38 Festive Outdoor Holiday Planter Ideas To Add Christmas Cheer To Your Front Porch

What makes Christmas better? Getting ready for it! The whole preparation is a fun and joyful time for all family members.

Regardless of the interior style, there are numerous holiday decoration ideas that can enhance the festive atmosphere.

But have you ever thought what is the absolute proof of the festive Christmas spirit? Decorating the front porch of your home in an appealing and cozy way as the inside of it is.

Best Outdoor Holiday Planter Ideas. How to decorate outdoors for Christmas with planters. Best porch planters and pot ideas with evergreen branches, berries & pine cones! #decorhomeideas

We have created a list of outdoor holiday planter ideas that promise to make the front of your home more festive and charming whether you have a small urban balcony or a huge veranda.

The greatest about this list of inspirations is that all of them are very easy to make, they are customizable and mostly, each of them will make your home welcoming for the guests and will turn it into a source of warmth and Christmas spirit to all passers-by.

1. Transform a Washtub Into a Festive Holiday Porch Planter

Antique Washtub Christmas Porch Display #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Do you love rustic accents? They can look particularly attractive outside not only in the summertime.

Repurpose the washtub into a porch planter by adding chopped firewood, evergreen twigs and clear lights.

Put traditional baubles into the arrangement and wrap the container with a red ribbon to make the arrangement more festive.

2. Deck Your Porch this Christmas with Natural Décor

Birch Branch and Evergreens Planters #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Both tiny and large porches can enjoy this natural Christmas decor. Simple seasonal accents like evergreen twigs and birch branches are placed into tall ceramic vases.

The color combination of red and green gives the planter a merry impression.

3. Create a Festive Mini Christmas Tree in a Ceramic Planter

Blue and White Winter Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Make a small version of the Christmas tree in a ceramic planter. Use twigs and branches to form a layered bouquet.

Decorate the greenery around with ornaments of different sizes and add some faux twigs in the same color to add a glitter touch to the planter.

via Calling It Home

4. Decorate Your Front Porch Planter with Christmas Cheer

Christmas Tree with Ornaments Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

If you already have a front porch planter with an evergreen tree, then the Christmas decor will be an easy task.

Decorate it with ornaments and turn the planter into an outdoor representation of the Christmas spirit inside.

via Creatively Living

5. Create a Winter-Themed Porch Planter with a Stunning Bouquet

Colorful Winter Porch Planter Project #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

The winter bouquet that can beautify the porch planter must include colors and plants that are typical for the season and the holiday.

Start by arranging wide leaves on the bottom. Then fill the inside with evergreen twigs, twigs with berries and pinecones.

This natural bouquet can be placed in a galvanized bucket or wicker basket if you love the farmhouse style.

via Viola Nursery

6. Personalize Your Porch Planter with Your Family Initials

DIY Festive Monogram Porch Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Make the porch Christmas planter more personalized by adding your family initial in the greenery arrangement.

Use a color that will easily pop out against the rest. For example, if you use twigs of greenery and red accents like berry twigs, the initials should be in white.

7. Secure Your Christmas Bouquet with Floral Foam

DIY Pine and Birch Branch Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

One way to make your Christmas bouquet stay firmly in the container you have chosen is to use floral foam.

It will also give you the opportunity to try different arrangement versions without spoiling the part you are happy with.

via Ottawa Garden Design

8. Festive Front Porch Planter with Evergreens and Birch Branches

Evergreen and Birch Branch Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for the best winter combination for your front porch planter, you should know that the best choice is to use evergreen twigs as they will last for many months.

They combine well with birch branches as they add contrast to the green. For a pop of color, add berries, pinecones, rose hips.

via Feast and Flowers

9. Classic Rustic Décor with Lantern and Evergreen Sprigs

Evergreens and Lantern Globe Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Use the existing front door planters as a basis for the Christmas outdoor decor.

If you are keen on the classic look and design, make a simple arrangement like this idea. Get a lantern from the Dollar store and place it in the planter. Surround it with evergreen sprigs to form a natural and beautiful Christmas rustic decor.

via Pretty Pink Tulips

10. Utilize Your Olive Buckets as Christmas Trees

Festive Pine Tree Porch Planters #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

We have already seen these front door olive buckets holding mums in the autumn. Instead of leaving them empty for the winter, you can turn them into a Christmas-themed front porch decor by planting identical plant trees inside.

