30 Best Dining Room Storage Ideas To Add More Style

Usually, we take the furnishing of the dining room down to a table and some chairs. If the room is bigger, it is always smart to form an eating zone and such for storage. Whether for dishes, glasses, towels or tablecloths it will ensure more comfort and organization of the dining room.

What should be looking at when we choose the storage furniture for the dining room? Should it be large or small, should it match the other furniture color and style or be in contrast with them?

Best Dining Room Storage Ideas. Want dining room storage ideas to keep your scheme clutter-free? Good dining room storage is crucial to keeping a dining room tidy and clutter-free. #decorhomeideas

Each place has its own specifics and therefore they have to be considered.

In order to facilitate the whole process of choosing the best storage furniture for your dining room, we have gathered the following collection for you.

1. Maximize Space with a Vintage-Style Built-In Corner Cabinet

All White Built-In Corner Cabinet #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

Usually, the corners of the rooms remain dead spaces. If these are in the bedroom or the living room, that’s not a big issue. However, the dead corner of the dining room could become a useful place for storage.

A built-in cabinet that fits tightly in the corner will not make the space look too overcrowded.

Since the design of the whole room is inspired by the farmhouse living, its vintage history and ornaments will enhance the interior.

via Hymns and Verses

2. Refresh Your Dining Room with White Storage Solutions

Antiqued Iron Open China Cabinet #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

A dining room in white will emphasize on the cleanness and airiness of the space. If your dining room follows the same design, an open or semi-open storage concept will fit well.

If you have an old cabinet, refurbish it by painting it in white with chalk paint.

Increase the storage space by fixing a wrought iron stand with shelves to the top of the cabinet.

via Ethan Allen

3. Transform Your Sideboard with Upcycled Barn Wood Doors

Barn Door Sideboard for Continental Breakfasts #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

The sideboard is very convenient storage furniture when it comes to small spaces.

If you already have such but would like to change its design to one that is more welcoming and warm, this DIY project will let you do that.

Inspired by the upcycling transformations and the farmhouse style, these barn wood doors will instantly do magic with the existing sideboard.

via Mountain Modern Life

4. Build a Functional Coffee Station to Enjoy the Italian Lifestyle

Build Your Own Coffee Bar #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

If you like the care-free state of mind the Italians and adore the coffee aroma, make yourself a functional coffee station.

If you already have a wooden cabinet, start with it. Paint it in a color that matches the rest of the interior. The opened part is a wooden board coated with chalkboard paint which allows writing on it.

Add two or more shelves that will accommodate the coffee cups collection.

5. Utilize Vertical Space with Built-in Shelves in Your Dining Room

Built-In Shelves and Warm Tones #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

Built-in shelving comes in various shapes and sizes so you just need to figure out what is best for the characteristics of your dining room.

In this case, two sections of built-in shelving stand on both sides of the fireplace.

They utilize the entire height of the room to provide more displays for accessories and decorations.

6. Wall-Mounted Coffee Sideboard with Chalkboard Paint Accents

Café Quality Sideboard #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

The shelves of this coffee sideboard are fixed directly to the wall instead of a board.

The board is replaced by a chalkboard painting where coffee-themed inscriptions add a fun vibe to the place.

via Magnolia

7. Create the Perfect Atmosphere with a Handcrafted Wine Bar

Dining Room Storage Ideas for Wine Lovers #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

This is an idea that will help you perfect the atmosphere in the dining room- a handmade wine bar.

It is comfortable and simple. A cabinet, an entertainment shelf with slots for glasses and a few decorations are all you need to give yourself this extra entertainment corner.

8. Maximize Storage with Farmhouse-Style Open Shelving

Farm Fresh Dining Room Storage Ideas #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

The storage issue in the dining room is solved with open shelves that cover an entire wall from the bottom to the ceiling.

