25 Best Artificial Christmas Trees That Are No Different Than a Real One

I know that each year when Christmas is just around the corner the inner fight about whether to put up a real tree or an artificial one gets really intensive. I won’t be talking about pros and cons of each one, but if you’ve already thought about an artificial one, we can help!

An artificial Christmas tree is the easiest way to start your holiday decorating process — buy it once, and you can use it year after year.

Whether you love the natural look of a fir or pine, or you’re looking to go glam with an all-white or colorful option, there’s an artificial tree that fits the bill.

As you’re searching for the perfect model, these beautiful trees can help you identify the right tree for any space.

1. Glam Gold Tinsel Tree

6FT Gold Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Are you looking to switch up your Christmas traditions?

This spectacular golden tree makes a bold, glamorous statement in your living room.

The shimmering golden foil needles look stunning during the day — and when you turn on the tree lights, get ready for some serious sparkle.

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2. Evergreen Spruce With Strung Lights

6.5 ft Pre-Lit Colorado Spruce #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

If you’ve ever struggled to distribute lights on a Christmas tree, this lovely artificial version is the one for you.

It comes pre-lit, so all you have to do is plug in the cord to create an evenly spaced glow.

The thick branches create an impressive, realistic look.

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3. Dramatic Ombre White And Flocked Tree

7.5-Foot Flocked Ombré Pre-Lit Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

A little bit trendy and a little bit modern, this ombre Christmas tree will make all of your guests stop and stare.

From the bright white top to the dark green bottom, every inch of this tree is a fun canvas for your favorite ornaments.

via Bed Bath and Beyond

4. Thick And Full Pre-Lit Flocked

7.5ft Pre-Lit Flocked Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Turn your living space into a snowy wonderland with this flocked tree.

A heavy coating of faux snow glows beautifully under the included white lights, creating a magical vibe.

Add a slew of colorful ornaments for a fun and festive holiday.

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5. Traditional Tall Unlit Spruce

7.5ft Premium Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas trees?

This gorgeous premium spruce model is sure to please.

With its picture-perfect cone shape and thick, luxurious branches, this tree looks beautiful in any room.

It comes without lights or flocking, so you can design a custom theme.

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6. Natural Trunk Alpine Offers Ornament Space

Alpine Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

If you love a realistic, slightly imperfect tree, this Alpine model fits the bill.

The exposed trunk is covered in bark, filling your home with natural color and texture.

The widely spaced branches offer plenty of space for ornaments, and the narrow shape fits into any small area of the house.

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7. Classic Tree From Amazon

Amazon Artificial Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Brighten your home for the holidays with this artificial Christmas tree from Amazon.

The brilliant green enlivens the atmosphere, setting the tone for a fun family gathering.

With its consistent color, this tree makes all of your precious ornaments pop.

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8. Pre-Strung Colored Lights Evergreen

Artificial Christmas Tree With Multi-Colored Lights #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Fill your space with color and light with this faux Christmas tree.

It comes pre-lit with multicolored bulbs, so it looks gorgeous with or without ornaments.

The offset branches give this tree a natural, wild aesthetic that helps it resemble the real thing.

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9. Wide Sparse Branched Noble Fir

Artificial Noble Fir Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

With its charming gaps and various branch sizes, this adorable Noble Fir Christmas tree looks like it’s just been brought in from the forest.

The included stand makes for a quick setup, and the realistic branches create a delightful, sparse aesthetic that suits a modern farmhouse.

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10. Subtle Snow Flocked Sugar Pine

Artificial Pine Christmas Tree With Faux Snow #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Glittering with faux snow and sparkling white lights, this artificial pine brings the magic of the season into your home.

Leave it empty for a chic, contemporary vibe, or load it up with your favorite ornaments to add a personal flair.

It looks particularly beautiful with traditional Christmas colors.

via Balsam Hill

11. Pre-Lit With Pinecones

Artificial Pine Christmas Tree With Stand #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Stand out from the crowd with this lovely artificial pine tree.

The light green tones are sure to attract attention from all of your guests, and the adorable pine cone decorations bring a rustic, realistic flair.

This model comes with lights, so you don’t have to worry about untangling strands when it’s time to decorate.

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12. Mini Pre-Decorated Tabletop Trees

Artificial Tabletop Christmas Tree With LED Lights #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Bring a fun, festive flair to your dining room table or the desk in your office with this tiny tabletop tree.

