28 Best Selling Farmhouse Pendant Lights You’ll Love

21. 5-Light Wire Farmhouse Pendant

Wire 5-Light Pendant #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

5 different cages hanging on cords. This model have some huge discounts up to 70%.


5-Light Wire Farmhouse Pendant #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

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22. Industrial Farmhouse Barn Pendant

Industrial barn pendant #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

This copper farmhouse pendant light is a nice addition to any farmhouse decor. The rustic copper bowl directs the light downwards. You can put several lights in line over the kitchen island or dining table.

Available in Bronze and Silver. It’s not possible to adjust the height so check it before getting one.

The price is well below $100 so it could be a deal.

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23. Kitchen 1-Light Mini Pendant

Kitchen 1-Light Mini Pendant #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

An aged effect on the frame and glass of the Hawkesbury Pendant gives it a rustic look that makes its flared shape all the more charming.

Nice formed shape and the glass makes it a great piece of farmhouse decor to any kitchen or foyer. You can get at least 3 pieces to put over your kitchen island.

Height is not adjustable. Maximum bulb power is 100W.  A little be more expensive than expected, but still great piece of lighting.

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24. Simple Clear Glass Farmhouse Pendant

Simple clear glass farmhouse pendant #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

Sometimes the best looking design is the simple one. Add a filament bulb and you’ll create beautiful farmhouse pendant.

A stylish blend of industrial and modern farmhouse design, this one-light mini pendant adds a charming touch to kitchens, dining areas, and beyond. The jug-shaped shade is crafted from mouth-blown glass, while a chrome-finished chain and hardware modernize the look of this fixture.

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25. Rustic Jar Pendant Light

Rustic jar pendant light #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

You can actually buy anyone of these 3 pendants alone, but you also got the option to combine them in this beautiful 3-light composition. Whether over a dining room or other room they look stunning. Filament bulbs add to the rustic farmhouse look. It’s amazing what you can do from recycled jars.

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26. Luxury Farmhouse Pendanants

Luxury farmhouse pendants #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

Creating stunning interior in your kitchen is always connected with light and lighting fixtures. Choosing exquisite pieces can make the difference from ordinary kitchen to great.

These rustic pendants are very beautiful and with clean design.

Even though they are not so cheap you can consider having one or two.

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27. Pull-down Inverted Farmhouse Pendant

Pulldown inverted farmhouse pendant light #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

Drawing inspiration from antique lighting, this inverted one-light pendant brings industrial flair and eye-catching appeal to your home.

Once your foundation is set, warm up your space even more by dressing up a window with a charming valance, then adorn a nearby wall with a vintage bakery sign for a farmhouse-inspired accent.

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28. Farmhouse Wood Beam Pendant Light

Farmhouse Wood Beam Pendant Light #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhhousedecor #decorhomeideas

Creating a sense of pristine elegance to home interior with this 10-light island pendant light. Reminiscent Edison bulbs wrapping around the dark reclaimed wood beam creates this masterpiece With such lights you can add real rustic accent to your home.

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We have created an easy to navigate table with all the farmhouse pendant lights included in this selection.

28 Most Popular Farmhouse Pendant Lights #farmhousependant #farmhouse #pendant #farmhousependantlights #decorhomeideas1. Carmen 4-Light | 2. Westinghouse Mini Pendant |
3. Nadine 1-Light | 4. Progress Mini Pendant |
5. Carmen 4-Light | 6. Hankinson Globe |
7. Westinghouse One-Light | 8. Pruett Cognac 8-Light |
9. Dewey 3-Light | 10. Baycheer Crystal Pendant |
11. Jean-Baptiste 3-Light | 12. Freeburg 4-Light |
13. Lightlady | 14. Kierra 4-Light |
15. Redmond Pendant | 16. Yobo Pendant |
17. Ryne 4-Light Drum | 18. Orly 5-Light |
19. Stone & Beam Pendant | 20. Norman |
21. Huang Wire | 22. Litfad |
23. Hawkesburry 1-Light | 24. Clematite |
25. Unitary 3-Light | 26. Stotts 5-Light |
27. Rodriques Pull Pendant | 28. Beam 10-Light Pendant


There are a lot more farmhouse pendant lighting fixtures available, but these are the most popular and people love them. Farmhouse decor is a trend nowadays and it’s not going to fade any sooner so don’t be afraid to decorate following the trend.

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