12 Best DIY Moon Shaped Baby Crib Ideas

Have you already chosen a crib for the baby you are expecting to appear soon in the world?

In case you haven’t, we have a great idea and we will help you make it – a newborn baby crib. What is even better is that we are going to show you the most unique baby cribs- the moon-shaped baby cribs.

This type of baby crib combines safety, compactness, beautiful design and will make your baby fall asleep quicker and will feel great in it.

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The design of the moon crib has taken into account one very important fact – the baby needs a smooth and almost imperceptible shift from the mother’s womb to the outer environment.

It is proven that narrower spaces make newborns feel as if they are still in their mommies’ tummies. That is the biggest advantage of the moon baby crib.

The second advantage is that you can make a cradle and bedding in 1 and use the monotonous rocking motions to calm your baby quickly for sleep or when it cries.

You will be surprised that scientists think that this movement reminds the baby of his or her life in the womb as they are constantly rocked inside as their mother goes about her day.

The most beautiful designs of moon-shaped cribs follow. All you need is wooden material like pallets, planks, MDF or plywood boards, screws and suitable paint.

1. Build a Serene Moon-Shaped Baby Crib

Baby Girl Moon Shaped Crib #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas
Mersudin Memovic

There is something magical about the moon- it is so pure, so appeasing as is the baby.  That is why the moon is the perfect shape for your baby crib.

Made out of white MDF boards, the basket of the crib touches the floor at its center and is additionally stabilized through four wooden legs in natural color at each end. The small stars cut symmetrically on both sides are the perfect end to this moon-shaped crib.

2. Make a Moon-Shaped Crib from Pallets and Planks

Moon Crib For Baby Girl #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

That particular moon-shaped crib can be made out of pallets or planks.

If you go for recycling, disassemble the pallets and sand all boards until the surface becomes perfectly smooth.

Draw out the moon-shaped pattern on MDF boards. Mind the size of the mattress for your baby and that it needs to fit as close to the bottom of the moon frame as possible.

Determine where the bottom of your cradle has to come. Cut the moon-shaped side with a jig-saw.

Repeat the same for the other side of the cradle. The MDF frame will be your reference point for arranging and cutting the pallet boards that panel it over.

Cut them all in size and screw them tightly to the MDF frame. Once ready with both sides, mark the eyes of the moon and cut them out with your jigsaw. Sand off all cutting edges, especially at the inside of the crib. Cut the bottom of your crib from an MDF board.

Cut in the edges at each end so that it fits well in the moon-shaped frame. You can drill in holes for ventilation of the mattress. Assemble the moon-shaped sides and basis together using screws.

Torque them tightly. Start planking the outer part of the moon-shaped structure with the remaining pallet boards. Make sure to pre-drill holes for easier fixing of the screws. Make a wedge to place at the backside of the moon cradle so that it prevents it from tumbling backward.

3. Use Plywood Panels for Moon and Stars Rocking Cradle

via Creme Shop

Moon Crib Bedding Idea #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

It feels like this moon and stars cradle has been taken from an Indian family nursery.

It looks so ancient and yet practical for the first months of your baby. It sits on rockers which allow the motion of a regular rocking chair or a cradle.

That cradle is a higher version of the moon-shaped cradles so it may be a preferred option for some parents.

The moon shape basket is made completely out of MDF or plywood panels cut at the crescent shape. The stars are cut with a jig-saw before assembling the sides to the frame. For the outer curved piece that connects the sides of the basket use bendable plywood which can be forced to take the shape you want.

The moon frame to which the sides are fixed is made from MDF, similar to the instructions above. The stand consists of two rocking legs connected through a transverse beam which ensures the stability of the moon and stars cradle.

Their shape includes a gentle curve that provides the rocking. They are cut out of a thick wooden list. Fixing of all parts is done via screws.

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4. Create a Stylish Moon and Stars Cradle with Old Pallets

Moon And Stars Crib Bedding Set #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

That particular idea could be a great project for crafty parents. Similar to our first suggestion, making of this cradle requires old pallets that are perfectly smoothened for a baby’s bedding.

Unlike the first cradle, the planking of this structure allows more light to come through by arranging the boards at some distance from each other. In the spirit of recycling, use a log as a wedge of the cradle.

