36 Most Beautiful Sunflower Decor Ideas To Add happy Vibes To Every Room

The sunflowers are the cheerest flowers of all! They are classic and simple and at the same time shiny, magical and appealing.

The color combination, their interesting size make the sunflower a kind that wins every person.

The sunflowers provoke smiles and joy wherever they are placed. And what could be a better spot to let them spread cheer than home!

Best Sunflower Decor Ideas. From DIY sunflower wreaths to sunflower wall decor, there are plenty of sunflower decor ideas for your home to choose from and they are perfect for any season. #decorhomeideas

If you need advice on how to include them in your home decor, you can trust us.

The best sunflower decoration ideas we have gathered here show inspiring recreations of the sunflowers from various materials that aim to give the delicate nature of the flowers an evergreen form.

1. Bring Rustic Charm with a Clothespin Sunflower Wreath

Sunflower Clothespin Wreath Final 6

Clothespin wreaths are cute, unique and easy to make. You will be surprised at what fun it is to color the wooden pins and then assemble them with one click on the metal wreath wire.

The exhaustive tutorial below helps create a cheerful decor that can welcome guests at the front door or add a pop of color to the interior ambiance.

To start this DIY sunflower wreath, make sure to check for nice faux sunflowers and daisies to glue on the wreath.

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2. Welcome Guests with a Chic Yellow Sunflower Door Bow

Adorable Yellow Sunflower Door Bow #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a universal front door decor, you need to see this adorable wrought iron wreath. It is very simple in its color but the shape of the wrought iron succeeds in turning it into a unique piece of decor.

By adding a bow at the bottom, this universal wreath can adapt to a season theme or celebrate a special holiday. An what could be a better way to celebrate summer than the sunflower?

The bright sunflower print of the ribbon adds warmth to the ambiance and cheers the mood at anyone stepping to the door.

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3. Elevate Your Yard with a Sunflower Wind Chime

Ambient Sunflower Wind Chime for the Yard #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This handmade wind chime is very elegant and attractive. If you care about the tiniest details of your interior style, you will quickly realize that the sunflower chime should be part of your summer decor.

When you place this sunflower decor on the porch you will hear the tinkling sounds of the chime and curious color hues reflected on the surfaces from the mirror pieces glued at the center of the flower.

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4. Discover Timeless Beauty with a Sunflower Wall Art Print

Antique Flower Wall Art Print #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Decorating your home with more neutral shades gives endless opportunities for personalizing with accents. This set of prints spreads summer in this home in an elegant and authentic way.

The framed sunflower art is inspired by the botanical illustrations of the flower in its growth phases. The black frames feel just right to let the illustrations stand out.

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5. Jazz Up Your Kitchen with a Sunflower Centerpiece

Blooming Yellow Sunflower Kitchen Centerpiece #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Looking for sunflower kitchen decor ideas? With this amazing sunflower centerpiece, the kitchen becomes the sunniest place from your home. A rustic wooden box embraces faux sunflowers backed up by green foliage to welcome sun and warmth inside.

Joy and delicacy burst out of this centerpiece and will make you smile every time you look at it.

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6. Get Creative with a Pineapple Sunflower Wreath

Pineapple Sunflower Wreath

Two summer motifs are combined together to create the cutest front door wreath ever! Faux sunflowers are glued on a wooden surface shaped like a pineapple. The texture of the flowers creates a dimension that enhances the point of interest.

The bright yellow color combined with the rustic ribbon at the top revealed below green palm leaves makes this home the happiest ever.

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7. Create a Cozy Look with a Mini Ceramic Sunflower Pot

Charming Mini Ceramic Sunflower Pot with Lid #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This image shows the cutest and tiniest inspiration from our sunflower decor ideas. The ceramic container for sunflower seeds imprints the farmhouse style with its white backdrop and cute wooden lid.

The room’s ambiance quickly becomes sunnier when the sunflower cup is added to the summer decor arrangement. You can give this cup functionality by storing a coffee creamer or sugar to make your morning coffee even more enjoyable.

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8. Transform Porch with a Cool Fall Sunflower Throw Pillow

Cool Fall Sunflower Throw Pillow #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Pillows always come on hand – to make a sofa more comfortable, to give the hard surface of a bench softness or to create a colorful accent in the neutral interior.

There are numerous ways to use the pillows as a functional and decorative piece. This pillowcase is used as a means to decorate the interior in the season theme and also to give the place a personalized homely look.

