26 Fantastic Modern Wall Trim Ideas To Add Style To Each Room

Decorative molding can be found in homes throughout history. Today’s home owners have found wall trim can personalize a room and bring it to a new level.

We’ve found twenty-six modern wall trim ideas to stir your creative juices.

Best Modern Wall Trim Ideas. Are you looking for modern wall trim ideas? These designs on trimming and molding will help you add more elegance and style to your walls. #decorhomeideas
  • What is decorative molding on walls called?

The most common types of wall moldings are board-and-batten, chair rails, wainscoting, and picture frame molding.

  • How do you decorate a wall trim?

Painting your trim a color that complements the rest of the wall is a popular trend.

  • What is the trim that goes along walls?

The baseboard sits at the bottom of the wall. The trim at the top is crown molding. The trim in the middle is the chair rail.

  • How do I make an accent wall trim?

 The basic materials for a lot of molding ideas are liquid nails, standard finishing nails, and wall moldings that are either flat or quarter round. Basic tools are a hammer and a miter box.

1. Arched Casing

Arched Casing

The casing is the wall molding that covers the seams between two walls. They provide continuity across the room’s wall panels.

As seen here, the moldings cover the fireplace, bookcase, and doorway.

via Ingrained Wood Studios

2. Add a Picture Rail Below Crown Molding

Add a Picture Rail Below Crown Molding

The picture rail is the thin decorative piece of wall molding below the ceiling. It’s used here to provide a unique white trim in this contemporary space.

Its name comes from its traditional use as a way to hang pictures without adding extra holes into the walls.

via Terracotta Design Build

3. Coffered Ceiling and Geometric Doors

Coffered Ceiling and Geometric Doors

This room has a lot of decorative ideas. Take a look at the doors. These sliding pocket doors have decorative molding on their panels. Inside the room, the white baseboard stands out against the slate blue wall color. 

The wall molding idea is picked up in the ceiling. It turns a standard tray ceiling into a coffered ceiling. The ceiling gets a modern twist by setting the pattern at an angle to the room.

via PPDS

4. Crown Molding Adds Sophistication

Crown Molding Adds Sophistication

Crown molding is the wide trim that runs between the top of the wall and the ceiling. They’re used to add visual weight and prominence to a room, especially a room with a high or recessed ceiling.

Note the wide baseboard here balancing out the weight of the crown molding.

via Brandes Maselli

5. Modern Angular Molding

Modern Angular Molding

This visually stunning accent wall idea is easy to recreate. Once the straight pieces are in place, use another piece as a template to fit in the proper angles.

It creates wall paneling with a modern 3D effect.

via At The Barkers

6. Board-and-Batten Squares

Board-and-Batten Squares

Accent walls are an easy way to bring a room to life.

Board and batten, such as the pattern in this living room, is one of the most affordable and fast ways to add drama to a wall.

via Sureline Finishes

7. Add Picture Frame Molding to Your Powder Room

Add Picture Frame Molding to Your Powder Room

Picture frame wall molding is the key to a formal looking room.

The wall molding is set to create the look of picture frames. This one has a chair rail running across the top.

via Inside No 13

8. Create Unique Pattern with Trim

Create Unique Pattern with Trim

A geometric molding design covering the entire wall gives powder rooms a “wow” factor.

This type of wall decoration is installed the same way as board-and-batten, but in a smaller room, you can be bold with your design.

via Mari Jones Brickmore

9. Modern Raised Panels

Modern Raised Panels

Raised panels painted a dark color are another bold design style.

The panels are set on top of the wall and framed out with beveled edges.

via Love and Renovations

10. Wainscoting in the Bathroom

Wainscoting in the Bathroom

Here’s another example of wainscoting installed at a lower height. It works as the trim above the sink.

Painted in off white, the solid color is a soft contrast to the subtle pattern in the wall paper.

11. Fireplace with Shiplap, Crown Molding

Fireplace with Shiplap, Crown Molding

This fireplace is a showcase of molding and wall trim ideas. The mantel shelf shows off crown molding.

The overmantel has a shiplap design. They kept the color going with the tile on the hearth.

via Jenna Kate Home

12. Board and Batten Flat Panel Wall Trim

Board and Batten Flat Panel Wall Trim

The chair rail, board-and-batten, and baseboards are all painted in a light gray color. It’s a nice contrast to the pale peach above.