Make them more festive and yet simple by weaving fairy lights around them.

via On Sutton Place

11. Decorate Your Vintage Milk Can for the Holidays

Festive Poinsettia Milk Can Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

If you have a vintage milk can, you can easily include it into the holiday decoration.

Fill the top with evergreen twigs, faux poinsettias and berries. To give it a festive finish, add a wide red ribbon around it or a large candy cane.

12. Classic Christmas Planter with Unique Topper

Fun Red and Green Christmas Display #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

The arrangement in this planter uses greenery and accents in the typical Christmas colors.

What makes a greater impression is the top of the bouquet woven with a cord. Doesn’t it remind you of a dwarf’s hat?

13. Convert Old Galvanized Buckets into Christmas Planters

Galvanized Bucket Trio Christmas Display #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Turn the old galvanized buckets into front porch Christmas planters that will spread festive spirit and beauty around.

The project is very easy as long as you have some red paint. Make stripes onto the buckets in different patterns.

Then decorate with pine trees or evergreen twigs. Enhance the rustic look by filling one of the buckets with wood.

via Uncommon Designs

14. Festive Christmas Planter with Lantern and Oversized Bauble

Giant Ornament and Lantern Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

This planter uses a lantern as a central accent. It is surrounded by evergreen twigs and one of its sides is decorated with an oversized bauble.

The Christmas vibe is enhanced by a few glitter twigs that match the bauble color.

15. Spruce Up Your Front Porch with an Oversized Bauble

Giant Ornament On Evergreen Branches #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Give your front porch a large amount of Christmas spirit by decorating it with an oversized bauble.

Place it in the center of the planter and surround it with evergreen twigs. They can be decorated with fairy lights and smaller baubles so that the accent remains the attraction.

via Gardeners

16. Create a Festive Entryway with a Ribbon-Wrapped Planter

Glittery Branch, Ornament, and Bow Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Wrap the planter in front of your door with a wide red ribbon and tie a bow to make it look like a gift.

Then start making the arrangement inside. First, fill it with evergreen twigs. They will be the basis for the ornaments. To give the arrangement height, add light and glitter twigs.

via One Creative Housewife

17. Welcome Winter with a Festive Firewood Basket Display

Joy Festive Firewood Basket Decor #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Stuck some firewood and birch branches into a wicker basket. Then, insert evergreen twigs to give the arrangement the typical aroma and color and decorate with lights.

Add a small chalkboard sign in front of the planter to send a merry message to all people seeing it.

via Chic On a Shoestring

18. A Marvelous Bouquet of Christmas Symbols for Your Home

Metal Bucket Christmas Porch Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Isn’t this bucket all you need to feel that Christmas is coming?

The symbols of winter are well arranged in a rich bouquet that will welcome the guests from the front porch.

via Chippy Shabby

19. Transform Old Baskets into Winter Décor for Your Front Porch

Pinecone and Evergreens Porch Baskets #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

If you have some old baskets, it is time to turn them into a useful part of your front porch Christmas decoration.

Fill them with twigs and large pinecones. If you are missing some color, add ribbons, baubles, even lights.

20. Decorate Your Front Porch with Evergreen Planters

Pinecones, Evergreens, and Ornaments Planters #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

To add some Christmas vibe to the front porch can be an easy task. Just use the pots you already have in place to make a festive arrangement.

Don’t throw the soil inside. It will be needed to insert the evergreen twigs into it and shape the arrangement per your taste. Adding pinecones and ornaments will give the planters the thematic look.

via Plough Your Own Furrow

21. Black Milk Can Arrangement with Pine and Pearl Accents

Pretty Evergreen Branch Christmas Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

The planter of this Christmas decor is milk can painted in black. It is tied with a wide rich red and white ribbon to give it a gift look.

The inside is filled with pine tree twigs and Christmas twigs with pearls. Top the arrangement off with a rustic sign made of a pallet slat.