Made of solid wood, they provide ample storage of various in size and weight stuff. Their farmhouse nuance is backed up by the wire crates and baskets and the antique tableware.

via The Wood Grain Cottage

9. Rediscover the Beauty of Old Wooden Furniture

Farm Wood and Chalk Paint Dining Room #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

The properties of the old wooden furniture are valued more and more these days. The old cabinet can easily be upgraded with paint and new handles.

At the same time, it is rigid, large and can accommodate a lot of the tableware. The top can be used as a display for other utensils or decorations.

10. Upcycle Bookcase into a Provencal Pedestal with White Paint

French Provincial Inspired Open Display #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

The old bookcase can become an outstanding pedestal of the French Provence impact only by painting it in white and adding fabric at the back of it.

The grey color contrasts with the white and let the displayed decorations pop out. Furthermore, it looks fantastic in combination with white, earthy colors and metal finishes.

via Adventures In Decorating

11. Vintage Cherry Storage Cabinet Transformed With Paint

From Living Room to Dining Room #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

A buffet in cherry stain from the Craiglist has been turned into a clean and yet vintage storage cabinet for the dining room only with paints.

The milk-white covers thickly all surfaces except for the top that is painted in rich deep brown to give the piece aged depth and also lets the original oval hardware feel right.

via 12th and White

12. Open Design Cabinet for Rustic and Industrial Dining Room

Industrial Design Dining Room Layout #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

This cabinet is of open design on purpose. If closed, it will make the room feel tinier and overcrowded.

The interior of this dining room is a mixture between rustic and industrial styles and the cabinet becomes that piece that balances their influence.

13. Maximize Dining Room Storage with an Elegant Etagere Shelf

Rustic Industrial Floor to Ceiling Serving Shelf #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

Use that odd corner in the dining room for an etagere style shelf.

China buffets are okay but for such a small corner they will be either too big or too small.

The etagere will solve that problem as it comes in different sizes and lets you store the special dishes on 5 wide enough levels.

via The Happy Housie

14. Enhance Dining Room Cabinets with Radiator Covering

Levels and Louvres Contemporary Buffet #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

A radiator has been an obstacle for furnishing an otherwise empty wall of the dining room with built-in cabinets.

Then a great idea has come! The radiator is hidden with a cover that luckily matches the bought cupboards placed on either side of it.

The tops of all three sections have been stained in dark to match the shelves above.

via Make Do and DIY

15. Add a Contemporary Touch to Vintage Sideboards

Make a Mission Sideboard Look Mod #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

These sideboards match the colors of the remaining furniture. Although you can see where everything is, it is protected from dust by the glass.

Since this type of cabinet goes more to the vintage and Provence style, you can make them look a bit more contemporary with the proper decoration.

A patterned tablecloth and some faux plants will do a great job.

via Suburbs Mama

16. White Glass-Fronted Cabinets with a Brick Wall Accent

Make the Most of Exposed Brick #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

While the top glass cabinets and the counter display everything, the bottom ones keep it out of sight until needed.

The white color is the only color that could suit this piece of furniture and the space in general.

Any other color won’t match the brick wall accent and the remaining dark stained wood furniture.

17. Create Illusion of Space in a Small Dining Room with Mirrors

Mod and Mirrored Buffet Makeover #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

If your dining room is small, you can use a trick to make it look wider. Instead of glass, use a mirror for the buffet doors.

The reflection will create an illusion of continuity and will also increase the illumination in the room.

via The Decor Fix

18. Transform Your Dining Room with Multifunctional Cabinets

Pillars and Porcelain Shelf Accents #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

The cabinets in the dining room can be multifunctional.

In addition to hiding all the special tableware, they can become a display for seasonal decoration that will contribute to brighter moods in the place the whole family has dinner.

via Worthing Court Blog

19. Create Calming Decor with White and Natural Wood Elements

Pretty Shuttered Cabin Dining Room Shelf #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

Clean white and natural wood make the atmosphere of a home more welcoming and calming.

Following the same material and color concept, a niche is turned into a storage place for the tableware.