This look would also work in a laundry room.

via Sarah L Fletcher

13. Vertical Board and Batten Wall Trim

Vertical Board and Batten Wall Trim

The dark wall trim brings a sense of formality to this small dining room. If you want a wood panel but it isn’t in your budget, consider using veneers over MDF.

A veneer can be stained as easily as wood panels.

via Kali Burdette

14. Wood Trim With Flat Panels

Wood Trim With Flat Panels

This is a very simple project of adding wood trim molding over a painted wall or wall that’s covered in wallpaper.

The wall trim sits over the baseboards. All that was needed was a chair rail and vertical overlays.

via Kimmie

15. Add Geometric Flair with Wood Trim

Add Geometric Flair with Wood Trim

Creating an accent wall like this one takes some planning. There are free online design tools that can help you recreate your room.

This allows you to overlay patterns so you can work around challenges like your window trim. The trick here is to start in the center and work your way outward.

via Kerimo K

16. Classic Doorway Meets Modern Flair

Classic Doorway Meets Modern Flair

Here’s a classically modeled door trim with a modern twist. The sidelights, rosettes, and crown moldings are all classic style trims.

What makes it modern is the vertical molding next to the sidelights and the black and white decor. This type of entrance is usually finished in a wood stain. The minimalist paint scheme is a hallmark of 21st-century design.

via Snazzy Little Things

17. Raised Panels and Dentil Shelf

Raised Panels and Dentil Shelf

A unique design where the entire wall becomes the filler panel for the fireplace.

The mantel shelf is decorated with dentil molding.

via Kaelyn Schmidt Design

18. Board and Batten on Overmantel

Board and Batten on Overmantel

An easy way to add visual interest to an overmantel that stretches up taller than one floor is to add wall trim.

It’s a job that can be tricky, but this fireplace overmantel works as it mimics the bay window architecture.

via My Tribute Home

19.  Board-and-Batten In a Contrasting Color

Board-and-Batten In a Contrasting Color

This board-and-batten wall trim uses the dimensions of the fireplace as a reference for creating the overmantel.

If you absolutely have to place the TV in the living room, take a tip from this playbook. By painting the overmantel a dark gray, the TV blends into the wall’s background.

via Thrifty Decor Chic

20. Wainscoting Moves with Staircase

Wainscoting Moves with Staircase

Here’s a wainscoting idea that shows off design and carpentry skills. The wall panels match in width throughout each level.

The attention to detail shows in how the molding follows the gradient of the stairs.

via Lisa and Derick

21. Gold Makes Modern Wainscoting Stand Out

Gold Makes Modern Wainscoting Stand Out

The blue-gray wall is a bold backdrop to the bold geometric design of this accent wall.

If you want to try something like this, paint the trim work first and touch up the nail holes later on.

via Modern Wainscoting

22. Wall Trim Frames Your Decor

Wall Trim Frames Your Decor

These picture frame types of trim add to the formality of this dining area.

Even though the sconces and mirror are from two different eras, the moldings bring cohesiveness to the wall.

23. Crown Molding in the Kitchen

Crown Molding in the Kitchen

Moldings add a touch of class to these contemporary cabinets.

Wider molding on the walls gives this kitchen a polished finish.

via Marc McCammon

24. Picture Frame Wall Trim Idea

Picture Frame Wall Trim Idea

The picture frame trim adds incredible depth to this otherwise plain, white living room wall.

Wall trim ideas add texture to your decor, even if you hold true to a neutral color palette.

via Rushella Paulmino

25. Wainscoting On Your Staircase Walls

Wainscoting On Your Staircase Walls

Another great example of wainscoting on a staircase. This shows how much interest wainscoting can bring to a simple staircase landing.

The angles and curves in the wall trim at the bottom are definitely a modern touch. It keeps the area looking bright, whereas traditional wood paneling could leave the room looking dark and old.

via Lisa + Building Utah

26. Modern Board and Batten Foyer

Modern Board and Batten Foyer

Smaller rooms such as powder rooms and this foyer can make big statements. The casing over the arched doorway provides visual weight to the room.

The square slate blue board-and-batten trim installed on a 45-degree angle brings a modern touch to the entrance.

via Hatcliff Construction

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