bright red hanging knob for a nose.

Just slip your stockings over the knobs for an instant Christmas display.

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10. Modern Laser Cut Reindeer Ornaments

Geometric Wooden Reindeer Silhouette Holiday Decoration #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Modern and elegant, these geometric wooden reindeer ornaments are the perfect fit for a contemporary home.

The laser-cut detailing is crisp and bold, and the natural wood finish looks understated and natural.

Use them as ornaments or tie them onto gifts for an extra treat.

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11. Reindeer Antlers Add Holiday Charm

Hand Painted Reindeer Letter Decorations #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Personalize your Christmas decor with wooden letters that have been transformed into charming reindeer decorations.

Each letter features the name of someone in your family, and elegant cutout antlers add a festive finishing touch.

Red and white jingle bells amp up the holiday cheer.

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12. Top Your Tree With A Majestic Metal Reindeer

Handmade Aluminum Metal Reindeer Tree Topper #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Looking for an alternative to a star-shaped tree topper?

Go all in on the rustic Christmas theme with a metal reindeer tree topper.

The glistening brushed surface shines beautifully when the lights are on or off; you can even use this piece as a home decoration throughout the year.

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13. Santa’s Reindeer Flag Garland

Holiday Burlap Banner with Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Burlap brings instant texture and down-home charm to your Christmas display.

This stunning banner features Santa’s sleigh and individual reindeer, each adorning a different burlap flag.

Hang it alone or pair it with green garland for a stunning holiday effect.

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14. Wood Log Reindeer Yard Decoration

Marvelous Wooden Firewood Reindeer Christmas Decor #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Is your yard or porch in need of some Christmas cheer?

This cute reindeer is tough enough to withstand any type of weather.

His body and head are made from firewood, and his adorable antlers come from unfinished tree branches, so you can leave him outside all season long.

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15. Reindeer In Flight Wall Décor

Merry Christmas Santa and Reindeer Wall Decal #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Santa and his reindeer soar across your wall in this gorgeous decal set.

Each piece is easy to apply, so you can create a stunning decoration on any wall.

After the holidays, simply peel off the decals and save them for next year.

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16. Personalized Mini Clay Ornaments

Miniature Clay Reindeer Tree Christmas Decorations #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

If you have a miniature Christmas tree, these impossibly cute reindeer ornaments are must-have pieces.

The white clay shows off the minimalist shape, and the sweet face adds just the right amount of detail.

Each reindeer is personalized, creating an instant keepsake.

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17. Antique Look Christmas Sleigh Ride Sign

North Pole Reindeer Co. Vintage Sign for the Holidays #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Bring life to an empty wall or door with this fun vintage sign.

The magic starts with the whitewashed plank panel — it’s the ideal background for the traditional lettering.

We love the tiny bouquet of greenery that tops off the design.

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18. Reindeer Silhouette Burlap Stocking

Personalized Burlap Reindeer Stocking with Embroidery #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

With its burlap construction and cheerful red reindeer silhouette, this stocking exudes rustic Christmas charm.

Lace trim and heart accents complete the traditional look.

Whether it’s hanging on the mantel or decorating a wall, this stocking brightens any space.

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19. Rustic Mini Reindeer Santa Hat Display

Primitive Reindeer Nestled Inside a Santa Hat #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Hang this Santa hat filled with reindeer on your front door — your Christmas visitors won’t be able to resist the cute critters peeking out at them.

This clever arrangement is made even more charming with thoughtful details such as straight stick antlers, checkered ribbon tassels, and a vintage tag.

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20. Wood Reindeer Buffalo Check Ornaments

Rustic Buffalo Plaid Reindeer Ornaments with Burlap #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Build your ornament collection with these lovely reindeer ornaments.

With their bright buffalo-check backgrounds and textured twine borders, they fit into your traditional Christmas decor.

The tiny sprigs of greenery and berries are a beautiful accent.

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21. Vintage Reindeer Treats Wall Sign

Rustic Reindeer Holiday Sign Decoration #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

If you love the look of vintage wooden signs, this reindeer-themed version is the perfect Christmas treat.

At first glance, it looks like a typical sign — but look closer, and you’ll smile at the charming holiday message.

Hang it on a door or set it on a shelf for an extra pop of color.

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22. Laser Cut Personalized Glitter Reindeer

Shimmery Personalized Wooden Reindeer Decoration #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Do you like a bit of sparkle with your Christmas decor?

A reindeer ornament with shimmering antlers fits the bill.

Each one can be personalized with a name and the year, creating a sweet reminder of the memories you created.

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23. Printed Reindeer Holiday Tags

Silkscreen Printed Holiday Tags for Gifts or Decoration #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Bring a truly elegant touch to your holiday gifts with custom silkscreen tags.

The one-color prints bring a unique depth to the reindeer image, creating the look of a vintage blueprint.

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24. Classic Cream And Black Reindeer Pillow

Stylish Reindeer Canvas Throw Pillow Cover #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Jazz up an old throw pillow at Christmas with a canvas cover.

With its simple cream-colored background and leaping reindeer silhouette, this pillow cover is right at home in a contemporary apartment or a modern farmhouse.

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25. Accent Your Holiday Table With Reindeer Rings

Trendy Wooden Christmas Reindeer Napkin Rings #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Break out your cloth napkins to use with these adorable napkin rings, which feature a set of antlers and ears.

The wooden rings stand straight up, bringing dimension and depth to any place setting.

They’re so cute, you might find yourself using them for everyday meals.

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26. Easy Sew Santa’s Reindeer Garland

Versatile Holiday Reindeer Garland DIY Pattern #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Spend a few hours making a reindeer garland with this DIY pattern.

The intricate shapes create soaring reindeer that fly in front of Santa’s sleigh. The best part?

You can choose the fabrics of your choice to create a piece that’s the perfect match for your home.

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27. Stunning White Reindeer Wreath

White Holiday Wreath Reindeer Christmas Decor #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

Equal parts chic and festive, this reindeer wreath brings Christmas to your sophisticated home.

It’s all about the monochromatic white design — it contrasts with the deep green needles, showcasing every element.

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28. Santa’s Reindeer Team Wood Plank Art

Wooden Sign Reindeer Holiday Decoration #Christmas #reindeer #decorhomeideas

This piece puts a festive spin on a classic reindeer silhouette.

Squeezed into the shape of the head, you’ll find the names of each of Santa’s reindeer; a bright red nose adds just the right touch of color.

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