It would have looked quite well if the shelves have remained opened. However, for more interest, they are covered with shutters that increase the farmhouse presence.

via Looks Like White

20. Add Storage in Your Dining Room with a Compact Cabinet

Repurpose a Cabinet Transform a Corner #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

A little cabinet won’t take too much from the floor but will do give extra storage in the dining room.

It is just of the right size to be placed tightly in an empty corner.

It is always smart to use the top surface as an additional storage option by placing a basket or other type of container.

via Sarah Joy Blog

21. Upcycle a Bed Headboard into a Unique Multi-Level Cabinet

Shabby Chic Hutch with Built-in Wine Service #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

An aged cabinet has been upgraded with a second compartment which leaves stuff displayed.

It has been made by upcycling a bed headboard. The play with levels and alternating depths that allow storage of different sizes of stuff make this buffet a valuable part of the dining room.

22. Maximize Dining Room Storage with Modern Drywall Structure

Shadowbox Dining Room Wall Display #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

This is a contemporary way to increase the storage space in the dining room. Instead of placing a wooden cabinet, a drywall structure is made to create the feeling as if it has always been there.

The straight lines and the opened top compartment add depth to space and allow the showing of decorative elements.

The bottom compartment is closed with wooden doors to ensure free-from-dust storage of dishes.

via Koak Design

23. Create a Rustic A-Line Shelving for a Farmhouse Look 

Simple A-Line Shelving Concept #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

Those of you who are in love with the farmhouse style will be inspired by this easy to recreate A-line shelving.

Two metal structures with the design of a ladder are holding solid wood beams at four levels.

The size and the number of levels can be customized to suit the free space of your dining room.

24. Store Dining Room Essentials with Ikea’s Bookcase & Baskets

Simply Perfect White and Rattan Storage Cubby #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

Ikea’s bookcase and baskets are affordable and a good-looking way for storage in the dining room.

The versatility of their furniture is well-known and proves it one more time. The combination of white and wicker is stylish and flexible when it comes to matching with the existing interior.

via Saffron Avenue

25. Add Visual Interest to Small Spaces with Built-In Wall Shelves

Small Space Dining Room Storage Ideas #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

The built-in wall shelves come in help when the space is too tiny.

This design creates interest in the room and also allows displaying of decorative elements. A good illusion for depth may be created when the back of the shelf is painted in a contrasting color.

via Home Adore

26. Make Neutral Dining Room Colors Work with Decor

Storage Solutions for Neutral Decors #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

When your dining room is painted in neutral colors, you are free to experiment with the decorative aspect of the interior.

This freedom though should have certain limits. The image above is an example of how to achieve a balance between colors, furniture styles and amount of accents.

via Vintage Home Love

27. Practical 5-Tier Shelf for Dining Room Storage Ideas

Sweet and Simple Staggered Shelf #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

This interesting shelf will add rustic glam to the dining room and will be quite helpful as it provides 5 consecutively increasing in width shelves.

The upper you go, the smaller stuff you would be able to store.

This option is very practical as logically considered the heavier items are bulky and therefore it is safer for them to be stored at the bottom levels.

28. Aged Beauty Storage in Washed-Out Large Cabinetry

Washed Out New England Cottage Storage #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

Washed-out large cabinetry will inspire with its renovated aged beauty and ample storage possibility.

Its center is left as an opened niche that shows off a special jug collection.

The closed cabinets on either side are tall and wide to store various tableware and accessories for the dining room.

via Heidi Pron

29. White Farmhouse-Inspired Dining Room Cabinet

Classic Whitewashed Country Kitchen Hutch #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

This dining room cabinet looks more like a farmhouse-affected station which aims to make the space more welcoming and homely.

The wall art and the sign contribute to an easy and good looking transition to the rest of the room.

30. Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Buffet with Farmhouse Charm

X Accent Distressed China Cabinet #diningroom #storage #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a modern buffet that can fit well into your welcoming and warm dining room, this hutch is your solution.

Its design, size and X-shaped ornaments confirm its contemporary fabrication.

The reclaimed wood finish though succeeds in smoothing the modern and straight lines and giving it a farmhouse charm.

via Life On Virginia Street

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