It comes with a gleaming golden basket and coordinating ornaments that set the tone for an elegant holiday spread.

Lights are included — all you have to do is pick the perfect spot.

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13. Easy Setup Full Décor Tree

Decorated Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Do you ever struggle to pick out coordinating ornaments?

This tree makes your life easier. It comes with all of the ornaments you see, so you can create a designer-worthy display with no effort.

The blue and silver ornaments play beautifully against the crisp white branches.

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14. Choose Your Colors Fiber Optic Lights

Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Marvel at the lighting on this Christmas tree, which comes with built-in fiber optic technology.

Choose from multiple colors and effects to match your mood or coordinate with your decorations.

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15. Multicolored Fiber Optic Pre-Lit Tree

Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Indulge in your love of color with this fiber optic Christmas tree, which features multiple shades for a magical effect.

The fiber optic tree topper completes the sparkling effect. We love the beautiful shape and the easy-to-adjust branches.

via Hayneedle

16. Tabletop Fiber Optic Tree With Ornaments

Fiber Optic Artificial Fireworks Tree With Ball Ornaments #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Bring a side table to life with this adorable fiber optic tree.

The miniature size and included base allow effortless setup — plus, since it comes with ornaments, you don’t need to worry about decorating.

Just turn on the tree to enjoy the stunning firework effect.

via Home Depot

17. Stunning Artificial Snow Spruce

Frosted Artificial Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Fresh and wintry, this artificial tree brings a touch of snow into your home — no matter where you live.

The flocked branches brighten any corner, and the included white lights create a cozy glow that your family will love.

via Hayneedle

18. Pre-Lit Tree In Decorative Pot

Potted Artificial Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Casual and cute, this potted artificial Christmas tree is a breeze to set up.

The stable base rests on any flat surface, so you can set up the tree indoors or outdoors.

Scattered throughout the branches, 100 white LEDs add a festive look.

via Home Depot

19. Pre-Lit Frosted Tip Tree With Pinecones And Berries

Pre-lit Pre-Decorated Pine Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Decorate for Christmas with limited time using this artificial tree.

It arrives pre-lit and pre-decorated — all you have to do is set it up.

The red berry and pinecone decorations create natural beauty, and selective flocking brings depth.

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20. Colorful Rainbow Swirl Tree

Rainbow Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Make a splash this Christmas with this thrilling rainbow tree.

Swirls of color twist from the top to the trunk, creating a joyous effect in your living room.

With or without ornaments, this tree is a spectacular addition to any room.

Add multicolored lights to amplify the effect, or go with a single color to keep the focus on the tree itself.

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21. Winter Wonderland Fully Flocked Tree

Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Are you dreaming of a snowy Christmas?

Even if you live in a balmy climate, this tree can help bring your dreams to life. Generously flocked branches bring a fresh, snowy vibe to your living room or front entry.

With its white branches, this tree makes all of your ornaments look their best.

via Walmart

22. Cute Pre-Lit Mini Tree With Velvet Stand

Tabletop Artificial Christmas Tree With LED Lights #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Cute and compact, this tiny Christmas tree jazzes up a hallway table or a corner of the kitchen.

The LED lights are integrated into the tips of the branches, so you can hang miniature ornaments without worrying about cords.

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23. Retro Chic Non-Traditional Pink

Treetopia Pretty in Pink #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Buck tradition this year with the Treetopia Pretty in Pink tree.

The fresh pink branches are an arresting alternative to green or white — the effect is both surprising and delightful.

Tiny white lights bring a hint of sparkle, setting the stage for a whimsical holiday.

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24. Upside Down Expectation Defying Tree

5.5' Upside Down Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Here’s another fun way to subvert expectations — this creative tree mounts upside-down on the stand.

The fun inverted cone shows off your ornaments in a new light.

Use it on the front porch to make your neighbors smile, or bring it indoors for a quirky Christmas celebration.

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25. Sparkling White Noble Fir

White Flocked Tree #Christmas #Christmastree #artificialtree #decorhomeideas

Glamorous and understated, this white tree is the centerpiece of a sophisticated holiday display.

The silvery branches sparkle in the light from the white LEDs, and the sparse branches create plenty of space to showcase an heirloom ornament collection.

These unique design elements combine to create a tree that’s simultaneously natural and contemporary.

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