White House Black Trim: 20 Best Ideas and Designs

White paint will still be the de facto color for farmhouses in the following years.

Architects and designers are still embracing the modern appeal of white exteriors with black trim.

The most common way to use this is white walls, or white brick, and black roofing.

Best White House Black Trim Styled Properties. Take a look at some gorgeous white house black trim styled properties. Different styles and designs, combining white paint of the house and black trim. #decorhomeideas
  • Are white houses with black trim popular?

It’s a color combination that never gets old. It’s been used in recent years to bring a modern vibe to old farmhouses, but it can be used in nearly every style of home.

  • Is black a good trim color?

Like any exterior paint color, use black paint correctly and it can be a stunning trim color. A little goes a long way. If you’re unsure about it, try it sparingly with a matte finish.

  • How can I make the White House look better?

Think mixing textures like shaker style siding. Black trim works because of its place at the end of a neutral gray palette. You can match it with stone and various textures on the roof and sidings. 

We’ve discovered a collection of white house black trim ideas that use a white house with black trim. Read on for inspiration.

1. Modern Farmhouse

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Black and white trim is an especially effective way to modernize the farmhouse style. It looks great here, as with the double black gable roofs and wide trim on the first-floor windows and entrance.

Note the striking center of the home. It’s nearly a wall of windows, which are trimmed in black, creating a block of black in-between the white bookends.

2. Traditional Farmhouse With Contemporary Flair

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Here’s a farmhouse style with more of the familiar clean, white exterior. The contemporary twist is the black trim around the large windows.

The pergola over the porch and the fence on the left are decidedly modern.

via Feldman Architecture

3. Contemporary Farmhouse Gets Color Block Treatment

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The trend in the black and white palette is to move away from a pure white tone to a variety of off white hues. There’s no dividing line between the first and second floor on this home exterior. Shaker shingle overhangs are painted matte black.

Double gable roofs are intentionally mismatched, creating a black and white color block. The closest tower of the home is painted in off white and the entire exterior has a flat finish.

via Alvarez Morris

4. Matte Finish in Farm Country

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This home in Iowa showcases the trend towards matte finishes. Flat finishes add the illusion of texture. It works because of its organic nature. 

We see it here in the deep charcoal black roof and eaves. Instead of choosing a color block, the choice here was to introduce a stone facade to one window tower and doorway.

The windows give a nod to their heritage with overhangs. These are still popular in wide open prairie country, where there are few trees to provide shade.

5. Charleston Charmer

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This home in Charleston, SC, embraces the Southern style, with its interesting gable roof detail. It also looks to 2023 and beyond, experimenting with the white home with a black trim idea

There’s a nice mix of materials here with the red brick foundation and board and batten siding sitting under black roof shingles. Architectural features under the roof line and front entrance add personality.

via Spivey Architects

6. All Black Carriage Style Garage Doors

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Farmhouse renovation is still going strong. Here’s a classic example of how farmhouses are being modernized. The classic carriage doors of this garage have been painted all black as opposed to the window trim that’s normally seen on these remodels.

You can also see the marriage of stone and board and batten siding. The vintage gooseneck barn lights add a finishing touch.

7. Mixing Materials Makes It Modern

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Here’s another classic farmhouse design that’s being brought up to date with flat black roof shingles and window trims. The front door, carriage house lanterns, and even the plant pots are black.  The carriage house garage doors here are all white, as opposed to the all black doors in the last picture. 

Another interesting design element is the addition of rough hewn posts at the entrance. The subtle hues and mix of materials bring more color and character to the house than if they had stuck to a straight black-and-white color scheme.

8. Beautiful Beach House Makeover

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Coastal design is an easy choice when your home is on the water. Make it modern by adding black trim. Check out the porch area and you’ll see the railings are also painted black.

