How To Make a Home Look Expensive On a Budget – 12 Interior Design Tricks

Do you admire the elegance and the expensive look of homes in interior design magazines? You can dress your home like a professional and give it the so-desired expensive look without wasting a pile of money.

How To Make a Home Look Expensive On a Budget. Want to make your home look more expensive without breaking the bank? Check out our article where we share tips and tricks from rearranging furniture to adding window treatments.

Here are 12 Interior Design Tricks sourced from interior designers and presented to you with inspiring images and ideas of how to implement them.

1. Opt For a Color Scheme That Complements Each Other

Opt For a Color Scheme That Complements Each Other

Choose the color palette like a professional designer. The latest trend is neutral interior paint colors that calm the atmosphere and go well together.

If you go through an interior design magazine or check on the Internet for the best interior examples, you will quickly come to the conclusion that most luxury-looking homes are in neutral color palettes.

If you are seeking the same look for your home, opt for a color scheme with colors that complement each other.

This is an easy upgrade idea since it requires repainting the walls, adding wallpaper, and decorating with accents in cohesive colors. That can be throw pillows, blankets, wall art pieces, or side table centerpieces.

If you are wondering what is a neutral color palette that is white, creamy, grey, beige and their hues.

2. Remove Unnecessary Elements To Achieve a Minimalist Look

Remove Unnecessary Elements To Achieve a Minimalist Look

Organization, storage and decluttering are the keys to an appealing home decor. These do not require any investment or drastic changes, only some of your time.

The expensive-looking homes have a minimalist overall look achieved by eliminating bulkier items and randomly placing objects.

Use the available drawers and cabinets to store things and in case they are not sufficient, opt for extra storage containers that match the interior- baskets, trays, organizers, etc.

3. Showcase Floral Arrangements

Showcase Floral Arrangements

Another detail you may have paid attention to when observing interior design magazines is the presence of flower arrangements. The flower bouquet is a fine touch to the interior home decor which sets a more welcoming and cozy flair to the space.

If you have a garden, you can arrange beautiful seasonal flowers picked up yourself or use a more universal and evergreen solution like artificial flowers.

The container you put the bouquet in is also very important. Use it to highlight the decor style or to add an accent.

Once you place the flower arrangement, you will instantly see the difference in the interior- suddenly it has adopted a more expensive look.

4. Add a High-End Rug

Add a High End Rug

Carpets and rugs are an important part of the interior design. They have the ability to add style and make the space more homely and cozier.

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You can use the rug to balance the colors in the existing decor or to add a pop of color. When we speak about an expensive-looking rug, seek a large one that suits the space and that is of finer materials like plush, for example.

5. Bring In Rich Textiles

Bring In Rich Textiles

Choose bold and rich fabrics to elevate the interior of your home. The neutral color palette is able to embrace almost any textile pattern and texture. However, be careful as some fabric textures create the feeling of an unrefined taste.

Fabrics that scream expensive are velvet, silk, boucle. You can implement them through cushions.

Choose matching patterns of fabric pillowcases in the mentioned textures and arrange them scattered on the sofa. With this simple and affordable change, you will be amazed at how updated and elevated the living room will look.

6. Choose Lighting Options With More Consideration

Choose Lighting Options With More Consideration

Another affordable way to give your home an expensive look is to add more light fixtures. That can be a reading lamp on the side table or sconces on either side of the sofa. Use the shade of the lamp to add a decorative touch to the interior or the material of the light fixture to enhance an existing style.

When you consider adding new lights, think of their position and intensity. Use the light to emphasize a special characteristic of the architecture or a unique piece of decor.

The size of the light source also matters. The smaller ones will not be that noticeable and will help emphasize a statement piece while larger-scale ones will attract attention.

7. Personalize The Look Of Your Door Furniture

Personalize The Look Of Your Door Furniture

Updating the hardware of the main room elements like the door is very essential and usually neglected. This fine detail is actually very easy to be performed yourself and in a budget-friendly way.

Seek hardware in material that matches the interior theme. Nowadays, the stores are full of shapes and textures of hardware at a good price.

Once you have upgraded the door furniture, your home will look more expensive because this fine detail proves that you have invested time and money in every inch of your property.

8. Change Out Light Coverings With Deluxe Materials

Change Out Light Coverings With Deluxe Materials

Another fine detail of your interior that will give your home a luxurious look when it is upgraded is the light switch.

Believe it or not, they are part of the decor and have an impact on it. Which switch will you like for your elegant and minimalist living room- plastic or matt black?

Nowadays, many light switch designs can be found on a deal or are offered from plastic but mimicking a metal finish.

Like the door hardware, you can change the light switches yourself and help the interior become more aesthetic.

9. Add Window Treatments To Create a Brighter and More Stylish Appearance In The Space

Add Window Treatments To Create a Brighter and More Stylish Appearance In The Space

Curtains are also very important for enhancing the luxury appeal of your home interior. Compare a bare window with a window dressed with a layer of nice textured fabric.

There are certain rules applied to the type of curtains depending on the size of the room. If the room is smaller, drape the curtains from the ceiling down to the floor (even with puddling at the bottom), creating an illusion of a large-scale room.

Rich fabrics like velvet or silk instantly add a touch of elegance and expensiveness.

Blinds are another option for a window treatment and they suit best larger and airier rooms.

10. Find Smart Ways To Conceal Wires and Pipes

Find Smart Ways To Conceal Wires and Pipes

To improve the appeal of your interior decor, hide the wires and the pipes of the appliances and devices. The wires of the TV unit can be hidden in a box in the color of the adjacent furniture or wall. For pipes, metal covers can be customized to the space.

Get the covers in the desired metal finish or spray paint them to blend them with the decor.

11. Change The Positioning Of Furniture To Enhance The Luxury Aesthetic

Change The Positioning Of Furniture To Enhance The Luxury Aesthetic

If you want to quickly change the overall look of a room or give it a more luxurious feel, try rearranging the furniture. That won’t cost you any money and could hide a hidden potential.

Try repositioning the table with chairs or the sofa first. Move them to a corner next to a wall. Or if they have been next to the wall, rearrange them in the center of the room. Work with the space and try to form nooks. The zoning of a room is a sign of an expensive home.

12. Add Wall Art Only When It Makes Sense To The Interior Design

Add Wall Art Only When It Makes Sense To The Interior Design

Artistic wall art pieces should be carefully used in the interior. First, they should match the interior theme. Secondly, their size, position and how they are hung is very important.

If there is a special painting, highlight it with light and ensure there aren’t any small decorations to take the attention away.

The price of the wall art piece doesn’t matter. One big painting from a thrift shop can look more expensive if it is hung in the right place.

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