22 Creative Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas to Bring Cheer into Your Home

Your Christmas decorations most likely include a stylish tree, an eye-catching mantel, and even a standout entryway, but there’s one spot you shouldn’t overlook: your staircase.

If you happen to have a bunch of extra garland, lights, ribbon, ornaments, and even DIY crafts lying around, don’t let them go to waste. Put them to good use by sprucing up your staircase.

It’s such an easy way to make a statement and it won’t take up too much time in your schedule.

Curious about how to pull off a holly, jolly staircase look? Scroll through for 22 Christmas staircase decor ideas, ranging from minimalist to maximalist. You’re sure to find a favorite to celebrate Christmas in style this year.

Assorted Red Ornaments

Assorted Red Ornaments

If you’re relying on ball-shaped ornaments in varied sizes for your Christmas tree this year, stay on theme by carrying the look to your banister’s garland.

via On Sutton Place

Nature-Inspired Look

Nature Inspired Staircase Christmas Decor

Amy from AttaGirlSays said: “I put this together over several days, first attaching the garland to the railing with zip ties, one of my favorite holiday decorating tricks.

Next, I added the ribbon, scrunching it into the garland until I liked the way it looked. I spray painted the pinecones a metallic gold, then wired them to fresh magnolia boughs.”

Lively Entryway

Lively Entryway

If your staircase area is also your entryway, then you’ve got extra motivation to make sure it’s as inviting as possible.

In this one, stockings, bows, ornaments, and wrapped presents come together to create a Christmas extravaganza.

via Jean Allsopp

Green And Gold Staricase

f your home already has gold accents near the staircase, then incorporate some in your garland too for a winter-glam entryway.

via Good Housekeeping

Retro Display

Retro Display Christmas Staircase

Shiny Brite bulbs and a vintage game-day pennant come together to add a retro touch to an otherwise basic pine garland display.

via Good Housekeeping

Brighten it with Lemon

Christmas staircases decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

Other fun Christmas decorating staircase ideas involve using fruit. Lemons are a wonderful fruit to use and will look very festive when mixed with greenery and strung along the banister.

Rely on Red

Lovely Christmas Staircase Decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

Bright red ribbon and bows woven through the garland on your banister will make the green really pop. Allow the decorations to hang all the way to the floor for a complete look.

Drip with Lights

Santa Claus Staircase Decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Fun DIY Christmas decorating ideas for staircase railing include using lots of lights to brighten up the space. Allow the lights to hang down from the banister for a relaxed look.

Use Bells

Jingle Bells Stairs Decor #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Bells are a great way to decorate for Christmas. Use large bells on your staircase to ensure that they really stand out and make a statement when people see your home.

Keep it Subdued

Tuscany Styled Christmas Stairs Decor #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Calm or neutral colors will allow your staircase to be decorated without it being a huge focal point. Consider Christmas decorating ideas staircase railing that are neutral for a different, calmer feel in your home.

Bring the Outside in

Christmas stairs decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Fun Christmas decorating ideas for staircase include using natural items in your decorations. Find some great pinecones and tuck them in among your garland on the staircase for a new look.

Make an Impact Around a Piano

Gorgeous Christmas Staircase Decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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A large staircase that is near a piano is a great way to make a statement. Use large garland on the banister so that the decorations don’t fade into the background or look out of place.

Keep it Simple

Christmas stairs and hallway decor #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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While there are many elaborate staircase decorating ideas for Christmas, sometimes keeping it simple is best. This will allow the beauty of your home to show through and help you not be overwhelmed.

Opt for Nontraditional Colors

Christmas stairs decorated in coastal theme #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Your garland and decorations don’t have to be traditional colors. Fun staircase Christmas decorating ideas involve using nontraditional colors like turquoise or purple for an updated and fun look that will be unique to you.

Mimic Other Decorations

Christmas staircase decoration with piano accent #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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When thinking about how to decorate for Christmas, make sure that you have ample ornaments to use throughout the home that will match, as this will create a cohesive look with your stairs.

Make the Tree the Focal Point

Classic Christmas Tree Staircase Decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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X-mas decorating should really focus on your tree. Let your Christmas tree be the focal point and allow the stairs behind it to mimic the ornaments that you used on your tree.

Let the Greens Hang

Christmas staircase decorated with socks and lights #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Stairs decorating can look effortless when you allow the greenery to hang loose. Nature-inspired Christmas decor is trending and looks gorgeous when combined with pure white Christmas decoration.

Pair it with some white lights and some stockings for a look that you are sure to love.

Go Bright and White

Silver and Gold Christmas Staircase Decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Rustic Christmas decorating ideas for staircase include using a majority of white and silver with your greenery.

This will create a cool and calm look on your stairs that looks amazing. You can also go with silver and gold Christmas decoration for maximum appeal.

Keep it Loose

Simple Christmas Staircase Decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Don’t tie your garland too tight to your banister. Fun banister ideas include letting the garland hang loose and with some movement, which will make the space feel more natural.

Mirror Your Image

Fairytale Christmas Staircase Decoration #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Cool Christmas decorating ideas for staircase railing include using the same decorations along both sides of the stairs. This works really well if your stairs are open and large.

Use a Sleigh

Christmas staircase decorated with sledge #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Staircase decorating isn’t just tied to the stairs and banister. If you have a lot of open room, then popular Christmas staircase decorating ideas include incorporating open space into your decorating.

Reflect the Mirror

Christmas staircase decoration in hallway #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Decorating for Christmas is about maximizing the color and light you have. If there is a mirror by your staircase, then make sure to decorate it, as well, for a pop of color and light.

Go with Gold

Christmas staircase decoration with lanterns #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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One of the most popular Christmas decorating ideas for staircase railing is to use gold. While still festive, gold is a little classier and more grown up than bright reds and greens.

Accessorize with Giant Bows

Christmas staircase decorated with garlands #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Giant red bows are a fun Christmas home decoration idea and look great on your stairs. Pair them with greenery and white lights for a beautiful stairway decoration that you’ll love.

Lots of Garland and Lights

Christmas staircase decoration with warm colors #Christmasdecor #staircase #stairs #stairway #Christmas #decorhomeideas

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Lots of Christmas lights and garland twined together will really brighten up your space. This is a great opting for stair decorations that will really shine and impress.

With so many amazing Christmas garland ideas to choose from when you are decorating your walls or considering a staircase wall decoration, it can be easy to get a little overwhelmed with your choices.

Consider the feel of the decorations that you want, if you want them to be natural, classic, or more modern. This will help you to narrow down staircase ideas for your home.

Also take into consideration the size and location of your stairs, as this will play a huge role in what staircase Xmas decorating ideas you can use and which ones you need to pass on.

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