21 Gorgeous Under Stairs Nooks To Dream About

Rational usage of every spare interior inch is the number 1 rule for organizing the functional space. This is the reason we decided to focus on the options to utilize the space under the stairs. Yes, this is an awkward space but it is usually unused and can be given functionality. It can be turned into an extra storage space, into a lounge room, into a pantry, into a kids’ room, a home office, or a dreamy relaxing nook.

Best Under Stairs Nook. Not sure what to do with the space under the stairs? These under stairs nooks are the perfect ideas to create your own relaxation corner at home. #decorhomeideas

Read on our 21 Under Stairs Nooks To Dream About that will quickly make you want to make your own special under-the-stairs nook.

1. Create An Additional Room

Create An Additional Room

If your house is of small square footage, the area under the stairs is perfect for an additional functional room.

It can be dedicated to a reading nook with the help of a custom-made sofa or be a napping corner if you furnish it with a bed.

2. A Cozy Reading Nook

A Cozy Reading Nook

Regardless of age, people always need a special atmosphere to relax and take away the story of a favorite book.

A small reading nook under the stairs will be the perfect spot to lounge, especially if it is suitably furnished. A comfortable sofa, many cushions, throw blankets and an adjustable lamp will help you set a unique micro interior for some private time.

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3. Traditional Home Staircase Extension With An Entryway Bench

Traditional Home Staircase Extension With An Entryway Bench

You can create a nook next to the staircase instead of building it in it. See how appealing this traditional home décor style feels with added L-shaped sofa.

More importantly, the sofa is functional also as an extra storage space. The seating boards can be lifted up to fill the sections with bulkier stuff or to use for shoe storage.

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4. Tiny Reading Nook

Tiny Reading Nook

The staircase section utilized in this under-stairs nook idea is very small but this makes it perfect for its application as a reading nook.

You need only a small space to cuddle with a good book. The nook is decorated in nautical farmhouse style featuring a bench with under drawers for storage and an extra thick mattress for comfortable seating.

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5. Under Stairs Nook To Relax

Under Stairs Nook To Relax

Often spending our days in a hurry to go to work, do domestic obligations and take care of our children, we forget about ourselves. Doing something for yourself is the key to long living and happiness. Start caring about yourself with this great idea for a relaxing corner under the stairs.

Place a bench with drawers for storage and add a comfortable cushion to sit or even lay on. If there is a window next to it, you will enjoy the warmth of the daylight and even read a book there.

Just in case, add also a sconce to illuminate the corner in the darker hours because we are sure that this will be one of the most used spots in your home.

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6. Decorate The Nook To Match The Rest Of The Home Décor

Decorate The Nook To Match The Rest Of The Home Décor

If the nook under the stairs will be used as a living room rather than for stair storage, make sure to decorate it in the spirit of your existing home décor.

Add cushions with lively fabric prints. Place plants to enhance the homely feel and decorate the walls with wall art.

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7. Under-The-Stairs Nook With A Bookshelf And A Sofa

Under-The-Stairs Nook With A Bookshelf And A Sofa

We already saw many ideas for utilizing the floor space under the stairs. But how about the vertical space?

If the architecture of the space allows, you can add an open bookshelf or cabinets and store items related to the nook’s function.

8. A Bench By The Staircase

A Bench By The Staircase

This is a simple idea to implement in your own house. No need to hollow the staircase out to build in any furniture. Instead, add it next to it. A bench with a cushion and throw pillows will instantly make the overall area welcoming and cozy.

If there is more free space, you can add a matching side table and of course, decorations that will match the nook with the homely atmosphere.

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9. Under Stairs Nook As A Sitting Area

Under Stairs Nook As A Sitting Area

Utilizing the unused space under the stairs is a must for small houses. There, every inch matters and such a nook can be used for different activities.

Furnish it with a deep enough bench that can be used as a sofa during the day or as a bed at night. The rest of the time, this can be your private space to relax.

10. The Lack Of Natural Light Is Actually An Advantage

The Lack Of Natural Light Is Actually An Advantage

If there is no natural light accessing the staircase, don’t worry. Build recessed lights or sconces to the vertical spaces to turn the nook into a cozy reading or sleeping nook.

