Deck the Halls: 25 Enchanting Christmas Table Decorations to Transform Your Feast!

Are you already planning your Christmas decor? One of the most important stages during Christmas decor planning is the tablescape.

Choosing an eye-catching table decor is a great way to bring the season’s charm and joy to your home.

Elevate your holiday feasting experience with our collection of 25 enchanting Christmas table decorations. Discover the perfect inspiration to create a festive and memorable ambiance for your celebratory gatherings this season.

With our 25 Enchanting Christmas Table Decorations to Transform Your Feast you will create a unique ambiance that will warm you up during the following cold days.

1. Rustic Christmas Table

christmas table decorations 1


Christmas table decorations can be simple and yet very impactful. This Christmas table decor sets an inviting ambiance with neutral colors combined with living accents. The plates stay on wicker mats that stand out against the white tablecloth. Burlap napkins are diligently folded in pockets and tied with a twine ribbon.

Decoration is simple but very festive featuring a long pine tree twig taking the place of the runner, a vase with twigs, a candle and a bowl full of fragrant pine tree needles. All of them are decorated with tiny baubles and ornaments which anchor Christmas on this table.

2. Decorate With Natural Elements

christmas table decorations 2


Decorating with neutral elements doesn’t mean an arrangement missing a statement. The shapes, the textures and the finishes will create the needed contrast.

Use metallic textures for sculptures and match them with matte or glitter accents to create interesting and appealing final look for the tablescape.

3. Metallic Twigs Centerpiece

christmas table decorations 3


If you want to add a personal touch to the tablescape for Christmas, you can make yourself the decoration. Start by collecting beautiful twigs.

Then, spray them with metallic paint thoroughly. Stretch the twigs along the long side of the table to mimic a runner. Combine them with randomly placed Christmas tree ornaments.

4. Elegant Christmas Table Decor

christmas table decorations 4


This elegant tablescape is complemented with natural elements. Pine tree twigs are used in combination with goldberry twigs.

The centerpiece can be focused in a vase or stretched along the table.

5. Pinecones And Pine Tree Twigs Decoration

christmas table decorations 5


Make the Christmas party elegant with sleek decorations consisting of natural elements and clear dishes. Place pine tree twigs along the table and insert tall candles among them. Decorate the twigs as if you decorate the Christmas tree but be more moderate, aiming to create an appealing look.

Clear dishes with metallic ball rims are combined with silver forks and knives to add a Nordic flair to the tablescape.

6. Black and White Monochromatic Decor

christmas table decorations 6


Christmas tablescapes can follow a color pattern. For instance, this arrangement features a black-and-white color combination. Typical winter decorations are also part of the decor to make the setting more festive.

When you make a decoration based on color schemes, do not use more than three colors. Otherwise, the decor will look too overwhelming.

7. Red Accents

christmas table decorations 7


Are you a traditionalist? Then, you will like this tablescape idea featuring farmhouse furniture with a white and red color scheme. The red color is anchored with noticeable bows on each chair, which complement the color scheme of the Christmas tree next to the table.

Another traditional Christmas color is also present in this arrangement featured by pine tree twigs creating the table’s centerpiece.

8. Vase Centerpiece Idea

christmas table decorations 8


If the table is not big, you can choose a simpler but appealing centerpiece, as shown here. It is a vase filled with natural twigs. For Christmas, that should be pine tree twigs with pinecones or bauble decorations.

9. Gold Accents Idea

christmas table decorations 9


Candles symbolize the warmth of the home and are also a great way to create a welcoming mood in the interior. In this table decor idea, candles have a metallic gold finish, which is highlighted when lit.

They are placed symmetrically along the leafy eucalyptus garland stretched on the table with red candles to create a typical color scheme for winter.

10. Chandelier and Table Runner Decor

christmas table decorations 10


A pine tree garland is used as a runner for the festive table in combination with candles. It is complemented by a wreath and chandelier decorations from the same natural material. Together they create a minimalist woodland flair that is highlighted by neutral table decorations and tableware.

Pillar candles in gold finish holders and red baubles complement the green centerpiece and give it a festive look.

11. Christmas Tree Centerpiece

christmas table decorations 11


Another festive decoration for the Christmas tablescape is the small Christmas tree. You can leave it undecorated or decorate it with tiny baubles. That depends on the style you want to impose.

Combine the Christmas tree with a table runner from an eucalyptus garland.

12. Garland In The Place Of The Runner

christmas table decorations 12


For a long table, choose a centerpiece that goes along the entire length of the table and even one that dangles down it. Make yourself a garland from eucalyptus and pine tree twigs. Decorate the center with dry hydrangeas or other flowers and place candles symmetrically on each side of the runner.