22. Stacked Gift Tower for a Christmas Porch Planter

Pretty Present Stack Porch Display #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Receiving gifts is surely the most expected part of Christmas. Use this symbol to create a stacked gift tower that can be placed onto the planter on your porch.

Surround the tower with an evergreen wreath decorated with ornaments and lights.

via The Seasonal Home

23. Magical Christmas Tree Decorations for Your Front Porch

Pretty White Christmas Tree Project #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

This stunning Christmas decor will make the front porch a magical place. To shape the Christmas tree, you need a metal dowel, a green garland and fishing cord to hold it at the desired shape.

When you are happy with the outcome, start decorating with ornaments and lights.

24. Incorporate Some Easy Holiday Décor for Instant Curb Appeal

Red and Green Christmas Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

You don’t have to invest much in the front porch Christmas planter. You can use any planter you already have.

To make it look like a thematic outdoor accent, fill it with a bouquet of evergreen branches and berry twigs. Add a red ribbon to give the arrangement a pop of color.

via Teresina

25. Add Winter Charm to Your Home with a Birch Branches Planter

Rustic Birch and Evergreen Planter #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Birch branches are very popular when it comes to outdoor winter decoration. They make a great center accent in the arrangement and give it a height.

Surrounded by evergreen twigs and some accents like pinecones and pizzaz gives the planter a rustic look.

26. Modify Your Porch with a Rustic Christmas Planter DIY Project

Rustic Christmas Pine Planter Display #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Make your porch impressive with a rustic Christmas planter. This DIY project will take you not more than 5 hours but its impact on the exterior and on your holiday mood will be great.

The full tutorial and supply list can be found on the link below.

via Explore Love Eat

27. Rustic Winter Décor with Vintage Milk Can Planter

Rustic Milk Can Planter With Evergreens #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

This winter decor proves that milk cans can be incorporated into any season decor.

This one is filled with cuttings from pine trees, redwood branches, holly berries, mistletoe. A burlap bow enhances the rustic look of the planter.

via The Painted Hinge

28. Decorate Plain Branches with Lights and Ribbons

Simple Branches With String Lights #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

Plain branches can also be given a festive look when decorated with lights.

To let them stay firmly into the planter you have chosen, fill it with potting mix. Cover the top with cotton to imitate snow. Finish the planter decoration with a ribbon.

29. Stylish Planter Arrangement with Evergreen Twigs

Simple Pinecones and Stars Display #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

This stylish arrangement requires a small ceramic pot filled with soil. Start by inserting the tall branches in the center of the arrangement. Then surround them with evergreen twigs with pinecones.

To give the planter a Christmas look, decorate the twigs with large silver baubles and weave a starry garland around the bouquet.

30. No Experience Needed

Snowy Pinecone Flower Box Tutorial #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

You need 1 hour from your time to make this gorgeous rustic planter.

Get an old wooden box, a few evergreen twigs and pinecones. Spray the top of the pinecones with spray snow. Then arrange all pieces into the box.

31. Spiff Up Your Front Porch with DIY Lantern Decorations

String Light Lanterns and Evergreens Planters #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

To make this front porch decor, you need to visit the Dollar store first. Get two identical lanterns and two light strings with batteries.

Fill the lanterns with the lights and place them on top of the planters. To hide the soil in them, you can place a wreath from evergreen twigs or insert twigs and branches.

32. Create a Christmas Tree Planter with a Tomato Cage

Tomato Cage Poinsettia Christmas Tree #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

To make this interesting Christmas tree-shaped planter, you need a tomato cage.

Fix it into the soil of the planter and then weave around a few strands of garlands.

Decorate the tree with ornaments, lights, bows- any accent that is related with the holiday.

via Two Twenty One

33. Create a Snow-White Accent with Painted Branches

Winter White Branches With Evergreens #Christmas #outdoor #planter #decorhomeideas

To achieve the snow-white accent in the middle of the arrangement, collect some branches from the wood and spray them with paint.

Let them dry and insert them into the soil of the planter. Continue with inserting the greenery and sprigs you have chosen for your Christmas planter. Make sure to follow the same zoning pattern to let the planter look so attractive.

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