Its small size and whimsy location will intrigue your kids. Use this to make them read their lessons or a book with desire.

11. Use The Staircase Nook To Give Your Home Character

Use The Staircase Nook To Give Your Home Character

Use the staircase to give your home interior a unique character.

Form a cute nook with soft pillows. Use colors and textures that match the adjacent décor elements so that the nook infuses effortlessly with the rest of the décor.

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12. Living Room Under The Staircase

Living Room Under The Staircase

If the architecture of your house reminds you of this staircase design, then you can easily add a standard sofa by the staircase and enjoy an extra living room.

The light from the windows makes the space naturally cozy. The pastel colors of the furniture and added pillows complete the look of the newly formed nook as homely and welcoming

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13. Under-The-Stairs Fireplace Idea

Under-The-Stairs Fireplace Idea

Individually reviewed the fireplace and the staircase are impressive interior elements. In combination, they create a nook that unites the two floors and the people living in the house.

When you start planning your home remodeling, don’t forget to consider adding a fireplace under the staircase to enjoy the warmth of the fire and the beautiful game of the flames.  

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14. Home Office Or Study Nook Under The Stairs

Home Office Or Study Nook Under The Stairs

Nowadays, home office ideas have become very popular but many people don’t have room for them.

The area under the stairs can be utilized as a study nook or an office place with a small built-in desk, a lamp and enough storage space.

The vertical surfaces are covered with bookshelves while the section under the top of the desk offers drawers for accessories and materials.

15. A Bookshelf Under The Stairs

A Bookshelf Under The Stairs

The problem with the slope of the under-the-stair space is an advantage if you use it as a reading nook.
Put a seating piece of furniture combined with pillows and add at the back and to the sides all way up to the bottom of the staircase built-in shelves that will form an appealing bookshelf.

Arrange all of your books there and clearly define visually the nook as a reading nook with its own library.

16. Kids’ Nook For Reading And Sleeping

Kids’ Nook For Reading And Sleeping

Turn the space under the stairs for a small kids’ room. Depending on the size of the space and the height of the staircase, the nook can be designed as a play area or as a mini sleeping room.

These two are great options to utilize this space because the location will intrigue your kids easily and will make them spend time there effortlessly.

Design the space with light colors to give it an airy look. Don’t forget to add also a light feature even when there is a window close to the staircase.

17. Create A Small Home Office Space

Create A Small Home Office Space

Transform the area under the stairs into a home office. It is perfect to focus your office supplies and your mind on the work duties.

Utilize all surfaces cleverly despite the limited space. Vertical storage can be decided with open shelves. Don’t forget to choose office furniture with built-in drawers where you can keep more of the accessories and materials.

When it comes to the décor style of this home office nook under the stairs, opt for one that matches the adjacent décor.

18. Under-The-Stair Nook As An Entryway

Under-The-Stair Nook As An Entryway

If the staircase is next to the front door, the best way to utilize it is to make it a comfortable entryway. Add a bench for shoe storage ensured in drawers and a seating board.

Decorate with interesting décor pieces that will show the character of your home from its entrance.

The displays can be exposed such as floating shelves and buffets or built-in the staircase like the one in the photo.

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19. A Bench In The Entry And By The Staircase

A Bench In The Entry And By The Staircase

If you want to keep the classic look of the staircase, add a bench by it.

This bench can be used to put your shoes on before you go out or just rest looking at the view from the window opposite it.

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20. Sleeping Zone Under The Stairs

Sleeping Zone Under The Stairs

If there is no spare room to dedicate for guests or you have relatives or friends that visit you with a sleepover, the interior design under the stairs can offer an extra bed. The best staircase for an extra guest bed is the space under the basement stairs.

You can leave the area open to the space or add curtains for privacy. Decorating is up to you and the existing décor. What you should consider despite the interior style is a sconce lamp for reading and why not a built-in TV.

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21. Create A Family Game Nook In There

Create A Family Game Nook In There

If you love entertaining yourselves with board games, create an extra seating area under the stairs that functions as a place to gather together and play.

Customize the design according to the space size and decorate to give it a casual look.

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