30 Fantastic Blue Christmas Decor Ideas To Add More Style To The Holidays

Red and green are perennial Christmas favorites, but when you’re looking to change things up, blue is a perfect choice.

Whether you want to add a few royal-blue accents into your usual decor or you’re going with an icy blue and white theme, this versatile color has plenty of potential.

Best Blue Christmas Decor Ideas. Want to have a blue Christmas this year? Try one of these DIY blue Christmas decor ideas to turn your home into an icy winter wonderland. From whimsical garlands to stunning ornaments, find a project you love here.  #decorhomeideas
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These stunning blue Christmas decor ideas are just the thing to get you excited for the holidays.

1. 15-Minute Ornament Wreath

15-Minute Ornament Wreath #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Looking for a DIY project that doesn’t take much time?

With a few packs of beautiful blue Christmas ornaments and a plain wreath, you can create this spectacular wreath for your front door.

A massive ribbon ties the whole thing together.

via The Homes I Have Made

2. A Sparkling Silvery Forest Display

A Sparkling Silvery Forest Display #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Slim trees sparkle in the glow from your Christmas lights with this display, which is the perfect addition to a mantel or a side table.

It’s incredibly easy to make — you might even have the supplies on hand already.

We love how the silver and white trees keep these sweet trees looking sophisticated.

3. All Natural Friendly Winter Wreath

All Natural Friendly Winter Wreath #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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With its grey-green leaves and blue flowers, this stunning wreath looks beautiful at Christmas and beyond.

The subtle addition of traditional holiday boughs adds subtle texture, and the blue striped ribbon makes a lovely hanger.

4. Aqua Christmas Porch

Aqua Christmas Porch #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Replace your traditional green decorations with aqua versions to create this unexpected porch display.

The combination of aqua and red looks fun and fresh, while still maintaining a festive charm. The best part?

You can make the painted pinecones yourself for a bit of affordable decor.

via Cottage at the Crossroads

5. Baby Blue Personalized Christmas Stocking

Baby Blue Personalized Christmas Stocking #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Are you welcoming a new baby to the family this Christmas?

Surprise the little one with a special blue and white stocking.

The wintry shades suit the new arrival and complement your blue Christmas decorating theme.

6. Blue Glass Icicle Christmas Ornaments

Blue Glass Icicle Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Have you ever seen Christmas ornaments as breathtaking as these blue glass icicles?

Imagine them draped across a snow-flocked Christmas tree — or for even more impact, a pure white tree.

Paired with white lights, these ornaments will sparkle and shine.

7. Blue Poinsettias Christmas Centerpiece

Blue Poinsettias Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Who says poinsettias have to be red?

This fun Christmas centerpiece flips the script, creating a peacock-inspired version of the classic holiday flower.

The greenery is dusted with silver glitter, tying together the entire display.

8. Chinoiserie Chic Inspired Christmas Ornaments

Chinoiserie Chic Inspired Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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There’s nothing quite so chic as Chinoiserie, the classic blue and white print that appears on everything from linens to pottery.

Here, it dresses up a bowl of simple ball ornaments, turning them into keepsakes that your whole family will treasure for years to come.

9. Christmas Garland For The Fireplace Mantel

Christmas Garland For The Fireplace Mantel #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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If you want to make a big statement, the fireplace mantel is the perfect canvas.

Dress up your usual Christmas garland with a selection of blue accents.

Artificial flowers, balls, and small ornaments add an icy vibe to this year’s celebrations.

via From House To Home

10. Christmas Gnomes Ice Blue

Christmas Gnomes Ice Blue #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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These sweet little gnomes are all dressed up for the winter holidays.

Their icy blue and white outfits fit right into your Christmas decorations — you can even leave them up for months afterward.

Here, they’re adorably perched on simple wood slices for a rustic twist.

11. Christmas Mantel In Turquoise

Christmas Mantel In Turquoise #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Opulent shades of turquoise and silver make the perfect addition to a flocked garland in this simple display.

For best results, combine ornaments in a variety of matt, polished, and glittering finishes.

The mix adds depth when you turn on the Christmas lights.

via The Domestic Curator

12. Christmas Vintage Cart

Christmas Vintage Cart #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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There’s nothing cuter than a vintage toy truck — unless it’s a vintage toy truck hauling a tree-filled trailer.

All you need is to find a truck and trailer in shades of blue.

Then, add tiny trees and a strand of dollhouse Christmas lights for a one-of-a-kind decoration.

via Robb ReStyle

13. Christmas Wreath With Blue Accent

Christmas Wreath With Blue Accent #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Expand your wreath horizons with this textured version, which uses a range of unexpected greenery to add a contemporary texture and depth.

Cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices hint at the holidays, and a single blue ribbon brings out the cool tones in the leaves and berries.

14. Classic Christmas with a Little Sparkle

Classic Christmas with a Little Sparkle #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Go glam this year with blue sequined decorations.

Tall tinsel Christmas trees add sparkle when they flank the fireplace or the front door.

Our favorite part is the shimmering sequin stockings that dangle from the mantel.

15. DIY Indigo Marbled Ornaments

DIY Indigo Marbled Ornaments #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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When you’re in the mood for cocoa and crafting, these fun DIY Christmas ornaments should be high on your list of projects.

They look intricate, but they’re deceptively simple to make.