The sunflower replaces the “O” in the “HOME” inscription- a simple word that bears a very important meaning and feeling.

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9. Impress Guests with Cute Sunflower Gnome Couple

Cute and Unique Sunflower Gnome Couple #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Aren’t these the cutest gnomes ever? They will make your day sunnier and warmer! You can purchase them in various sizes.

The brown garments of the couple bring a lovely rustic backdrop for the cheerful yellow color that turns the gnomes into seasonal decor for the sunnier days. The sunflower motif keeps on repeating to impose the warming delicacy of the sun-related flower.

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10. Delight with Stained Glass Sunflower Suncatcher

Delicate Stained Glass Sunflower Suncatcher #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

The first association of the sunflower is the sun. That makes it the most appropriate motif to build a suncatcher to. The skillful assembling of glass pieces in the shape of two halves of sunflowers touching the periphery of a metal circle looks like a delicate masterpiece.

The stained pieces create a glorious accent to hang on the porch and watch the suncatcher reflect the sun rays. The accent will add a natural element to your home and will spread positivity in the air.

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11. Enhance Your Decor with a Dollar Tree Sunflower Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Sunflower Wreath #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This sunflower design is very special. The traditional wide wreath is replaced by three smaller grapevine wreaths that create a vertical farmhouse accent. Faux sunflowers decorate part of each wreath creating a continuous bright curved line.

The polka dot ribbon gives a whimsy charm to the arrangement letting the sunny elements pop out.

via Average But Inspired

12. Upgrade Your Farmhouse Mirror with Sunflower Accents

DIY Farmhouse Mirror with Sunflowers #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Dollar Store could be the best place to shop cheap supplies that can be implemented in upcycling projects. This mirror has been given a brand new look with faux sunflower ornaments.

The texture of the wood frame is very unique being left untreated and therefore accentuating nature-inspired elements that enhance its authentic origin.

Twine has been woven at two of the corners to create a point of interest where the sunflowers are going to be used as embellishment.

via A Butterfly House

13. Charming Foil Tray Sunflower Farmhouse Wall Art

Dollar Tree Foil Tray Sunflower Farmhouse Wall Art #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This foil sunflower has been created to be used as rustic farmhouse-style wall decor.

The petals and the stamen are cut from Dollar tree baking foil trays- inexpensive material that easily changes its outer look with scissors and acrylic paints.

via Craft Bits

14. Add Industrial Charm with a Black Sunflower Wall Art

Edgy Black Sunflower Wall Art #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

If you want to add the sunflower element to your interior but the color accents existing are already enough, you can hang this wrought iron sunflower wall art.

The handmade piece is painted black to add elegance and class to the room. It can decorate the wall above the sofa or the bedroom wall above the headboard. It can easily match the living room decor in case you have a fireplace lined with stones or bricks.

The design of this sunflower decor idea lets use it as a universal part of your decor. You do not have to take it away for Christmas or for Halloween as its neutral color will match the new decor easily.

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15. Add Beautiful Sentiment with Farmhouse Sunflower Sign

Farmhouse Country Home Sunflower Decor Sign #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Looking for Thanksgiving accents? Use this farmhouse sunflower sign to emphasize the praise for this special holiday.

You can get it in two designs- a sunflower bouquet against a sleek white backdrop or on a pallet slat canvas. The sign can be positioned standing upright thanks to back support or can be hung on the wall.

Add it to the mantel over the fireplace, at the kitchen wall. Make it part of a tiered tray composition. Wherever you place it, you will quickly recognize the change in the ambiance.

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16. Rustic Atmosphere with Gnome Sunflower Display

Faux House Gnome and Tiered Tray Decor #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This set of farmhouse signs is a great addition to a rustic home. They will enhance the coziness of the atmosphere and will greet your guests warmly.

The sunflowers on the gnome’s hat and the “Home” sign aim to send sunny welcoming in a personalized way. They are handmade from wood that has been well sanded and then carefully painted to every detail.

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17. Get Style and Warmth with Sunflower Wall Hanging

Floral Sunflower Wall Hanging Accessory #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This is a tiny rustic plaque that can be added as decoration to any room where cheer and welcomeness should be improved.

The small sunflower is framed by a circular wooden frame and that combination is very artistic. Added greenery is pointing outwards mimicking the sun rays of the sun. This wall decor can be easily attached to the wall with a nail.

