A Grain Silo Turned Into Gazebo Could Be Your Best Summer Retreat

The grain silos and bins are all over the countryside. You can get them very cheap or even for free. They could create a magnificent guest house, a gazebo, a summer kitchen or even a storage place.

Made of galvanized metal, the structure could resist the ambient environment for years! They are cost-effective, eco-friendly, long-lasting and unconventional.

Grain Silo Turned Into Gazebo Small

The concept of repurposing these old silos is recycling so if you are keen on this trend, check out this idea for turning a bin into a spectacular gazebo.

How To Build Gazebo Out Of Grain Silo

The materials you need to create this gazebo are a grain bin, support legs and bolts. The machines which will aid the building process are a mobile crane, a concrete breaker and a drill. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

Grain Bin Gazebo Concrete Foundation

Lay down a concrete foundation, a bit wider than the diameter of the bin for the round area beneath the bin’s roof and two pathways at each side of the round foundation.

Let it cure for some days so that it achieves sufficient strength.  If you are lucky to already have a concrete floor anywhere in your garden, just use it as your gazebo basis and skip that stage.

The next step requires a mobile crane that would lift the bin up for a while. Attach it to the crane hook and lift it up to the desired height. Now you need to prepare the support legs.

It is up to you whether you would use metal panels or wooden beams. In both cases, they have to be of a size, dimensions and quantity which would hold and strengthen the structure.

In that particular case, the bin is laid on 8 wooden beams for the circular part and 4 additional beams in total for the side pathways. They are preliminary cut at a height which also allows fixing the beams to the bin and to the concrete floor.

Fire Pit Grain Silo Gazebo

Place them at equal space around the circumference of the bin roof and bolt them to its internal surface. It is now the right time to decide where the entrance of the gazebo would be because the next step would be to put the bottom sheets of the gazebo which will create a ring that closes the sides of the gazebo.

The bottom sheets are cut from the material left from the silo or bin. Of course, they should be cut at length which measures the distance between each pair of support legs. We recommend that you measure that distance on the spot and then cut the bottom ring sheets.

Grain Silo Gazebo 1

Fixing them is easy – take a sheet, place it, drill holes on both the sheet and the legs. Torque the bolts to fix them well. Leave the area which will be the way into the gazebo without bottom sheets. Cut the roofs for the side pathways from the bin’s left-over material.

Measure their size in advance so that the result is satisfying. Take a look at all sides of the structure. If you are happy with the alignment of all parts and the position of the gazebo itself, you can release it from the crane and finish it by supporting the gazebo to the concrete foundation. 

Your gazebo is almost ready. Now the pleasant part comes – start thinking of a decoration that will make it unique.

You have got various options here- place outdoor lights along the roofs, some stones around the foundation. You can plant some greenery to connect the gazebo with your garden appearance.

Grain Silo Turned Into Gazebo Small

That gazebo can be used as a summer kitchen. Put all the appliances you may need – a grill, barbecue, stove, some dishes and glasses. You can install holders at the beams to arrange your outdoor tableware.

The gazebo could also be the perfect place for wedding rituals. Decorate it with white veils, flowers, ribbons and you would create a dreamy place for the happiest day.

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