A bit of paint, a few swirls, and you’re ready to decorate.

via Alice and Lois DIY

16. DIY Ornament Topiary – Blue and Silver

DIY Ornament Topiary Blue And Silver. #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Grab a few inexpensive potted topiaries for this project, or make your own using inexpensive supplies from any craft store.

The design gives you total freedom — add blue and silver Christmas balls, bows, jingle bells, or anything that catches your eye.

via Craftibilities

17. DIY Paint Dipped Ornament

DIY Paint Dipped Ornament #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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The paint-dip look is super trendy, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

These cute ornaments take a few minutes to make, and you can buy all of the supplies at the dollar store. The trick?

Choose balls in a color that coordinates with blue, such as gold or silver.

via Southern State Of Mind

18. DIY Pinecone Fire Starter Favors

DIY Pinecone Fire Starter Favors #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Send your Christmas-party guests home with something special this season — these pinecone fire starters are sure to be a hit.

They look and smell fantastic, and the sweet handmade tags are the perfect finishing touch.

Don’t be surprised if your guests keep them on display in their own homes!

via Something Turquoise

19. First Home Christmas Ornament

First Home Christmas Ornament #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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There’s something magical about the first Christmas in a new home.

Celebrate it in your house or that of a loved one with this special ornament.

It’s completely customized to include the address and the year, so it’s sure to be a treasured decoration for years to come.

20. Glitter Candle Gift Idea

Glitter Candle Gift Idea #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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If you’re searching for a thoughtful gift for someone who has everything, this DIY gift candle is a perfect choice.

The glittering blue exterior is impossibly beautiful, and the scented candle will warm the recipient’s home all winter long.

You could even make your own candles for a true artisan touch.

via A Little Tipsy

21. Hand Carved Christmas Candles

Hand Carved Christmas Candles #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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We’ve never seen anything quite like these blue and white Christmas candles.

They’re so beautiful that you won’t want to burn them.

Don’t worry; they make lovely additions to a shelf or side table, and you can bring them out every year for a special touch.

22. Icy Blue Christmas Theme

Icy Blue Christmas Theme #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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When you’re decorating on a budget, gift-wrapping supplies are a fantastic option.

Wrap a few empty boxes in beautiful icy blue paper to display in the front entryway or under the tree.

Here, matching ribbons adorn the Christmas garland, tying the whole house together.

via Better Decorating Bible

23. Midnight Blue and Golden “Oh Holy Night”

Midnight Blue and Golden Oh Holy Night #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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“O, Holy Night” is a favorite Christmas carol for many people.

Here, the iconic title is transformed into a decorative plaque.

Lean it on the fireplace mantel, hang it on the wall, or tuck it into a Christmas vignette for a pop of blue and gold.

24. Mini Christmas Tree Wrapped in Blue Flannel

Mini Christmas Tree Wrapped in Blue Flannel #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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When it comes to craft projects, it doesn’t get much easier than this — just wrap the base of a miniature Christmas tree with blue flannel, tie with twine, and display.

The intricacy of the plaid and the relaxed texture of the flannel sets off the simple beauty of the bare tree branches for a rustic look.

via Jenna Sue Design

25. Overflowing Ornaments of Holiday Joy

Overflowing Ornaments of Holiday Joy #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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You can never have too many Christmas ornaments.

Add a few more to your blue and white decor by filling a tin tray.

If you don’t have a tray, this is a great excuse to bring out your best serving bowl or crystal platter.

Display it on the mantel, coffee table, or dining table for a festive feeling.

via One Mile Home and Style

26. Perfect Pop of Periwinkle

Perfect Pop of Periwinkle #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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When you’re aiming for a sophisticated holiday home, restraint is key.

Here, the homeowner dresses up a sprig of greenery with a single periwinkle blue ribbon.

The blue pops against the white and brings out the matching tones in the throw pillows.

via Saw Nail and Paint

27. Pinecone Wreath With Ocean Blue and Greens

Pinecone Wreath With Ocean Blue and Greens #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Coastal style meets Christmas decor in this gorgeous pinecone wreath.

It’s all about the color — specifically, ocean blue and soft mint green.

Hang this wreath on your front door whether you live by the sea or you want to make a snowy porch more festive.

28. Playful Mantle Piece Gift Display

Playful Mantle Piece Gift Display #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Subvert expectations with this playful display, which features piles of gifts tucked on top of the mantle instead of under the tree.

Wrap real gifts to surprise your family on Christmas morning, or go with empty boxes for the weeks leading up to the holiday.

via The Shabby Creek Cottage

29. Royal Blue Velvet Christmas Tree

Royal Blue Velvet Christmas Tree #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Rich and sumptuous, these velvet Christmas trees elevate your everyday holiday decorations.

The deep tones of the blue velvet appear to glow in any type of light, and the minimalist wire garland adds just the right touch of shine.

30. Semi-Handmade Paper Christmas Ornaments

Semi-Handmade Paper Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Recreate the intricate shapes of vintage Christmas ornaments with this easy craft project.

Grab some pretty blue and white craft paper to serve as the base; a quick hole punch makes room for a ribbon loop.

via In My Own Style

31. Stained Glass Blue Christmas Star

Stained Glass Blue Christmas Star #Christmas #blue #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Hang this blue stained-glass Christmas star on your tree and turn on the string lights — the soft glow will shine through the panels, highlighting the different tones and making the star shine.

As a bonus, this is the perfect option for a gift exchange.

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