The standout design ideas here are the all black garage and black metal balcony railings.

via SkB Architects

9. Classic and Quaint Colorado Farmhouse

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This Colorado farmhouse kept its classic roots by keeping the roof shingles their original cedar color. Fresh elements include the garage door, black vintage style lanterns, and black window trim.

10. Black Downspouts Add Interest

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The off white color gives this home in Atlanta a warm feel. Again, we see the textures mixed with stone and siding. Painting them the same color gives it a clean look.

Classic arches on the porch are updated with a metal railing. The window trim on the second floor is another modern take on an old window design. It looks much more appealing than dated white PVC window frames. 

Painting the downspouts and gutters black defines the corners, preventing the white from looking washed out and two dimensional.

via Boyce Design

11. A Modern Triple Play

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Here’s a stunning solution to a classic problem. The three roof lines may be there by design, but many homeowners face the dilemma of unifying the facade of their home due to more square space being added on over the years. 

The designer simplified the look by using white board and batten siding from top to bottom. They also opted for white window frames.

They simplified the roof line by keeping the shingles, gutters, and drainage spouts all black. A pop of color is added by using rough hewn posts at the home’s entrance.

12. Make a Memorable Entrance

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One of the biggest obstacles larger homes need to overcome is the tendency to look monotonous. You see this so often in new home development. One way to get around this is by using a mix of materials. 

The owners of this home wanted something more than the same siding top to bottom. They achieved this by adding color through the use of stone at the base up to the lower window sills.

They also built out their entrance, extending the black roof line and using more stone and a different siding style than the rest of the home. The metal railing brings a modern edge to a marvelous entrance.

13. Add Awnings

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The top section of this home would look like a tall miscue without the use of awnings. Matching black awnings unifies the look and makes the entrance more visible. The front window also has black shutters.

It’s quite common to see the garage in front of the rest of the home. It needs to be taken as an important part of the overall look or it will lessen the home’s curb appeal.

via Black Oak Builder

14. Shaker Siding and Stone Facade

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Shaker siding was originally made from split cedar pieces called shakes. Today, you can get them in any color and from a variety of materials.

This grayish beige shaker siding pairs well with the stone facade. It’s also a nice contrast to the board and batten siding near the entrance. A lighter white trim paired with black window frames and roof ties it all together.

15. English Style Cottage

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An English style cottage home’s exterior goes modern. The exterior of the brick house has been painted white.

The roof adds interest by using various shades of deep grays and black. This also creates a textured look which allows you to see the sweep of the roof line against the black drain pipes.

When you want to add a true black color, try tricorn black by Sherwin Williams. This creates a subtle contrast to the roof’s light grey and dark grey tones.

via Houseplans

16. Blended Brilliance

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It isn’t easy to blend so many materials to create a cohesive look, but this home pulls it off. How many materials can you spot? Board and batten, shake, and stone siding are all here. 

Instead of using several black trim ideas, just stick to one black exterior color to connect all the textured elements.

17. Transitional Home With Copper Finesse

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When it comes to taking in the view, this lakeside home doesn’t miss a beat with its dark trimmed large windows.

The black trim exterior enhances the extra white entrance and becomes the focal point. It has a unique character with the metal art in the hallway and the copper gutters working with black accents.

via Stonwerk

18. Tall Farmhouse

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This modern farmhouse draws on board and batten siding to unify the look. The long lines make the home appear taller and more stately.

In this case, the black trim is about playing a supporting role. Simplifying the trim allows the front windows to become the focal point of the house.

via Scala Designs

19. A Color Block Statement

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This take on using color blocks is unique in the segment itself.  Filling the sections surrounding the window trim with black creates a block within a block of white siding.

The block is actually a deep, dark gray color. There’s added texture with the wood trim between the floors.

via Caroline on Design

20. Tone-on-Tone and Texture

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The exterior of this home is a blend of siding materials. Note the white brick  entrance against the siding. 

The siding on the dark blocks is a charcoal gray. It’s just light enough to differentiate from the window frames. The gray paint color was also used on the front door.

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