You can get a step by step guide here: Moon-shaped Baby Crib Guide

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5. Moon-Shaped Baby Cradle with Star-Shaped Stands

Moon And Stars Crib Mobile #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

That carriage-like crib presents another design of a small baby moon-shaped cradle.

The wooden planks are arranged at an angle which makes their general appearance more refined.

The star-shaped feet are a great way to represent and at the same time hide the rocking part of the cradle. Making this crib requires more fine work and materials as all decorative accents are cut at falling star shape from wood sheet.

The good news is that the basic steps of this project are the same as those of the initial one. Here imagination has played a big role so let your emotions from expecting the baby do their part.

6. Incorporate Warm Fairy Lights to Your Moon Cradle

Half Moon Crib #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

Fairy lights can be the perfect end to the moon cradle done by you.

Hang them from the top edge of the crescent and let your baby come to know the light shades playing at night.

Their warm light will not disturb the baby. On the contrary, they can soothe the baby quicker.

The moon cradle is placed on a solid foot block. That is another idea for preserving it from tumbling backward while the baby is sleeping. If you want to use it as a cradle, take it off and let your baby enjoy the rocking.

7. Utilize Dark Wood for a Rustic Moon-Shaped Cradle

Dark Wood Moon Shaped Crib #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

The rustic effect of that moon-shaped cradle makes it a preferred crib for some parents-to-be.

The natural and earthy color distinguishes it from the rest.

From a practical point of view, it is made the same way as all moon-shaped cribs.

The sides from wooden panels are cut at the crescent shape and the whole structure has been additionally protected with a layer of suitable varnish which gives the rustic bright finish of the cradle.

8. Build Wood Cloud Stands for Your Moon Cradle

Moon Shaped Baby Crib Cloud Base #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

The shape of the feet of the baby crib may be various, from simple geometric shapes to stars or clouds.

Both stars and clouds combine very well with the moon shape of the bed so you won’t make a mistake choosing either of them.

In that particular case, the clouds are used as feet which give more stability to the crib as its half-moon shape allows rocking in a natural way.

9. Versatile Moon-Shaped Crib for Babies and Toddlers

Baby Crib Moon Shaped  #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

If you would like to have a crib that can be used from baby to toddler age, that moon-shaped crib can be your solution.

It is entirely made of solid wood and is very stable and safe.

The half-moon-shaped roof is not only attractive, it is also very practical. It will protect your baby from direct sunlight and airflow.

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10. Elegant Starry Sunblind for Your Moon-Shaped Crib

White Baby Crib In The Shape Of Moon #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

That is a modification of a simple white crib. The moon-shaped details have been cut from a wooden sheet and have been attached to the sides of the crib.

The starry sunblind is a great and clever touch to this moon bedding. It can be easily detached for washing. Its curved line is achieved through few round bars inserted transversely to both moon-shaped sides.

via Miiflore Couture

11. Build an Artistic Fornasetti Crescent Cradle

Crescent Moon Shaped Childs Bed #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

Have you seen an artistic moon cradle for babies?

Fornasetti’s crescent cradle is one of the most commented and expensive products you can find on the Internet.

It looks so perfect to the letter as if your baby is going to sleep on the moon.

The good news is that if you can’t afford this piece of art furniture, you can make it yourself. „A man in the moon” is a very similar project made by a normal grandpa that wanted to make a memorable present for his future grandchild.

via Dragonette

12. Upgrade a Room with a Modern Moon-Shaped Crib

Moon Baby Crib Hang #moon #crib #baby #cot #decorhomeideas

Nursery cradles can be very stylish.

This breath-taking moon-shaped cradle is the perfect choice for all future parents that have a more modernistic taste and yet want a practical piece of furniture for their nursery.

Hung on a stable metal stand, the cradle is controlled by the parent. It stands higher than all other cradles and thus access to the baby is easier.

If you would like to make it yourself, follow the instructions for a moon-shaped cradle made out of wooden sheets and get a metal stand that will withstand the weight of the cradle and the baby.

via Un Due Tres Ella Baby

The baby moon-shaped cribs are the perfect way to provide your baby with privacy, comfort and sweet-swinging moments.

Making them doesn’t need many materials, skills or time and the final result will certainly bring great satisfaction to all and make a lasting memory from the earliest days of your baby.   

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