13. Glitter Centerpiece Idea

christmas table decorations 13


Dazzling and glittery decorations make the Christmas table so festive and special. You can use any kind of metallic and glitter decorations on their own or in combination with others that have a more neutral look. In this table decor idea, the centerpiece consists of glitter Christmas trees in combination with pillars and votives placed on a burlap runner.

14. Farmhouse Setting

christmas table decorations 14


Christmas table decorations can be matched with the existing decor style of the room. In this idea, for example, the tablescape is coordinated with the farmhouse style of the hall.

The tableware features unique porcelain dishes decorated with bow napkins from linen. The same symbol is used as decoration of the chairs but is made from another natural material – burlap. The centerpiece is an arrangement of eucalyptus and pine tree twigs around a pillar candle. Its round shape makes it compact for smaller tables.

15. Green And White Accents

christmas table decorations 15

If you have chosen a garland from pine tree twigs for your centerpiece, use white decorations to let it stand out. Berry twigs, baubles and pillars are among the possible decorations that beautifully complement the natural green color.

16. Red And Gold Christmas Table Idea

christmas table decorations 16


Red and gold is a typical color scheme for Christmas. Usually, we see it on the Christmas tree but you can also transfer it on the dining table to make it festive for the holiday. The centerpiece can follow this decor scheme by including ornaments in these colors.

Match the tableware with this pattern by choosing dishes with metallic rims.

17. Farmhouse Table Decoration To Match The Interior

christmas table decorations 17


Another table centerpiece idea that matches the existing interior style features a centerpiece from twigs decorated with fairy lights and wooden ornaments. They are set on a linen table runner together with votive candles.

The neutral colors and the natural origin of this centerpiece complement the farmhouse ambiance.

18. Wicker And Greenery For A Festive Night

christmas table decorations 18


Another pretty clean and farmhouse color scheme is white and wicker brown. A stylish way to compliment your table is to use white dishes over wicker placemats.

The wicker will contrast beautifully with the table runner and will highlight the dinner plates. The centerpiece follows the natural concept and features a long twig from a pine tree decorated with white pillars.

19. Green Accents

christmas table decorations 19


The tableware can be used as part of the table decor. If you have antique or farmhouse dish sets, you can use them in the arrangement to give it a personal touch.

In this tablescape idea, dishes are green and in the shape of maple tree leaves. They create a contrast with the white tablecloth and pillars in the center of the table.

20. Green Garland With White Table Runner

christmas table decorations 20

If you want to make sure that your natural centerpiece is well-highlighted, place it over a white table runner. Match the runner with the napkins in the dishes and add another white accent to the centerpiece such as faux berry twigs, pillars, and baubles.

21. Grey, White And Wicker Accents

christmas table decorations 21


Grey and white color combination is a trendy pattern used in the interior and also in the decorations. It sets a neutral backdrop which can be accentuated with bolder elements.

In this Christmas centerpiece idea, this color combination is complemented by whicker tablemats that let it stand out. The centerpiece consisting of eucalyptus and pine tree twigs is decorated with silver and blue ornaments with metallic finsh.

22. Candy Cane Pattern Accents

christmas table decorations 22


The traditional red and white Christmas color combination can be twisted and implemented into the table decor with candy cane ornaments. The red and white color scheme featured with striped bows on the small Christmas trees opposite the table, the pillars on the table and the chandelier over it. Using the same ornament on different parts of the room creates a united and appealing overall look.

23. Nature-inspired Christmas Table Decor

christmas table decorations 23


Winter is a beautiful season that can be celebrated with decorations from nature. Pine cones and pine tree twigs with a snowy finish create a festive centerpiece of this table. The color combination is implemented also on the tableware featuring green placemats and dishes with green, white and brown decorations.

24. Striped Christmas

christmas table decorations 24


The black-and-white color combination is very bold, especially when it is focused on one place such as the dining table. The centerpiece features a layered runner consisting of a striped piece and a chalkboard piece. The natural garland is placed over it leaving it dangling at the sides of the table. The color combo matches the existing decor of the dining room and the rest decorations on and around the table.

25. Nordic Christmas Table Arrangement

christmas table decorations 25


The Scandinavian interior of this hall defines the style of the festive night table decoration. It is taken down to two colors, black and white, to be more neutral and match the existing decor. Light elements add a cozy feel to the ambiance. The centerpiece is a clear vase with twigs placed in the center of a candle holder.

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