If you want to try making it yourself, you can add more embellishments like butterflies, ladybirds.

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18. Door with a Multi-Colored Burlap Sunflower Hangar

Multi-colored Burlap Sunflower Door Hangar #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This front door decoration is inspired by the versatility of the Mason jars. You would be surprised to understand what supplies have been used for this craft.

A piece of burlap has been cut in the shape of the jar and then hand-painted with acrylic paints. The paint layer has given the fabric further hardness to model it at the sides to look more realistic.

A cute buffalo plaid ribbon decorates the jar at the top to make the whimsy wreath very attractive. A slightly stretched spring helps to hang the piece to a flat vertical surface.

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19. Stand Out with  Colorful Crochet Sunflower Bouquet

Multi-Colored Crochet Sunflower Bouquet Arrangement #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Have you been looking for a new and exciting crochet project? Make this gorgeous sunflower bouquet for your living room or for your kitchen.

The warm tones of yellow and orange will spread cheer in the air. The stamens nested in the center of the flowers look so realistic, you almost want to touch them to check if the sunflowers are faux or real.

This sunflower bouquet is the perfect evergreen decor. You can also use it as a gift for Thanksgiving.

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20. Engraved Wooden Sunflower Wall Art

Natural Engraved Wooden Sunflower Wall Art #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

The engraved wooden art feels so special and authentic. People that admire the rustic style, will be pleased to have a piece of the sun in their homes.

Represented in the shape of a sunflower, the precise craftsmanship lets you clearly differentiate the petals, the stamen and the leaves of this kind.

Making this engraved sign yourself could be quite difficult, so in case you have fallen in love with it, get it from Etsy.

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21. Personalize Your Decor with a Sunflower Standing Letter

Natural Sunflower Standing Letter Decor #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This monogrammed art can be easily made by a DIY beginner. Get the letter you want and then use napkins or scrapbook paper with sunflower motifs to embellish the plywood surface.

Modpodge is the most used medium but you can use simpler supplies for sealing like school glue. This letter sign can be used as an outdoor piece of decor.

Inside your home, it can be added to the entryway centerpiece to make the welcoming warmer. .

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22. Transform Bathroom with Sunflower Bath Hand Towels

Perfect Rustic Sunflower Bath Hand Towels #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Customized towels are the perfect gift for holidays. If you know the person well, you can purchase a design that will make them smile or will reveal their hobbies or character.

The sunflower print on this bathroom towel aims to add color to the neutral interior and also make the people visiting it feel cozy and comfortable.

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23. Light Up a Home with a Sunflower Glass Candle Holder

Precious Sunflower Glass Candle Holder #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This amazing decor piece is a great gift idea for a special occasion. The hand-painted glass looks unique in the day and at night.

When sun rays go through the windows, you will instantly be attracted by the sleek surface of the glass and the perfectly hand-drawn sunflower images.

When the light inside the glass bauble is lit, the magnificent shadows of the stained images start projecting on the adjacent surfaces.

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24. Faux Sunflowers in Mason Jars for Rustic Summer Style

Rustic Flower Centerpiece #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

If you have already made your set of Mason jars repurposed into vases, you can insert faux sunflowers to decorate your dining table from early to late summer.

The white surface of the jars has been embellished with burlap strips delicately emphasized by narrower lace pieces.

The faded color of the petals gives the flowers a realistic look and lets them blend with the farmhouse appeal of the jar set.

via Crafting in the Rain

25. Elevate Mason Jar Cutlery Holders with Sunflower Decor

Rustic Sunflower Farmhouse Utensil Holder Mason Jars #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Your farmhouse kitchen needs this practical set of utensil holders. The large glass jars are first painted white and then decorated with napkins based on the decoupage technique.

Twine lengths are tied on the necks of the jars to create simple but very cute ribbons that continue the style of the holders.

The jars act as a finished storage set when placed in a special wooden holder. It will keep them well stored and will create a decluttered look on the kitchen countertop.

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26. Get Minimalism with a Wooden Sunflower Farmhouse

Stylish Mini Wooden Sunflower Farmhouse #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Have you seen a house of sunflowers? This tiny wood house is just that! Embellished with a decoupage napkin with beautiful sunflowers, it acts as a charming addition to a tray centerpiece.

This tray will fit perfectly in your sunflower kitchen decor or can be used as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving dining table.

