25 Best Lake House Decor Ideas To Add a Touch Of Serenity To Your Home

If you have a lake house to escape to for the weekend, is great. But if you don’t have this option, you can add pieces of it to your home decor to create an oasis where you can relax and feel far away from reality.

The lake decor is related to the serenity of the water and the casual beauty of lake nature. Let’s see how you can bring this decor style into your home with our collection of 25 Best Lake House Decoration Ideas.

Create a serene and tranquil retreat with these wonderful lake house decor ideas that help blend indoors and out.

1. Find A New Place For Your Skiis

Find A New Place For Your Skiis

This lake house decor idea is truly simple. With a simple change of the storage place of the water skis, you can create a unique point of interest in a living space.

Lean them against the wall and watch how the atmosphere attains a vacation vibe.

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2. Two Sizes Of Oars Into Your Bedroom

Two Sizes Of Oars Into Your Bedroom

If you have loved rowing ones and you have precious memories from that times, you can repurpose the old oars into bedroom decoration.

The idea here includes two sizes of oars which makes a hint about the age of the people that had used them. Their color cohere with the water theme and complements the framed wall art with ocean creatures.

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3. White And Navy Blue In The Living Room

White And Navy Blue In The Living Room

If we speak about the most suitable color palette for a lake house interior, this home decor idea will give you the answer.

Nautical blue, white and wood match perfectly together and instantly make a relation with the water element.

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4. Reclaimed Wood Mantle Over White Paneling

Reclaimed Wood Mantle Over White Paneling

The pure white paneling of the fireplace needs a casual touch that will enhance its authentic origin. The large wooden piece standing above the fireplace adds so much character and natural beauty to the interior.

Its cracks and wood texture are not hidden for a reason. They are left to add the serenity of nature indoors and create a harmonious atmosphere.

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5. Crown Molding For A Cozy Lake House Fireplace

Crown Molding For A Cozy Lake House Fireplace

Every lake house has a fireplace that can warm up the cold nights and set a romantic atmosphere.

This lake house design of a fireplace is classic ensuring sufficient firewood capacity and comfort. It is covered with grey subway tiles that ensure fire resistance and also easy cleaning.

The white hearth perfectly matches the traditional look of the fireplace and also makes an eye-pleasing contrast. The mantel is wide enough to accommodate a few lake house-related decorations and natural pieces.

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6. Rustic Chest For Extra Storage And Decoration

Rustic Chest For Extra Storage And Decoration

Give that old chest a new look with white chalk paint. Distress the edges and add a rope ending in knots at the cover.

Using this rustic piece as part of the decor is sure. But it can be given a dual function as a storage box. It can accommodate blankets, pillows, bedding, etc.

The top surface is also another part of the rustic piece that can be practically used as a shelf for lake house decorations.

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7. Farmhouse Dining Room

Farmhouse Dining Room

Lake houses are preferred not only for family vacations. Sometimes, they are the best place to celebrate a holiday with friends or gather people for a special occasion.

Therefore, it will never be needless to furnish the dining room with items that provide plenty of seating places.

Farmhouse benches are durable and long enough to accommodate at least three people sitting comfortably. The table should cohere with the size of the benches. You can make it yourself from reclaimed wood pieces and give it a fresh look with white paint.

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8. Light Teal Blue Tiles For A Lake House Bathroom

Light Teal Blue Tiles For A Lake House Bathroom

The blue tones of this bathroom combine magically with the natural wood texture of the vanity and the golden finish of the accessories.

The sea tone of the blue makes a relation to the serenity and cleanness of the water. The entire bathroom space of this lake house decor idea is covered in tale blue tiles.

The walls feature the traditional subway tile shape, while the floor tiles imitate woven texture.

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9. Ombre Colored Fish Decoration In A Frame

Ombre Colored Fish Decoration In A Frame

This is a small decor piece that can add the surrounding natural ambiance to your indoors. It features a wooden frame with a barn wood background to which three fish cut-outs are glued.

Each fish is painted a different color to make sure that it stands out on its own. The color palette is nautical to unite them together and make an impacting touch to the interior. Added glass jar with river stones cohere with the theme of the framed art.

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10. Repurpose Your Hobby Into Decoration

Repurpose Your Hobby Into Decoration

Similar to the beach-themed decorations, the lake house interior also offers repurposing hobby accessories into part of the decor.

The worn water skis can’t be used anymore in the water but they can be transformed into balusters. If you don’t have enough of them to replace all wood balusters, you can position them only in the middle part of the staircase to create a unique point of interest.

Use ropes to fix them and to enhance the lake house interior effect.

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11. Chest Repurposed Into Coffee Table

Chest Repurposed Into Coffee Table

The old chest can be repurposed into a porch coffee table. For an improved beach-themed look, coat the wood surface with a light color in the nautical palette.

Added beach house inscription on the top of it makes a clear relation to the theme and also a charming effect.

The inside space of the chest can be usefully utilized for storage of outdoor accessories such as throws, pillows, and cushions.