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27. Celebrate a Wedding with Sunflower Garland Backdrop

Summer Wedding Sunflower Garland Backdrop #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

The wedding day is the happiest day! Using sunflowers as part of the decor will emphasize the happiness this special occasion brings and the sunny future for the new family.

This garland of faux sunflowers can be also used as a wall embellishment of a bridal shower in the farmhouse style.

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28. Add Glamour to a Nursery with a Sunflower Letter

Sunflower Letter for Teen Bedroom #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

You can use this inspiring idea for personalized home decor for a nursery or a teen room. Get a wooden or styrofoam letter and then glue fax sunflowers, baby’s breath and succulents on it.

You can experiment with the size of the letter and with the variety of flower sizes. Once the DIY project is finished, lean against the wall or hang it on the wall and enjoy the bright and sunny vibes this easy art spreads.

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29. Bring Comfort with Sunflower Maple Leaf Block Set

Sunflower Maple Leaf Block Set #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This trio of sunflowers can be added to the fall decor. Each sunflower stands on a stable base. The height of the flowers varies.

The tallest one is 12″ so people will surely see it. To make sure that these handmade wooden embellishments act as accents in your decor, make sure to group them together.

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30. Monumental Beauty with a Sunflower Centerpiece

Sweet Silk Sunflower Arrangement Centerpiece #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This silk sunflower bouquet can be used as universal fall decor or for a special occasion like a bridal shower, a wedding, a baby shower.

The wooden vase holding the floral arrangement is stable and of unique farmhouse texture, the perfect holder of these looking-at-the-sun blooms.

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31. Inviting Atmosphere with a Sunflower Welcome Sign

The Best Summer Welcome Sign Housewarming Gift #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Probably you have already noticed that the main effect of our sunflower decor ideas is to make the place more welcoming.

This beautiful sign does that but at the beginning of your home. The wooden decoration measures 18″ and is in a round shape recreating the typical form of the wreath.

But instead of a ring, you receive a thick wooden piece providing wide space for a “welcome” inscription. At the top of the circle, there is a thick floral arrangement with sunflowers. The faux sunflower bouquet is decorated with a large burlap ribbon that matches the rope hook at the back of the birch wood.

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32. Modernize Space with a Metal Gold Sunflower Wall Art

The Perfect Metal Gold Sunflower Wall Art #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This classy wall art adds the sun to your room in a very unique and elegant way.

The sunflower is made from steel with a golden finish. This finish recreates the color of the real bloom and also protects the steel from rusting.

You can purchase the same sunflower design in another color-deep red. It will look particularly well in your late summer decor waiting for the fall.

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33. Get Your Home Shining with Mini Wooden Sunflowers

The Perfect Pair of Mini Wooden Sunflowers #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Do you like putting small embellishments on the flower pots or between them? This pair of mini sunflowers is perfect for that.

The dimensional cut petals let the wooden flower stand-alone upright. These handmade pieces can be also used outside in the yard or in the garden. But when winter comes, put them inside your home to keep them protected and to retain your home shiny and warm although the weather outside doesn’t match that.

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34. Spice Up Your Wedding with Sunflower Napkin Holders

Unique Summer Wedding Yellow Sunflower Napkin Holder #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

If the sunflower is the decor theme of your wedding celebration, here is an idea of how to use it on the tables. Instead of turning it into a centerpiece, you can focus it on the plate set.

The sunflower napkin ring embraces a linen brown napkin that matches the stamen of the flower. Below the white plate, there is an adorable burlap mat that differentiates the set and makes it special.

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35. Get Vintage Elegance with Sunflower Farm Market Sign

Vintage Sunflower Farm Market Sign #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

This large farmhouse farm market sign will make your rustic kitchen very cute and unique. The backdrop of the sign mimics a painted pallet slat surface which shows the signs of ages.

A sunflower bouquet enhances the authentic texture with a realistic look of the flowers. If you are looking for an idea for a gift for a friend that shares your love for the old times, don’t look any further.

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36. Add Romance to Home with Vintage Flameless Candles

Yellow Timed Flameless LED Sunflower Pillar #sunflower #decor #decorhomeideas

Sunflowers can be also very calming and romantic. This set of flameless LED candles proves that the sunny motif can act as a relaxing means if combined with the smooth light of the candle.

You can get this model of a candle in different sizes. If you already have LED candles at home, you can try embellishing them with sunflower crafts paper with a weathered texture to achieve the same vintage look.

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