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12. White Rope Instead Of A Handrail

White Rope Instead Of A Handrail

This interesting idea is suitable for staircases framed with walls on both sides.

The long and thick rope imitates a handrail on one of the sides which complements the striped color combination of the steps.

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13. Hanging Wicker Chair To Admire A Great Landscape

Hanging Wicker Chair To Admire A Great Landscape

The hanging chairs have become a piece of popular indoor furniture because of their irresistible capability to add a relaxing vibe and a vacation feeling.

The wicker material is perfect for a lake house because it acts as a transition between the inside and the surrounding nature.

Its position is also very important for experiencing ultimate enjoyment- make sure that the view seen when sitting in it can set your senses to break time.

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14. Lake House Master Bedroom Sign

Lake House Master Bedroom Sign

You can add the lake house atmosphere to your master bedroom with a simple sign. It is made with wood slats with a worn texture.

An image of a lake house landscape is printed on the wood to set the background of a special inscription. It features the name of the family and the date it has been established.

The lake house sign suits perfect the bedroom decor because it coheres with the serenity, privacy and calmness of the atmosphere.

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15. Lake House Decal

Lake House Decal

An easy way to bring inside the lake house theme is featured in this decor idea. This is a vinyl letter sign framed with two paddles.

The color is a dark brown that complements the distressed areas of the couch headboard and accents around the room.

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16. Distressed Sign Leading You To The Lake

Distressed Sign Leading You To The Lake

This oversized wooden sign will give you directions to a place where you will feel at home- the lake.

The sign covers a large part of the wall above the sofa to create a rustic touch and character.

It is made from a wooden board with a distressed finish and large bold letters creating the word “LAKE”. An arrow is a cute addition to the letters making sure that the direction is easily found.

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17. Modern Grey Sign In The Lake House Theme

Modern Grey Sign In The Lake House Theme

The color of the sign makes sure that it is easily blended with any interior style. The grey color covers the wood base smoothly and makes an even backdrop for the letters.

The sign is great for a gift for people owning a lake house or for a newly wedded couple that dreams about a lake house.

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18. Lake Rules Sign

Lake Rules Sign

This sign is so cute! It features 9 slats assembled vertically. Each slat is of a different finish revealing distressed paint and wood texture.

The rules of the lake house living are written on the slats to inspire you positively every single day and to remind you that you will always feel at home at the lake house.

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19. Black Oars Into Wall Decor

Black Oars Into Wall Decor

The lake house decoration can be added to the entryway to make it charming, welcoming and unique.

It is no doubt that the personal touch in the interior will be clear and noticeable from the entrance of your home. The black oars stand out against the white wall and cohere with the rustic sitting furniture.

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20. Water-Themed Slat Sign

Water-Themed Slat Sign

This sign is suspended on white ropes and describes different destinations where you can enjoy the calm sounds and beautiful landscape of water features.

It stays right above a rustic bureau to relate to its chalk paint surface in blue color. It is a nice way to escape for a second from home office reality simply by looking at it.

21. Lobster Cage Into Pendant Light

Lobster Cage Into Pendant Light

This pendant light is one-of-a-kind! It is a simple DIY project that utilizes that old and rusty lobster cage and gives it a new life.

Being part of a light fixture, the lobster cage makes a point of interest and brings the ocean theme indoors in a unique way.

22. Attic Bedroom With A Letter Sign

Attic Bedroom With A Letter Sign

This bedroom decor is simply adorable. The beddings are made from striped fabric which gives the interior a cheerful and cute touch. The natural wood floor in combination with the white shiplap lining of the walls and the ceiling makes sure that the space looks airy and casual.

A set of four wood squares creates a unique sign spelling “LAKE”. It stays in the center of the blank wall opposite the door to anchor the vacation atmosphere in the room.

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23. A Headboard From Weathered Oars

A Headboard From Weathered Oars

This is another great idea repurposing old oars into a unique decor piece. Aged wooden oars are arranged in a row onto a thick wood board to create a textured headboard of a lake house bedroom.

The faded colors of the oars are left as they are to create an eye-pleasing collage of the past. Accents on the bed complement the oar colors and at the same time ensure comfort.

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24. A Watercolor Art Over The Mantel

A Watercolor Art Over The Mantel

If you want to add the ocean theme to your living room, you can do it with one easy addition- a large painting.

The painting should make a clear relation to the beach. It can be a printed image of a beautiful lake or ocean landscape, an illustration or an abstract painting with watercolors.

When you choose its position, make sure that the wall is blank or if there are other decorations, they should be of neutral colors and texture that won’t take from the focus of the wall art.

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25. Striped Fabric In Pale Colors And Rattan Furniture

Striped Fabric In Pale Colors And Rattan Furniture

To enhance the lake house interior style, use small and affordable accents. That can be throws, pillows, wall art, and small rattan furniture pieces.

If you don’t like the bold navy blue color, you can use a lighter shade of blue as well. When it is in combination with white, it will surely stand out.

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